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German Blue Ram- Professional Ram Cichlid Fish Care Tips

German Blue Ram- Professional Ram Cichlid Fish Care Tips

Hey guys, Devon here from American Aquarium. How you doing. What to talk about ram cichlids, german ram
cichlids in particular as we have kept 1000s of these in peoples aquariums over our time
of maintaining aquariums and have found some key things. Lot of people think that these are a more
sensitive fish to keep. We’ll go ahead and point out first is that
a lot of these fish are going to have poor shipping and stocking habits from the get
the get go. For that reason your going to have a greater
loss than most fish. Next once you get past all the stocking, the
shipping issues. There’s some few key things that are going
to make you very successful in keeping these guys. We were able to keep 1000s of these, just
as well. So, here’s your tricks, you ready. In waters that are higher alkaline, the use
of remineralized water, RO along with a product such as Bio-lief or peat, driftwood, or other
stabilizers for a more acid environment is a good idea and will lead to more success. Remember not to chase pH, but rather to stabilize
your pH with a good KH buffer. Along the same lines, we want to make sure
we focus on a good mineralization in the GH electrolytes, the postive cations minerals
that are going to help osmoregulation of the fish. This has made a world of difference when keeping
these fish. So, making sure your using something like
SeaChem Replenish or the AAP Wonder Shell is a must. Ive had a healther fish when I had live plants,
well stocked, and making, this will help filtration of the tank of course, but lots of little
hiding spots for these guys, cause they really like it. Make sure your using a good 6500K light, because
that going to be best for a natural environment and the mixed colors is not going to be so
suitable for their health. Then feeding them a variety diet of frozen
foods, such as blood worms and brine shrimp, but also using a high quality diet such as
the AAP All Natural Custom Foods, thats going to focus on your limiting of energies, fats
sugars, starches, and making sure quality protein, but not to much of that quality protein.
is a must. So, having a good diet. Then lastly, having a uv sterilizer. This is really helps with disease protections,
obviously, but also it boosts their immunity the entire time and making sure the disease
doesn’t effect them, but its going to keep them from being able to effect them, because
their resistance to the disease is so much better. So, with these few things, we’ve have so much
more success with keeping ram cichlids. Hope that was helpful for you guys. I appreciate you, please make sure to like,
subscribe share. Ask your questions. I try to take so much on our website and break
it down to you guys in real short snippets to you guys, to get it to you real quick. Hope you appreciate it. Bye.

33 comments on “German Blue Ram- Professional Ram Cichlid Fish Care Tips

  1. I really want to try them wonder shells. I hear great things. Our water would be pretty much perfect right out of the tap for keeping rams. Its just the ph I would have to lower a tad, nothing some driftwood couldn't fix Good video Devon.

  2. My tap water pH is 7.6 but my aquarium that my rams are housed in is 7.0 because of using Seachem Neutral Regulator 7.0 I want to breed my pair at some point whats the best pH for breeding my rams

  3. had to put a demasoni in with my gbr due to a heater failure and the gbr got his tail ripped up pretty good by the demasoni. now that the demasoni is back in his own tank how should I care for my gbrs damaged tail? will it just grow back eventually it's been about a month now with no noticeable healing

  4. Has anyone had issues with Cherry Barbs or Albino Cherry Bards in a community tank with Female Betta's?
    I just had 2 female bettas dead in tank- trying to figure out if it were any of the barbs or possibly my German Blue Ram.
    The tank has been cycled for past 6 months, 30 gallon. Anyone have ever tried mixing these fish please reply

  5. I bought two German blue rams yesterday day from the pet shop I put them in my 160L tank and I've noticed there colours aren't ever there they are very dull and there fins are very small is this because they are young or am I doing something wrong?

  6. Hi, I dropped by your channel video after I was searching for German ram's care on YouTube. Your video helped me with the information I am looking for. I Subscribed and liked your video. I wish to see more fish video updates in days to come. I also found the links left at the bottom of this video quite useful.👍
    I am an avid aquarium hobbyist and a blogger. I share my views about this hobby on my blog Check the latest post from this blog – WILD BETTA FISH
    If you like it do share it with your fellow hobbyists, And please click on the BLUE FOLLOW BUTTON. 👍

  7. big words.. lots of name dropping… reading all this off note cards huh?? you're an idiot
    edit.. I posted before you got to uv, you're such an idiot.

  8. ummmm….no bud…they like low light…..the 6500k cfl is for the plants. Another idiot spreading stupid info.

  9. Just lost my electric German blue ram cichlid…barely had him since yesterday. I don't have RO water..just tap water from my sink that I use seachem prime to remove the metals and ammonia. He didn't have an appetite. And quickly went downhill. Got him from petco.

  10. Can I order and use a water softener resin pack along with water changes to keep the next fish alive? I wonder if it's the same requirement for a Angel fish…also is a 20 gallon tank a good enough sized tank for them?

  11. I might just buy a angel fish instead. Just got to plant more tall plants to plant in the tank. And do the plants need liquid co2? My celestial pearl danios seem to die whenever I dose the tank with it…and my staurogyne repens melted away 🙁 it looks horrible…even my java fern looks sad.

  12. So I shouldn't buy the water softener packet that's made specifically for fish tanks? I not getting it from home depot or any home improvement store

  13. Somebody at petco said that plants in a fully established tank will balance out the ph… And bring down the hardness of the water…is that true?

  14. It killed my celestial pearl danios…(seachem flourish excel) and my staurogyne repens and almost killed my java fern.

  15. My favorite freshwater aquarium fish… always have an aquarium of them in my house. Once you get them breeding their offspring are as hardy of goldfish.

  16. Why ist their name "German" and "Blue" ? They looks like the natural to me. They come from south america, dosent it?
    Under blue i unterstand the complete blue ram, called in german Ramirezi / Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch neon blau.

    But no matter if neon blue, gold or natural they all wäre so sensitiv and die.

  17. I absolutely love this cichlids…it makes me sad that I can't have one because my pH is over 8.0 .

  18. I’m starting my 15 gal now. My ph is sitting at a 7.0-7.2 which is the typical in Texas.
    What substrate do you recommend if it can help buffer that ph.
    And what exact products would you be putting on. A daily/weekly?
    I want to have live plants but prefer no co2. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  19. I'm somewhat new but I have a 40g tank I have a 75g filter along with the uv green machine filter. I've got 12 German blues, is this enough space for them? They seem to be doing well but cannot find anywhere saying how many can be kept together.

  20. Interesting video, but I think you’re missing an important aspect of keeping these. Temperature needs to be 84-86f for them to thrive. Their native distribution is the grassland waters of Venezuela and Colombia.

  21. I'm having territory issues with my blue rams as they are constantly flaring against each other what should I do please suggest?

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