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GIANT ANGRY TUNA – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 84 | Pungence

GIANT ANGRY TUNA – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 84 | Pungence

– Dude, how did you do that, no! Whoa look at that, tuna gang. Tuna gang, tuna gang, tuna gang. Oh my goodness, no! I’m gonna swallow you whole, oh! Oh no, tiger shark! Hey what’s up guys, welcome
back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, today we’re playing as a fish we’ve never been able to play as before. Guys, we’re playing as this tuna. So I was looking in the
comments of the last video. A lot of you guys wanted to see this tuna. I’m really excited too. Guys, here’s the thing. Last video we played as the ghost shark, and I asked you guys to
name the ghost shark. And guys there were a
lot of really good names, but the name I liked the best was Ghosty. I know it’s like really simple but I like it, I like Ghosty. So guys, in today’s video, we’re
going to have to figure out a name for this tuna. So put in the comments
a name for the tuna. Also, guys last video,
I was talking about how there’s like a secret on YouTube, there’s a way to help get
my videos more exposure. Not everyone knows about this. And it’s not even cheating. But all you gotta do is hit that button, there’s a button under the video, it looks like a thumbs up. And lot of you guys hit it last time, like 8000 of you guys hit it last time. So thank you so much. So yeah, if you hit that little button, helps my videos get more exposure. Like I said guys, it’s kind
of a secret on YouTube. Not everyone knows about
it, now you guys know. Okay, so let’s take a
look at these abilities. We got Passive: Rage. This is actually, I think
it’s the same ability the bebos has. Yeah, they’re both the same abilities. So we got rage, so every
time we deal or take damage, we get plus 30% damage and 40% bite speed. That’s really good. And then we got call of the gang. So we can make a gang. This is actually really good. Dude, we can make a tuna gang. Should we make a tuna gang? I think we’ll make a tuna gang. Alright guys. Dude that’s actually becoming
a tongue twister for me. Tuna gang, say that ten times fast. Tuna gang, tuna gang, tuna gang,
tuna gang, tuna gang, okay. Dude whoa, look at that tuna gang! Gang on, gang on baby! Dude, we got a big old tuna gang. Should we take out these
sharks with out gang? Maybe not, I don’t know. Look at our whole gang turn around, okay. The shark idea, not my best idea. Let’s take out something
a little less threatening than those sharks. Okay dude, so guys we
gotta come up with a plan. Oh my goodness, is that
tuna going for browurags? That doesn’t seem like a good plan. Do we still, we still have our gang. Guys, this could be really good. So like I said last
video, a lot of you guys, uh-oh those are great white sharks, a lot of you guys said you
wanted to see the tuna. And I think that’s a great idea. Okay, here we go, we got
a black-tipped shark. Oh man, where’s my gang? Where’s my gang? My gang abandoned me. My gang abandoned me, okay. Well the tuna gang
didn’t work out so well. Okay, so what I’ve learned from that is don’t trust the gang. Are they going down there? Okay well the gangs doing something. Is the gang on? Gang’s on. We don’t even have much of a gang. Okay dude, we just gotta start small. We gotta start with some small stuff. Don’t aim for sharks at the beginning. Okay gang. You don’t have a gang. Why’d I disappear? I’m back, gang on! Okay we got some gangs. They’re fight the black-tipped sharks, that’s not a good idea. Dude aren’t there usually
zebra fish around here? Gimme some zebra fish. Okay, we got, dude we got
tiger sharks and stuff. Okay lets zoom in a little closer. There’s a zebra fish. Okay, uh oh, I do see a tiger shark. Dude, that zebra fish is huge. Okay don’t tell me he can
do more damage than me. Okay, this guys like really big but we’re, oh no! Tiger shark! Okay, I want out of here. Dude get me out here! Okay, well that didn’t work out. Guys we gotta figure something else out. I just can’t eat one thing. Okay, so what’s this? Is this like hammerheads of something? That’s hammerheads. Look at all those zebra. Dude, these are my zebra fish. Okay, no sharks are going
to take these away from me. Okay, dude he does 1.5 damage. Dude look at damage
going up with every bite. Now we’re doing five damage. He didn’t stand a chance. So our bite speed and damage
goes up as time goes on. Okay, and they just ate it. You just ate my food. You just take my food like that? Well I bet you didn’t
know I got this rage. I got this rage ability. Dude I’m gonna take this guy out and they’re all gonna eat it. Eat it before they can. Dude I gotta break it up more. Okay eat it before they can. Yes, level two. This is taking a while. Oh my goodness. Okay this is going to take a while. Okay there’s a hammerhead. Leave him alone, lets go
for some more zebra fish. This is gonna be tough. But I’m really interested to see in the comments what the
name is for this tuna fish. Like I said, I like Ghosty, I
really like Ghosty last time. Oh no, no. Dude what is it? Like I start to attack something, and then these sharks, no! Get away from me, get away from me! I start to attack somethin’,
and then the sharks steal it. That’s rude. It’s not nice to steal guys. That’s the lesson for today. I like to have a nice lesson
in the video sometimes. And that’s the lesson for
today, it’s not nice to steal. Don’t steal anything. And if you accidentally
stealing something, I dunno how that’s possible, give it back. But yeah, that’s the lesson for today. Don’t steal anything. Okay now we’re level three. Okay, after all that work, level three. Guys, here’s the plan. We gotta work a way up, you know. So let’s start with small goals. Maybe we’ll start with like being able to take out a hammerhead shark. That’s a nice goal, I think. And then maybe like a tiger shark, then maybe a whale. Guys I don’t know if we’ll be
able to take on any whales. Even if it’s like a beluga or an orca, it may have to be like a
baby orca or something. But guys it’s gonna be tough. Like the tuna, the tuna
seems pretty good so far. Oh no, don’t eat my food. That’s hard-earned food. It seems like, no! These little cuddle fish are attacking me. It seems like with the
tune, one of its abilities like is the gang, but obviously
the gang isn’t that great. The tuna gang, not very good at all. I tried doing something with the gang, and they abandoned me instantly. Which I kinda don’t blame them. I picked a fight with
a black-tipped shark, and the black-tipped shark
took me out pretty quick. Look at this guy trying to ink me. Dude, he’s trying to ink me. He’s spitting ink out me. That is kinda funny, it’s kinda cute. You know the ink isn’t
really doing anything to me. But it’s cute, it’s cute he tried. Okay, we’re level five. Our damage isn’t that great. We don’t have a gang. Dude that’s so sad. I turned on the gang didn’t I? I thought I turned it on. Okay guys what do you think? Maybe this is a bad idea. Should we go for a sea turtle? I think so. Guys lets go see if we
can find a sea turtle. Oh we got a bunch of crabs. So I swallow these guys whole? No, okay. Yeah, the tuna, I don’t know man. I like him, but right
not it’s kinda tough. Kinda tough. Okay, dude look at all these sea turtles. That’s a lot of sea turtles. You think I can take ’em out? Okay, dude he’s got that protection. There’s an ichthyosaurus. I definitely can’t take
out an ichthyosaurus. Okay, dude he’s got that
protection because of his shell. He’s not fighting back
though which is good. Dude, I know that ichthyosaurus
is gonna go for me. I gotta take this guy out quick dude. But the fact that he’s got his shell, I was doing seven damage before. But the fact that he’s got this shell, we only do four damage against him. Did I get him? Let’s take him to the surface, yes! Oh my goodness Dude, ichthyosaurus,
don’t touch this food. I earned that, it is mine. It’s mine, level six. Keep it going, make it level seven maybe? Okay we’re not level seven
yet, but we’re getting close. Another ichthyosaurus. Guys lets get some distance
from the ichthyosaurus. Get another sea turtle. I’m just really glad we
can take this guy out. Okay, this guy’s like flyin’. He’s running away from, but he’s running towards
the ichthyosaurus. I think I’m a little less
threatening than him. Maybe not, I don’t know. We’re actually doing
some pretty good damage. So we’re starting off with sea turtles, maybe we’ll be able to
take on a hammerhead. That’s the next goal, we’re
gonna take out a hammerhead. Then maybe we can take our a tiger shark and then I don’t know. Maybe we’ll snack on some
angler fish or somethin’. It’s gonna take us a while
before I can take out a whale. Like a narwhal or a beluga or something. Okay, I see some cute little pink fish. Do you think I can swallow these whole? Please tell me. It doesn’t look like I
can swallow them whole. Oh, yes I can. Yes I can. I got ’em. Dude they’re just kinda hard to get. Okay, that’s actually pretty nice. We’re level eight, we’re
almost in the double digits. And guys, something that’s
kinda sad about the tuna, I’m not a big fan of tuna. Let me know in the comments
guys, do you like tuna? Do you like eating tuna? Personally, I don’t like it. I kinda wish I liked it, because I think it’s healthy, right? Like it’s a good source
of protein and stuff. But I just don’t like it. I don’t like the smell of it especially. Dude, you open up a can of tuna and it just doesn’t smell that good. Dude there’s a mahi mahi dude. Whoa, what just did ten damage against me? Hopefully it wasn’t the mahi mahi. Okay, well he’s done for. Yeah, I feel like our
damage is not that great. So I thought I saw a tuna over there, it was actually a swordfish. Dude, another sea turtle. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Dude, actually I feel like we’re really, is that a great white shark? Can we hide here? I feel like we’re really fast, which is really good especially
for getting away from stuff. Okay, we’re in the double digits. I just keep taking out
these gold fish things. I know they’re not goldfish,
but they’re golden. Dude I may have found
a spawn here actually. I don’t know, I think the way it works is they’ll spawn there a couple times and then they’ll change it up. But dude this one keep
spawning right here. Guys, this could be really good. This could be very good. Dude, I think I found a spawn. Oh my goodness. Dude, I think I found one. Is he right there? Aw man, they changed it up. Okay, that’s fine. Oh we got some jellyfish,
we gotta watch out for ’em. Okay, I swallowed ’em. Okay guys, I usually like this area. I like messing around
with the angler fish. But guys I don’t see ’em. I know they technically are invisible but usually you see the
little thing glowing. Dude let’s eat these jellyfish. Okay, is this one gonna sting me? Oh, he stung me. How dare you. But yeah, usually we can see
like the light bulb thing in front of the angler fish. But I’m not even seeing that. I don’t know, maybe none
of them spawned this time. That’d be really weird. Okay, there’s a clown fish. There’s Nemo. I found Nemo and I ate him, okay. Dude, where’s the angler fish? Guys that’s kinda a bummer You know I love messing
around with the angler fish. Okay let’s just keep going. Dude, actually we might
run into the mosasaurus. He usually hangs out around here. Let’s go down here, let’s
grab this megliograptus. Let’s get this guy. Dude, I loved playing
at this thing so much. Guys, let me know in the comments if we should use this guy again. Dude, the thing is just so overpowered. And I love that. I love overpowered fish. Technically, I don’t think it’s a fish. But guys I love it. Whatever it is, I love it. Okay, we do have goliath fish. We haven’t taken out one of those. Dude we gotta eat like everything. That should be a challenge. Whoa, clayfish. Okay, you can’t swallow me. As long as you can’t swallow
me, you can’t take me out. Okay, he’s doing four damage,
that’s not that great. But yeah, we should do a challenge where we eat every type
of fish in the game. That’d be really fun. Okay, we’re level 14. Honestly guys, I’m feeling pretty good. Level 14, we’re doing
12 damage, 104 health. I don’t feel good against like that great white shark right there. Dude we got some dreu eels. We got a dreu eel right here. Let’s take out this guy. But I dunno, I think we could do it. I think we could take out
every type of fish in the game. Well at least in the map, because there’s different
fish on different maps. So okay dude, we gotta
get out of here though. This is really dangerous. I keep seeing great white sharks. Which, dude I see an ichthyosaurus shadow. Okay guys let’s get outta here. Great white shark. There’s two great white sharks over there. This place is crawling
in great white sharks. Okay how about a barracuda? Barracuda. Guys we actually gotta
play as this thing again. Because, oh no! No no, okay. Barracudas, they do fight as
packs so I gotta be careful. But yeah, we can now play as the barracuda like in survival mode. So I think there might be a
baby version, though I dunno. I wanna play as Barry the Baracuda again. Wait there’s a swordfish. Guys lets not tangle with the swordfish. You know what, let’s do it. Let’s just see what happens. Because the sword is
usually very powerful. I just do it. Dude, we got ‘im. And even after you take a swordfish out, like their sword can still hurt you. Okay guys, now we’re in the, I think we’re in the deep waters. I think that’s what it’s called. I always forget what it’s called. I think we’re getting
close to the deep waters, like the camera’s changing. Whoa! Something just launched. But the cameras changing and stuff. I think we’re getting
close to the deep waters. Guys, I don’t know man. I don’t wanna take out a hammerhead yet. What about a whale shark? Guys do you think we can
take out a whale shark? Dude he’s so big. Dude let’s just go for it. Let’s just go for it. Okay he only does two damage? And we’re doing, wow. We’re doing 21? We’re doing 21 damage, he only does two. Guys we’re gonna take out a whale shark. This is really good. He’s only doing two damage. Guys, we just took out a whale shark. Okay, we gotta stay away
from the ichthyosaurus. Dude, that’s a lot of meat. I gotta eat this all before
the ichthyosaurus gets it. Dude, some of the meat went
straight up in the air. Oh man, that’s really good. Dude, okay I can just take
out some whale sharks, that’d be really good. Let’s just keep going for it. I think this guy is mad
that I took out his friend. I’m sorry dude. I’m just really hungry. Okay, 24 damage. Okay, bring him to the surface, keep him away from the ichthyosaurus. Dude, these guys. This is show you do it. These guys have so much meat. So level 17, level 18. Dude could I level up
two times from this guy? That meat’s still up in the air. Yes, dude that was two levels. We’re almost level 20. Guys we just gotta keep
going with these whale sharks Oh we got a colossal crab. Please tell me I can swallow. I just swallowed a colossal crab whole. That’s pretty good. Okay guys, what else do we got down here? Oh, here’s some angler fish. That’s a dead one. There’s a blob fish. Can I, dude I can’t
swallow this guy whole? He seems pretty small. But dude we got some blob fish, also known as taco fish. We got, dude we should be seeing Ghosty the ghost fish pretty soon. Did I just say ghost fish? I meant ghost shark. Okay, we gotta bunch of angler fish. And I can’t believe I
can’t swallow these guys. But at least we’re able to mess with these guys for a little bit. I just love messing with these guys. Okay where are the ghost sharks? Oh I think I see one! Okay guys, this might not be a good idea, but this is our first
shark we’re taking out. Dude he’s not even fighting back. I don’t even, whoa. Where’d he go? Dude he actually is like a ghost. He always disappeared. Okay I think the fact that I took him out, I think that’s why he started floating. Okay, keep taking him out. Dude, where’s he going? The ghost shark, okay forget
about the ghost shark. We got three whale sharks. We got bigger fish to
fry, no pun intended. Dude, there’s whale
sharks all over the place. I just got keep digging these guys out. And I think this is gonna be our best bet, the fastest way to get big. Okay guys, we’re almost level 40. All I’ve been doing is taking
out these whale sharks. Dude, look at the damage. We’re doing 80 damage now. Okay guys, I think we’re ready. You know when I said we wanted
to take on a hammerhead? I’ve a feeling we’re gonna
take him out in like one bite. So we’ll take out a hammerhead, then we’ll take out a tiger shark. Where am I going? I think I’m going the wrong way. Well they got a hammerhead. Know that they got a tiger shark. Then we’ll take out, I don’t know, like a browurag or something? Then we’ll go for maybe great white shark? Then we can go for some whales. Okay, so we’re looking for hammerheads. Looking for hammerheads. I think they’re over here. Okay there’s a hammerhead
shark right there. Dude, I wouldn’t be surprised
if I could swallow him whole. Oh! Dude, not only did I
take out a hammerhead, I swallowed him whole. We’re swallowing hammerheads whole. Guys, that’s really good. Okay, let’s see if I
can get a close up view. That’s kind of a close up view, the level up kinda
blocked it a little bit. Dude, this is really good. Okay, lets see it again,
let’s see a close up. That’s kinda a close-up. Hello hammerhead, um, I
wanna swallow you whole? So come here. I’m gonna swallow you whole, oh! Dude that’s the shot. It’s kinda hard to time it right. Dude that’s really good. Do you think we could
swallow a tiger shark? Tiger sharks are actually
a decent amount bigger. I know I could get these zebra fish. But tiger sharks are a decent amount bigger than the hammerheads, so it’s gonna be tougher. Dude, we’re level 42. Okay I need to find one first. Usually there’s a lot of tiger sharks. Okay, here’s one right here. Swallow him whole? No, okay so let’s at least attack him. Okay what kinda damage are we doing? It’s gotta be over 80. We’re doing, we were doing over
80 against the whale sharks. Okay actually we couldn’t
bite him enough to see. Here’s a browurag. The browurag has that armor,
so we don’t do as much damage. But it’s still no contest. Guys, we’re actually really, really big. Dude, we’re level 43, and
we’re actually really big. I kinda like that though. Okay, dude we gotta be able to take out a great white, right? Okay we gotta find one first, we’ll take out a great white and then let’s take out some whales. There’s a great white. Guys, do you think we can take ‘im out? Great whites are usually pretty tough, and they do have that bleed ability. Oh my goodness, no. Dude, he took out half of my health. Okay, let’s no mess with any
great whites for a while. Dude, there’s one right there. He took out half my health
and like two seconds. Okay, so those are definitely more dangerous than I thought. Guys, we almost lost it there. Okay, how about an ichthyosaurus? We can take down a ichthyosaurus, right? Dude, I can’t believe it. I actually got really nervous
with that great white. Guys, we have over 400 health, and he brought me down to 200. That was really close, okay. Do you think we could take
out some whales though? Guys we gotta try it. Let’s just try it. Let’s steal this food from these sharks. And eat some sharks. And then, okay, I don’t know. Maybe we should get to level 50. Let’s get to level 50 first and then we’ll go for some whales. Because dude at any point, that huge giant whale could attack me and I think it would take
me out in like one bite. Okay we’ve made it to 50. Lets turn the gang on. Is this guy gonna follow me? I think they’re gonna
follow me, that’ll be good. So we got a gang again. Guys okay, so we’ll take
out whatever we can. Maybe a narwhal, maybe
we’ll take out an orca. Maybe we’ll take out a beluga whale. But dude that giant whale? I don’t think we stand a chance. Even with our gang? Do we still have our gang by the way? They’re gone. I don’t know what the deal is
with this whole gang thing. Dude, okay well there’s
some orcas right there. Orca vs. narwhal. Okay, well let’s, oh no! There’s a giant whale. We gotta stay away from him. Um, here’s a narwhal right here. Let’s take on a narwhal, right? Okay he’s making a cute
little sound, and he’s dead. He didn’t even touch me. Oh no! Dude, how did you do that? No, no, how did he do that? He was on the other side of the map. He was at the other side of the map, and then he just flew over and got me. Oh my goodness guys, I can’t believe it. I’m speechless. Guys, I’m speechless, Guys he’s just taking
out everything in sight. He goes up to everything, bites them once, and they’re dead. Look at this. Dude he’s going up to these
belugas, instantly dead. He’s not even eating the food. That’s so wasteful, he’s
not even eating the food. That’s what gets me upset. The fact that he’s so wasteful. He’s not even eating the food. Guys I wanna get some
revenge on this thing. Let me know in the comments if we should get revenge on this guy. Dude, I feel like I haven’t
fought him in a while. That deserves some revenge. We gotta get some revenge on this guy. Let me know in the comments which fish we should get him with,
what we should use next. Okay guys, if you missed the video where we played at the ghost shark, I highly recommend it. That was super, super fun. Also guys, we finally got
the shark in Tasty Blue. So definitely check that
out if you missed it. But guys, I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always feel free
to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe if you haven’t already. And I’ll see you guys in
the next Feed and Grow Fish. Now’s the moment of truth, lets see if this is going to explode, oh! Oh my goodness, it’s a pungence gun! Oh, it turns everyone into pungence. No, no he got me! I’m poppin’ ’em, I’m trying to get out! Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in!

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