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Georgia Aquarium Tour // Whale Sharks & Stunning Fish // Atlanta, GA

Georgia Aquarium Tour // Whale Sharks & Stunning Fish // Atlanta, GA

Hello. I’m here at the Georgia Aquarium
in Atlanta Georgia. How old is it? it was born back in… in June. So it’s got about a month left to go. These are baby sharks. I’m pretty sure that I could live here. I could just be here all day. The Ocean Voyager exhibit is probably
my favorite part of this aquarium. It’s probably a lot of people’s favorite part. But now we are on to
the Coldwater quest exhibit. I got to meet some beluga whales once and they’re very shy, kind of, and they’re like skittish so like any small movement
that you make around them they’re just like, they freak out. Here’s a little behind the scenes
of the sea otters exhibit. They’re over there swimming now. It’s penguin time. Penguin time. Penguins. Hello. I’ve met penguins before. They are funny little dudes. Hello. Hello. I’m gonna go in here
and go through there Oh boy. Oh, hello. Hello penguin,
how are you doing? No pun intended. Oh,
these are my favorite kind of seahorses. These are called sea dragons They look like little dragons. This is a Japanese spider crab. Check out this dude. Chillin. No pun intended. Next we are going
to the River Scout exhibit. Nothing to see here,
nothing to see here. And bam! These are piranhas. Let’s go get a closer look. These spaces are really small. Yeah. And now we are leaving. And now we are going
to the tropical diver exhibit. Whoa! I want this in my house. I am now going into the 4D theater to watch
a spongebob squarepants adventure film. There were a lot of bubbles. I’m just heading out now
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  2. 2:13 Speaking of being there all day, if you go with certain groups you get the “behind the scenes experience.” They let you do all sorts of stuff like go above the whale shark tank and seeing a few rooms with assorted types of marine life at the baby stage. You even get to sleep in front of the Beluga Whale Tank.

  3. I just remembered that there is a seafood place across the street from the Georgia Aquarium… make of that what you will.

  4. Hey Romina, i plan on checking out aquarium in the pacific in september 2020 while im in town for star wars celebration…. do you want to go with me? i will buy your ticket too!!

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