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Giant BLUEFIN TUNA Cutting & Auction – SUSHI / SASHIMI MEAL -Taiwan street food

Giant BLUEFIN TUNA Cutting & Auction – SUSHI / SASHIMI MEAL -Taiwan street food

510 pound giant Bluefin Tuna from Taiwan fish habor .It costs $70000 ! They are preparing to cut this Giant Bluefin Tuna . Bluefin tuna can be very expensive depending on where you buy it and which part of the fish you are eating. The tuna cutting show is an event performed right in front of your eyes. An entire gigantic tuna is cut into parts , tuna which is the delicious part that ends up as sushi on your plate. The fish used in the cutting show is freshly delivered, freshly cut, and freshly prepared. Savoring raw tuna at its freshest is a delight, especially after having witnessed how the massive fish is cut and prepared. A gourmet event such as this one is rare to come by, so let’s take a closer The fish isn’t frozen once from the time it is caught until the moment it is ready to be eaten as sushi or sashimi.

42 comments on “Giant BLUEFIN TUNA Cutting & Auction – SUSHI / SASHIMI MEAL -Taiwan street food

  1. I love Windex on my Tuna. The sheen makes it all the more appetizing and I get a squeaky clean shine.

  2. What a hack job if that was my fish this goof wouldn't be cutting iy hacking at thousands of dollars and he ruined the head.

  3. Красиво. Не бельмеса не понимаю но смотрю и слюнки текут.

  4. Impressive online video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to come across this sort of content. We create Travel & Food films too, everywhere around the world, and also we are constantly searching for inspirations and also vision. Thank You.

  5. Esse salmão foi tirado logo da água por isso que A carne está escura… não deixaram ele descansar um pouco no mar… antes de tirá-lo por isso a carne ficou escura ou seja ele estava em alta temperatura …. Ao ser pescado deveria descansar um pouco dentro da água… para temperatura cair…. assim a carne não ficaria tão escura…

  6. O
    I haven't had tuna like that! Witch is the best cut? The part with the solid meat or with the white strips?

  7. ههههههه قبيله كامله على سمكه نظافه وتعقيم وتعليق واعتقد كلهم دكاتره تعالوا عندنا والله ننحر جمل بدون الهيلمانه هذه كلها

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