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100 comments on “Get to Know King Shark | Harley Quinn | DC Universe

  1. If King Shark is some kinda computer expert now, maybe it’d make a bit more sense for him to have his secret identity from the Flash TV show, Shay Lamden, rather than that Nanaue shark god thing.

  2. Hmm right another of Harley's crew of course he notta great person an an ethical sense he bit off some guys head pretty gnarly eh h.q Broke a guys jaw knee cap elbow hmm he unlike clayface' s alter ego he does speak in sort a southern accent whoa well nows he's anyone bad was I mean cannibalism is pretty much like today's weather ☔☂️🌂🌂🌬❄☃️⛄ extreme hmm

  3. Can’t wait to see King Shark, and honestly I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Harley’s the one villain I’m rooting for to succeed.

  4. Harley Quinn is not for and by comic fans. This is coming from a comic book lover and fan of the show.

    This is an animated sitcom that features action scenes. That’s why it works so well for a mass adult audience.

  5. I'm still excited to see him but disappointed that once again King Shark is supposed to be Hawaiian but is never really portrayed as such. I'm Hawaiian and i keep hoping each new portrayal will do him some justice, but the most we got was him having his Hawaiian name but not much else.

  6. I love King shark so much. The moment I discovered he existed from the Animated Suicide squad movie I was a fan. I REALLY hope that he's a bit of a mama's boy here because we have so little backstory on him.

  7. I cancelled my DC universe subscription after season 3 of Young Justice. But once I saw the trailer for this show, I quickly re-subscribed. This show is funny AF

  8. King Shark in this series looks way too adorable because of his looks and the funniest part is when he saw the Fable Queen sliced Humpty Dumpty in half, he screamed.

  9. "For the comic book fans", eh? It would've been nice to have a King Shark that is closer to the comics, then, because this isn't lol

    I mean for the love of Mr. Kirby, using New 52/Current Harley for starts when that's the least liked Harley isn't very "for the fans"…

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