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Gerald Bassleer explains help for Fish Diseases in Books & eBooks

Gerald Bassleer explains help for Fish Diseases in Books & eBooks

Hello My name is Gerald Bassleer. I’m a fish doctor and I wrote several books on fish diseases, which you see now here And they are also available as ebooks (app) We explain you a little bit about the books and what’s the meaning about it? This one is a big book full of pictures And we start first to explain to people about a questionnaire That you can find out answers on several questions why your fish are getting sick The book also explains different symptoms Different pictures what the diseases could be? The book also explains the diseases of all the different cold water fish, goldfish and koi and of course the big chapter is about The diseases we found on all our fish and what medications we can use We have a specialist chapter how to prepare the medications or what the medications are meant for On the ebook you have the advantage we also included 65 videos on the most important diseases and the most Important symptoms you can find on the fish The small books were made for the consumer who wants to spend less money We published a book which is like a nano version of the big book but is practical and easy to use for the ones who wants to have it on the daily shelf in the book shop and We also made a book on marine fish diseases Which you can find also with videos included in our ebook(App) Try it and be successful in the keeping of your fish, thanks

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