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Geralt’s fishing for a djinn – The Witcher S01E05 Bottled Appetites

Geralt! Hello. What’s it been, months? Years?
What is time, anyway? I heard you were in town. Are you following me, you scamp? I mean, I’m flattered and everything, but you should really think
about getting a hobby one of these days. Ugh! Do you want some? -“How are you doing?” I hear you ask.
-I didn’t. Well, the Countess de Stael, my muse and beauty of this world, has left me. Again. Rather coldly and unexpectedly,
I might add. I fear I shall die a brokenhearted man. Or a hungry one, at the very least, unless somebody fancies sharing a fish
with an old friend? Oh, are we not using “friend”? Yeah, sure.
Let’s just give it another decade. Geralt, you’re fantastic
at a great many things, but clearly, fishing is not one of them. Have you caught anything today? What are you fishing for, exactly? Is it cod? Carp? Pike? Bream? I’m just–
I’m just listing fish that I know. Zander? Is that a fish? I’m not fishing. I can’t sleep. Right. Good. Well, that– that makes sense. Insomuch that it sort of… doesn’t. What’s going on, Geralt? Talk to me. [sighs] -A djinn.
-[Jaskier] A what? [Geralt] I’m looking for a djinn. For a dj– For a djinn?
A dj– Like a genie? [laughs] The floaty fellas
with the… the bad tempers and the banned magics,
that kind of genie? -Yes. It’ll grant me wishes.
-[laughs] It’s in this lake somewhere. And I can’t fucking sleep! [grunts] I don’t mean to play priest’s ear
or anything, but has it occurred to you that maybe
we’re merely rubbing salve on a tumor? Not exactly addressing the root cause
of the problem? Hm? I mean, maybe, just– just maybe, this whole sleeplessness-ness has got something to do with what
the druid Mousesack said to you in Cintra? You know, the Law of Surprise? Destiny? Being unable to escape the child
that belongs to you, et cetera, et cetera? No! It’s not that. Yeah, you’re probably right. But what if you’re not? You know, the Countess de Stael
once said to me that destiny is just the embodiment
of the soul’s desireto grow. -Did you sing to her before she left?
-I did, actually, and she… Why, what are you implying? Oh… [laughs] We are so having this conversation.
Come on, Geralt. Tell me. Be honest. How’s my singing? [water splashes] It’s like ordering a pie
and finding it has no filling. [stutters in shock]

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