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GIANT GONE FISHING Game in Real Life! (Found Game Master Clues in Backyard) | Rebecca Zamolo

GIANT GONE FISHING Game in Real Life! (Found Game Master Clues in Backyard) | Rebecca Zamolo

– I don’t know if I can do this,
you guys, this is so gross. And I now work for the GMI. Matt, our pool! What is this? – [GMI Men] The Giant Game of Gone Fishing in Real Life Challenge. – Matt, Peanut!
– Peanut! – Go!
– Go! – He doesn’t have his life vest on. – I’m goin’! – Matt, oh no! Peanut! – Why would you put my dog in the pool? – It’s all part of the game. – Come here, Peanut. He can barely swim!
– Hold on. Here you go. He looks dry. – Our dog is not part of
this Gone Fishing Challenge. – No, but it was fun to watch. – It was not fun to watch! – Matt, go change your clothes real quick. We gotta do this challenge. Did the GMI do that to you? Hey, ZamFam, it’s Rebecca Zamolo and right now we are about to play the Giant Gone Fishing Game in Real Life that the GMI set up
for the next challenge. – If you’re keeping score, we need to win two more challenges in order to win the Game Master Remote
to save the Game Master. – You guys saw that we
won the first challenge which was the Last to Shower wins, but now they got to pick the challenge and if they win three
challenges before us, then they’re gonna get Mr. X’s identity. You guys know that we have the safe with the three digit combination. So, smash the thumbs up
if you are Team ZamFam and give us good luck for this challenge. – Smash the thumbs down
if you’re Team GMI. – Go, GMI!
– Go, GMI! – So, we need to do
whatever it takes to win the Game Master Remote so we can save him from the Roblox game. – Speaking of the remote, do
you have Mr. X’s identity box? – Yeah, we have it, do
you guys have the remote? We didn’t see it yet. – Yeah, we have it.
– Of course we have it. – Okay, well, we’ll get the box, but you guys have to get the remote. – We actually created
a place to display them so we can keep an eye on it. – We’ll be right back, Matt, come on. Here it is. We have to win this. There’s the remote, you
guys kept your word. Mr. X’s true identity. – Yeah, but you guys still
don’t know how to get inside. – Yeah, you need a three digit code. – That’s what we’re playing for because you don’t know
how to work the remote. – How do we know you have the code? – You’re just gonna have
to trust us. We have it. Win a challenge and
we’ll give you a number. Okay, so how do we play this Giant Gone Fishing Game in Real Life? – Well, there’s actually
going to be three rounds, but first, we need to
decide who goes first? – Rock, paper, scissors,
Matt, let’s do it. – No, not this time. – We have something a little fishier. – Follow us. – And Matt, you can give
the camera to our intern. – They’re back. – Here’s your fishing poles.
It’s simple! Gone fishing. What we’re gonna do is
you’re going to catch a fish. The fish has a number on the bottom and that’s the order we go. – This is easy, yeah. – So now we just go fishing.
Since this is our challenge, we’re gonna go first,
you guys go after us. – Okay.
– They’re certain. – What are they whispering? – And go! – I’m trying to get mine. – Why don’t you just go for another fish? – No, I like this purple one. – Oh yeah, it’s his colors,
really. Here, you know what, you can just borrow my fishing rod. – Yeah, that sounds good.
– That’s great. Switch out. – There it is! Boom! – What did you guys get? – How about we reveal at the
end, everyone get their fish. – You’re gonna go blue. Okay.
– Yay. – I’m gonna try to go
red. Mine’s not hooking. – It looks like yours isn’t working, you can just share with your partner. – Okay. – Did you guys not set this up right? – No!
– We set it up good! – It doesn’t seem like
the red ones work at all. – Oh, yay!
– You got it! – So, we’re all gonna turn
it around at the same time. Three, two, one. – One. – Two.
– Three. – Four.
– What? – It worked out good! – Wait, but I’ve actually
never gone fishing before. I don’t even know how to fish,
I don’t want to go first! – Oh, you’re definitely going first. – And we’re not actually fishing. – What?
– You’ll see. We’re gonna start with Round One. – Let’s do it, we got this,
Matt, we gotta win this! – So, it’s simple, Round
One we’re just playing the game of Gone Fishing. What you have to do it match symbols which are at the bottom of the fish, but then some others, lets just
say, might have a punishment and whatever it says, you have to do. – What kind of punishment?
– It’s random. – It’s random so don’t
choose the wrong fish. – We’re gonna go in order.
– You’re first. – Okay, ZamFam, there are
a ton of fish in here. What do you think I should choose? I’m going to look for something that I think the GMI would write on and I think that might be the right fish. – Go for the biggest one.
– Okay. – There’s a black and white one. ZamFam, comment below if
you think black and white shark is the one I should
choose. I’m gonna try. – I think it’s a whale.
– It’s a whale? – Hey, why’re you guys laughing? – ZamFam, smash the thumbs up button. – You gotta back– – How many times do we get to try? – Three. – Are you guys just
making this up as you go? – No, this is well thought out. – Oh no! – Get one of the magnets.
– I think I got it. – Reel it in!
– Oh no. – That was one.
– Reel it in! – I got it. No! – One more try and your turn is over. – I got it.
– Grab it! – Flip it over. – Hopefully, there’s a symbol
on here. It says IG Post. Must post to Instagram story you work for the GMI with glasses? – You join the winning team. – So, this is a punishment? – This is a punishment. – Okay, well, I don’t even have glasses. – Let’s get some of your glasses. – Yeah! Face Reveal!
– Face Reveal! – We actually have some GMI glasses. – Okay, what do I say? – Wait, that’s the old phone,
is it not gonna upload? Are you tricking us? – No, I have two phones right now. – Oh, okay. – It’s a struggle. It’ll work, I hope. So, you’re saying I have to
post this on my Instagram story. So, my ZamFam’s gonna think
I’m working for the GMI? – That’s the fish that you pulled. – So it’s like I’m pranking the ZamFam. Wait, but this video
doesn’t post til tomorrow, they’re gonna be really confused. – Not our problem.
– That’s kinda the point. – So, I just have to put these on? – Right and I’m gonna tell you
the script you’re gonna have. Okay. – Okay, you’re gonna say, are you ready? – Hi, ZamFam, this is
Rebecca Zamolo, okay, not RZ Twin, and I now work for the GMI. – What? This is a prank! – That’s what you’re saying. – I don’t know where the reactivator is. – Hey, ZamFam, it’s Rebecca Zamolo and not RZ Twin and I
wanted to let you know– – Okay, whoa, stop. – What?
– That wasn’t convincing. We need to feel like you
really work for the GMI, let’s go, start over. – This is the worst punishment. Okay, hey, ZamFam, it’s
Rebecca Zamolo, not RZ Twin, and I wanted to let you guys know that I now work for the GMI. – Tag us in it.
– And this is their Instagram. So, follow them. Oh my gosh, you guys!
– That was so good. – I’m pranking the ZamFam! ZamFam, if you saw that Instagram story, just know that it’s a
prank, it’s not my fault. Okay, Matt, it’s your turn. – This is so easy, I used
to fish so much growing up. Tell me a spot where to go and I’ll do it. – Matt, whatever you do,
just don’t get a punishment. – Across the pool. – Here we go. – Oh, so close.
– Okay. – That’s one. – I think I got something. – What’d you get? Have you guys ever gone fishing? – Oh!
– Oh! – Come on, Matt, you
have to get at least one! – One more try. – just walk over here. – No, not that one. Don’t do that one. That one’s the best one.
– No! – Ah, yeah, I got the big one! – What does it say?
– Oh no. – They’re acting very weird. – They’re just trying to get
into your head, you’re good. Ice Bucket, I just won an ice bucket! – No, Matt.
– No. – Ice Bucket Challenge.
– Challenge. – Oh, he’s already got
wet, he had to in the pool to save Peanut
– Yeah, what is this? – Didn’t do the thing, really. – I don’t see an ice bucket
here, we’re fine then. – Don’t worry, we have everything set up. – Agent R. – Cold out here, too.
– No. – It’s a little cold out here. Feelin’ that wind. – As you guys know, we’re
up in Big Bear right now, The temperature’s about 50. – It’s cold!
– Yeah. – We’re all in hoodies
because it’s freezing! – Look at this, there’s
so much ice in here! So, maybe Rebecca just
dumps it on my head. – Okay, yeah.
– No, whoa! – We need water in there. – Yeah, let’s scoop a little pool water and add a little extra. – Matt, we both got a punishment. – Oh, that’s nice.
– You picked the wrong fish. – Matt, where are you going?
– Right here. – I don’t know, I’m putting my hood up. – Agent S, would you like
to count down with me? – Oh absolutely! – Three, two,
– Two. – One.
– One! – It’s so cold! – Ah, man, you both got
punishments for fishing! – Okay, well, now it’s your turn. – How did that happen?
– I don’t know, we picked the wrong fish? ZamFam, we’re gonna get better. We picked the wrong fish this time, but we’re gonna win next time, we’re gonna do the next round. – You know which one–
– Of course I know– – Hey! Don’t film us.
– Don’t film us. – Back up, we all need to be in this. – What’s one of your
favorite colors of today? – I love green. – Green? – I guess I’ll just randomly, oh, look it, there’s a green one. First try! – Punishment, fingers
crossed, it’s a punishment. – Reveal! Oh, look at that, it’s a symbol! – That’s crazy.
– Oh, lucky me. – What happens with the hashtag? – What happens with that? You have to find the other hashtag? – Yeah, you have to pair them up. If you pair them up,
that’s who wins that round. – Okay.
– Its’ my turn. I just have to not get a
punishment and find a hashtag. Just have to get a pair. – What are the chances?
There’s a ton of fish. – Look at all these fish. – I’m gonna go for a long fish here. – Okay, that’s a good
idea, you’re a fisherman. – Oh. Second try.
– Two more left. – I’m gonna get the one
that’s swimming toward me. – Oh, two!
– Two. – Did I get it? I think I got it. Let’s see what it is. – Okay, please be a punishment! – I’m really worried right now. – Me too, reveal it! – Two hashtags, we just
won the first round! – First round’s over, I guess. – Okay, there’s two more rounds. ZamFam, there’s two more rounds. – You’re right.
– We can win this. – We have to win the next one. – Round Two gets a little more difficult. We’re gonna be doing the same fishing, but in the pool, on floaties. – Like, Pool is Lava
Challenge, but fishing? – Yeah.
– If you wanna call it that. But here’s the thing, you
have to choose one member from your team to be on the raft, and the other gets a water toy to distract the opposite team. – Easy, yes! – Matt, get a floatie
first, I’ll get a giant one. – You gonna go inside? – Yeah.
– I’m gonna get the water toy? – Yeah, I’ll go first. – Okay, we gotta get a floatie, let’s go! – I’m gonna get a better one! – I’m gonna go on the pink one. Oh no, I have to get the pink one. What? That’s not a floatie! – It floats.
– Oh, that’s nice. – We didn’t say which floatie, we just said you needed
to get on a floatie. Agent R, I’m gonna bring
you your pole over here. – ZamFam, this challenge, there’s something weird about it, I need you guys to keep your eyes open to see what the agents are doing exactly. – Yeah, they said something
fishy was going on. It seems super fishy! – Let us know what’s going on. We’re obviously going to
try to win this challenge, we still can do it.
– You gotta do it. – Okay.
– You got this. They’re matching colors,
they got two green ones. – So maybe we’re gonna have
to go for matching fish and that will have the
exact matching symbol? – Yeah, no more big ones. – I need my fishing pole. – All right, we ready?
– Yes. – Because Round Two is Speed Round. You have one minute to get
as many fish as you can, but just make sure you
don’t pick the wrong fish. And minute starts, now! – I got this one! I got it! I got one.
– I got it. – Oh, I got a shark, oh no. – I’m protecting you, Rebecca. – Get him wet! – I’m trying, Matt, it’s hard! I’m tryin’! I gotta get the match one. Get him, I have to get the match! – All right, you got one. – And we’re down to the wire. – Five, four, three, two, one. – Got it! – In your face, GMI! – I got three fish, ZamFam. I did it. – You only got one! – I know.
– I told you not to– – He was squirting me
and it was really hard! – Big fish!
– I know, but– – I thought we said no more big fish? – I know, but I got this one accidentally. – What was that? – Did you hear that? – Hold on. – Wait, that’s not part of the plan. – Where’s Daniel? – Did you have something planned? – We’re not doing– – This isn’t part of our challenge. – We didn’t do anything. – I think it might have been a pine cone. But somebody just jumped over that fence. Yeah, they’re like in black. I couldn’t tell if it was a
black suit or black sweatpants. – That’s not us.
– Is that you? – That’s not us either. – Are the prizes still here? – Did you see someone, Matt? – Okay, what do you got? – Let’s continue the game. Bring over your fish.
– Okay we’re coming. You guys only got one? One fish? – One?
– He only got one. – That’s the worst! – Look at this.
– You got a match? – I got a match! That means we’re tied, Matt. We’re tied! We have it, ZamFam! If you guys commented that
we should get matching fish, you were right, thumbs up your comment. – Not only did we get a match,
we got a third one, too. This is the best! – You turn it over, it might be a symbol. Cause we still have another round. – Dusting. – He has to clean something? – No.
– No. – He has to have flour
poured over his head. You get to do the honors. – Me or you?
– I don’t care. – I kinda wanna do it. – You wanna get on my
shoulders maybe and then do it? – Oh, yeah! ZamFam, you guys know I’m not that tall, so, Matt and I, we’re gonna teamwork. Couple goals this.
– Exactly. – All right, Matt, we’re gonna make sure we dump this all the way on. – Super high! – I feel like this counts as two pranks? – This is just one.
– Two pranks, how? – Three, two, one. Wait, it’s not coming out. – I feel like I’m done.
– Nothing happened yet. – Oh my goodness. Matt, here, get me down. – It’s not looking good right now. You need to go get the remote and hide it. I thought we rigged it– – Whoa! You know what? They
still have another fish. – An awesome one. – I think I might be allergic to flour, I’m gonna go change. – Wait, you don’t get to change. – Matt, you got to change! – Continue. – So, this is my third fish. Drink sardine juice. – Drink sardine juice? – You’re not supposed to get the big one. – I mean, Matt, I didn’t know,
it was a timed challenge. I had one minute! Is it gonna be like I
have to drink sardines or, I don’t know? – I’ve never heard of this before. – I haven’t either. Okay, oh no. – And, we’re back. We’re gonna make a little
concoction here for you. Little water, that doesn’t
seem too bad, right? That’s not bad. – I’m really nervous right now. – What is this? – Sardines?
– Sardines. – No! – Comment down below if
you like sardines or not. – Oh no.
– I don’t like them. – Who likes sardines? I think only Black Jack,
our dog, likes sardines. – Rebecca, there’s so much juice in there. – Good luck. – Oh no! Why are we doing this? – Oh my God. – Drink it, ya gotta do it. I can’t believe she’s doing
it, but you gotta do it. – We need the next step. – I don’t know if I can do this,
you guys, this is so gross. Drink the whole thing or? Just a little bit. Just a little bit. – I don’t know if I can, you guys, my eyes are already watering. ZamFam, I’m doing this for you guys so we can win the challenge. – Okay, just a little bit,
I can’t even watch it. – Oh, she did it! – Okay, Matt, it’s your turn. – Why is that a challenge?
– Oh my gosh. I can’t even watch. So gross, ZamFam, if you guys have ever had any sardines, let me know. You gotta go, you gotta win. Pick the right fish, don’t
choose the wrong fish. Or you’re gonna have to
drink sardine juice like me! This is your turn, you
gotta pick the right fish. – This round, there’s no squirt guns, changed a little bit.
– Are you just changing the rules on this challenge? – No, this is all part of it. – Do we wait til Agent R gets back? – No, he’s good. Keep going. – So, ZamFam, right now,
we are tied with the GMI. We have one set.
– And I have one set. – They have another, so,
Matt, you gotta do this. You gotta get it. You guys remember what we’re gonna do to find the right matching pair. All right, let’s do it. – One minute challenge.
– Okay, come on, Matt! We can win this challenge. – Time starts now! – I got one, I already got a fish! – Come on, Matt, come on! – Why is this so difficult? – Come on, Matt, there’s one right here. You got it! One fish!
– I got one, yes. – Come on, Matt, get as many as you can! There’s one over here, Matt. – Oh, I got one! – What is it? Matt, there’s
still the missing one over here. – It’s stuck on this thing. – Okay, pull it on. What’s going on? – I’m just fishing. – Matt!
– Seems a little fishy. Oh, I got another one! – Okay, Matt, come on! You’re so close, Matt. – Oh it’s stuck on something.
– Matt, you got it. You got the right one. Can you pull it? – I’m trying.
– Trying to get it. – No! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, come on, Matt, four, three, two, one.
– I got it! – Time! Matt, you got more fish that him. He only got two. – I don’t trust you. – You’re reeling yourself in? Go fish. – Okay, pull me in. – I hope this doesn’t break though, Matt. – You can’t fish for Matt. – Okay, Matt, you’re good, come on. – Are we showing at the same time? – Yep. Three, two, one. Boom!
– Bam! – Oh, no. – We’re tied right now, but
look, you got an extra fish. – Yes, see? Tiebreaker. – So maybe in Round Three, I can find the matching one to that. – Boom!
– Oh… – Water balloon? – You know what that means? – Bonus points.
– No, that’s a punishment. And you get to have a
little fun with this one. Water balloon means you
get to stand on the wall and everyone gets to throw
water balloons at you. It’s that simple! – Okay.
– Okay, great. No, that’s terrible. – That’s a punishment, Matt. Should we wait for–
– All team players. – Agent R, then? – Oh, no, he’s showering. – Where’s he taking a shower? – Your bathroom? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s fine! We’ll just keep going. Water balloon, your turn. – I feel like I’ve seen him before. – All right, stop talking to the camera. Have Matt stand right over there, I’m getting the water balloons. So what I did is I actually filled one of the water balloons with maple syrup. It’s gonna be so funny. Yep, I got the water balloons. I’m coming. – Let’s do this.
– Watch the water. It’s simple. 30 seconds to throw as many water balloons as possible. – Okay.
– That’s it. – That’s not bad.
– You’re gonna be close? – We can step back a little. – Time.
– You guys are so close. – Now!
– Go! – You guys are terrible
at this, the worst! – This is the best punishment ever! – What is that?
– Oh no! – What is that?
– Four, three, two, one. – Wait, wait a sec.
– Oh no! – How did that one not have water in it? – Did you just prank, that’s not cool. – Totally pranked, that’s maple syrup. – Come on, man!
– It smells so good. It’s probably really good on pancakes. – Wait, didn’t I do that
for the Last to Shower wins? Did you just use our syrup?
– A little bit. – Okay, S, you’re getting this now. – I didn’t even do it! Matt, come on, we have
to win this challenge. Matt, don’t! Stop. Truce.
– I know he got me with syrup. – We have another round.
– No! We gotta finish this challenge, you guys! We still have Round Three, we
have Round Three, you guys! Agent S, what do we
have to do, Round Three? – Round Three is the tiebreaker. Matt, you’re gonna wanna film this. Yeah, you wanna grab the camera? The intern knows what to do. And make sure you film
the pool for this one. – Okay.
– Hit the button! – The button? Whoa. – What’s goin’ on? – I call this next one: Deep Sea Fishing. – Okay, so, we’re going
fishing in the deep end. – Whoa, what’s all that stuff in there? – Cans of food? – But there’s no fishing rods this time. You have to dive down and get them with the mermaid tails
I found in your garage. – What?
– What? – Wait a second, I used those tails when I did 24 Hours as A Mermaid, Matt. And remember, Daniel was in it. That was pretty funny. – Yeah, that’s right, but
where’s Agent R, come on. – Yeah, no, he did it last time, so I’m gonna do it this time because I never got to
try on the mermaid tail. – Oh, yeah, Last to Leave the Pool! Wait, I didn’t even wear my swimsuit. I’m in sweats. – That’s all right, this is my swimsuit. – Okay, when I changed earlier, I put on a swimsuit
underneath these pants. – What?
– Matt! – So, we’re gonna put
on your mermaid tails and every item I threw into
the pool has a number on it. – Okay.
– Those are gonna be points. You just tally up the points at the end, and that’s the tiebreaker winner. – Okay.
– Whoever has the most points at the end of Deep Sea Fishing. – This is gonna be great.
– Wait. – We’ll get on our mermaid tail. You and I, there’s two of
us, there’s only one of him. We can collect more of the cans! – I heard that. Whoa, I heard that, there’s
only two of you and one of me, but I’m a pro at this and
I’m still gonna beat you, so, it’s that simple. – We’ll see who collects the most cans. – I’ve never put one of these on before. – I have, but not in clothes,
I’ve been in a swimsuit. Comment below how many videos
I did in a mermaid tail. See if you can list them
all, I know all of them, but do you guys? – Okay, I think I’m in. – I’ve never been in a
mermaid tail in socks. – Wait, am I doing this right? – What was that?
– What? – You guys hear that? – Matt, you look ridiculous. – Do you know what that is?
– No. I’m just trying to put this tail on. – Wait, whoa, who’s out there? – Let me see. – Matt. – Guys, someone’s really out there. – We don’t know who it is. – Yeah, I really don’t know who that is. – And he doesn’t know who it is. Matt. – Just standing out there. Come on, let’s just do this right now and then get out of this. Whoa!
– This is how you do it right? – Yeah! Oh yeah, perfect.
– This doesn’t feel right. – Okay.
– Goin’ in with a sweatshirt? – I don’t have anything else under. – You got your merch stuff. – By the way, shoutout
to you guys in the ZamFam that got my merch and
tagged me on Instagram. I have new merch, by the
way, so I’ll link it below. – He took his glasses off! – Hey!
– Agent. – Whoa, what? – Whoa, his goggles are on under. Everyone make a face. I want ZamFam, you guys,
to caption this below. Best caption wins and I’ll be shouting you guys
out on my YouTube stories. And my Instagram, so make
sure you’re following. Okay, ready? And. All right, so comment your best caption and I’ll be tagging you guys. – Get to this, how do we do this? – Dive into the deep end,
collect as many items as you can. Each item has points
on them, you add it up. Whoever has the most points, wins. – Is it a speed challenge? – Oh, it’s definitely a speed challenge. Another minute, that’s it. – One minute!
– One minute. – Okay, we got this, Matt, we got this. – Give us a thumbs up if
you think we’re gonna win. Three, two, one. – Okay, it’s cold, it’s cold. – I got one! Okay, I gotta keep going. How many more? – I got so many. – I got two over here. Should I bring them? Are
there any more left, Matt? – Ten seconds left. – Got it. Did we do it? – Phew, I think we got them all. – Yeah, I got so many. – Matt, we did it!
– Crushed it! – I got so many, you hardly got any! – Okay, Matt, count them.
– I was choking. – ZamFam, I think we won this challenge. – One, two points, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and two fives, 18 points.
– What? – Smash the thumbs up if you said we’re gonna win this challenge. Comment below if you knew we would. – And then thumbs up your own comment because you just got it right! – All I got is these stack of magnets. – You only got three of them. – Oh, this one says 30.
Oh, look, this one says 30. This one says 30! 60,
90, oh, that means I win! The GMI wins this challenge,
– What? that means you need to
give me the first digit to the passcode to Mr. X’s identity. – How did that happen?
– You tricked us. – That’s a cheating. We didn’t
know there were 30 point– – Rebecca, they won the challenge, you have to give them a number. – I’m just gonna do this real quick, make sure you’re subscribed
with notifications on. It looks like we lost this
challenge, I don’t know how, but we have to give them the first digit for the three digit code
of Mr. X’s identity. The first number is three.
– Three? – Okay.
– Hey, where’s the remote? Rebecca, the remote’s gone. – Matt, he’s running off with it. – I can figure it out! – Matt, get it! – No! Where’s the remote? Hey, give me the camera. Come on, Rebecca, come on.

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    The agents are cheating they hid the remote to control the game master while you were distracted

  5. They were cheating because when they were whispering what fish had the. Punishments and the ones without punishments

  6. U seriously need to do an iPhone 11 give away it would be the coolest thing ever and I really want one so please please give one 2 me if u decide 2 do an iphone 11 giveaway

  7. that game was so unfair, they set up the game so they know which ones are the symbols and which are the punishments.

  8. when agent r went to take a shower well he took the romote and i think that the agents made that person there and that could of been the gm

  9. They cheated, they set it up so they knew what fish to get!!! Also when he went to go shower he took the remote!!🐡🐠🐟🎣

    P.S i would love it if u subscribed to me! 🥺💖

  10. My grandpa just died so I really need the new phone so can u please please do an iphone 11 giveaway and give me a photo

  11. They are cheating cuz if they set up the game that means they would know like what is everything and like where everything is and you know know if it's a hashtagger whatever on it it's kind of obvious for me but yeah they are really cheating no jokey.

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