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GHOST of the FORT FISHER HERMIT! (Collab with Joey Adventures) | Haunted Bunker! | MichaelScot

GHOST of the FORT FISHER HERMIT! (Collab with Joey Adventures) | Haunted Bunker! | MichaelScot

What’s up everybody? I am still in North Carolina. Last night we investigated
the Bellamy mansion, which was really, really cool. Truth be told, my legs,
they’re a little sore today. That place is five stories. So it was a lot of work
going up and down the stairs all night long, but it
was totally worth it. It was a really cool place. I can’t wait for you
guys to see that video. I think that video is going
to be out after this one. But today I’m going with Joey. We’re going to this old
World War II bunker. It’s supposed to be
haunted by this guy that was kind of like a
hermit that lived there. I’ll give you a little bit
more of this back story once we get there. But I think it’ll be cool. I’m going to bring my
spirit box and we’ll see if there’s any ghosts. To be honest, it’s
a little cooler than I thought it
was going to be. I should have brought
my jacket, but I don’t want to turn around now. I think it’s like a 40 minute
drive over to this place. But I think it’ll be worth it. Whenever I go on
location somewhere, I always try to jam pack as
many haunted things in as I can, because while I’m here I want
to make the most of my time and see as much as I can and
film as many videos as I can. So I think it’ll be worth
the drive over there. I think we’re going to
have to walk, y’all. I don’t see it anywhere. And Joey’s not here yet. I don’t know where to go. My GPS tells me that it’s
over there somewhere. So there’s this dirt road here. But it says four
wheel drive required. I ain’t got that. So I think we might
have to walk over there. I’m not sure. Sometimes that’s the hardest
part about these haunted locations, is they’re not
always right out in the open. You got to kind of hunt
them down and find them a little bit. I’m still raspy. Of course I got
sick right before I traveled to North Carolina. So on the flight I
was all congested, and my ears wouldn’t pop, and
it hurt, and nobody cares. Joey finally came. Yay. If you haven’t checked
out our channel yet, I’ll link it on the
link down below. But we are walking now to try
to find this haunted bunker. [EERIE SOUND EFFECTS] This bunker, I was telling
you guys– oh my god, I don’t want to get hit by a branch. I was telling you guys
earlier that there was a hermit that kind of
took residence in the bunker. But the way that he died
was kind of a mystery. Nobody knows how he died. They just found him. He was kind of bloody. And they don’t know if
it was foul play or what. But maybe his ghost
still haunts the bunker. So we’re going to go there. We’re going to check it out. And I did bring my
spirit box, too. So if nobody is around we
can do a spirit box session. Update, we’re still walking. I’m not sure where
she’s taking me. She could be taking me off
into the middle of nowhere to kill me and
leave my body here. I think that’s what the
[? Strange’s ?] actually thought. I think they were like, should
we investigate with her? Maybe we should
just pass tonight. But we are, like right
there’s the beach. Well, right on the other side
of the sand dune is the beach. So that’s kind of cool. I wish it was a
little bit warmer. It’s not terribly cold,
but it’s got a little nip in the air, a little chilly. This deck is kind of spooky. They say, like, this is where
they hear EVP’s at sometimes. I could totally
imagine, like, at night it’d be spooky with,
like, walking along here, like something’s going to
reach up and grab you drag you into the swamp. Jason. Jason. Well, it’s not really
a swamp, is it? It’s just a marshy
area or something. I don’t know. Wow, this is spooky. Where do you hear people? Because it looks
like noone’s here. I swear I heard– I heard talking when
we first walked up. That’s so weird. You don’t hear that? I hear animals. I swear. Oh, see? There’s somebody whistling. Oh yeah. I see. Oh my god, it’s spooky in there. OK, you weren’t crazy. I did hear, see,
yeah I hear people. Good thing I brought
my flashlight. It’s so creepy in here. The same. I wonder what kind of
spiders you guys got here? Cause look at those
cobwebs up there. We have brown recluse. We have wolf spiders. That’s about it. Like, just ugly spiders really. So creepy. It’s like it’s a
spider in a spider web. OK, is that a– I hope it’s not. Oh, that’s– Is
that a black widow? No– I have no idea. All I know, I’m not getting too
close to the sides or the top. OK, this bunker is spooky. So this is where that
guy that was a hermit, he lived here for a long time. And they found him
dead in here, bloody, and they don’t
know what happened. They don’t know if
it was foul play. They don’t know just,
if an animal got him. They don’t know. So you guys, this is, like,
the history of the guy. He was called the
Fort Fisher Hermit. If you want to pause
it, you can pause it and read the story behind
the guy that was found here. It’s so weird to think, too,
that this was at one, like, a World War II bunker. Like, this is weird, creepy. I brought my spirit
box, so do you want to go inside
and do spirit box? Absolutely. Let’s go in and try it. Is that a spider
hanging, or a bug? Bug. We’re looking to
communicate with Robert. Robert, are you still
here in this bunker? [SPIRIT BOX NOISES] Would you rather be called
the Fort Fisher Hermit? [BOX NOISES CONTINUE] Can you tell us how
you passed away? [SLIGHT SCRATCHING NOISE] Were you murdered here? [SLIGHT SCRATCHING NOISE] Sounded like something, but
I don’t know what it said. If you’re here, can you say
hello really loud for us? Did you hear Robert? It sounded like Robert. That sounded like Robert. Robert, can you say your
name again really loud? [SLIGHT SCRATCHING NOISE] Can you tell us how
you passed away? Hello? This is creepy. I don’t know. Like, I feel like
something’s behind me. Maybe. Robert, are you still in here? If you’re still in this bunker,
can you say hello to us? It sounded like
you said your name earlier through the spirit box. Can you say your name again? It sounded like
it that one time. It sounded like Robert
through the spirit box. Yeah, I heard that too. Maybe let’s go outside and try
it, like, on the side of it. Try again. Robert, can you say hello to us? My name is Michael,
and this is Joey. Can you say hi? [SPIRIT BOX NOISES] Can you let us know you’re here? Can you say your name? [INDISTINCT SPEECH] [INDISTINCT NOISE] Can you tell us how you died? It still says it’s a mystery. It’s just, I don’t know. Gives me the heebie jeebies. The spiders don’t help. Yeah, there’s tons
of spiders in there, which is not my cup of tea. All right. This place was cool. We’re going to head back. The bridge that
we’re walking on, sometimes they say you
can catch EVP’s too. So maybe we’ll do a little
EVP session on the bridge and see if we can catch
anything on the way back. Because we got to
be back in time to investigate the USS North
Carolina battleship tonight, which is going to be so epic. So this big, long– what is it, like a trail, deck? This is where people
say they can see– or can see, that they see– Dead people. They hear EVP’s
they don’t see them. I don’t know. I would probably
think people are hearing like the wind or the– what are those called? Weeds? Yeah. Bushes. Weeds. Moving. Weed. Because there is a lot
of wind right here. Yeah, I would say so, too. Because like, it
will hit the speaker. It’s creepy though. Like, if I was standing
up here by myself, and started hearing some
whispers or something, I’d kind of be a little
spooked for sure. All right guys, we’re
walking back to the car. Hopefully we caught
some EVP’s or something through the spirit
box at the bunker. It was really cool. It was kind of creepy. I can’t imagine
going there at night. That would be– I don’t know, with
the animals and stuff, I don’t know if I would do that. But don’t forget to go over
and check out Joey’s channel. I’ll leave the link down
in the description below. And I’ll see you
in my next video. Bye. Bye.

49 comments on “GHOST of the FORT FISHER HERMIT! (Collab with Joey Adventures) | Haunted Bunker! | MichaelScot

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