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Giant Halibut spearfishing in Norway – “The Fish of Life” – Full Story (EN subtitles)

Giant Halibut spearfishing in Norway – “The Fish of Life” – Full Story (EN subtitles)

Spearfishing club NASRAI presents Depth We’re going to shoot those halibuts!!! Guys! Guys!! You see this?! During the first 3 days we had a lot of challenges On the third day I was already feeling a little desperate Because I still had not caught any fish When Artūras has caught his trophy fish I got some motivation to try harder And encouraged us to dive even more vigorously Yesterday we chum fed the halibuts, now we’re gonna get them! I’ll give you some halibut fillet Andžej! Andžej! Come here with the boat With a spear? Is there a spear in it? Yes. Awesome! Pull I just pulled it out Here’s the story Today we dove in our known spot Where every time we would meet a few great halibuts Which eluded me for a while But today, diving not far from Andžėj I heard him shout He was swearing because his huge halibut tore off with the whole shaft I was swimming towards him Hoping to see that fish Andžėj went to the boat to change and fix his gear So I came and made a single dive but the current was strong and I saw no point to continue since I would waste a lot of energy This story might sound funny I went to the shore to take a leak On the way back in the water I see it lying on the seafloor I saw it just from the surface 3 meters deep this thing was lying down Unfortunately I didn’t catch my first shot on film But everything else you saw So that is it Andžėj lost his fish And I found it, like a needle in a haystack This is how it looks like Same height as me, probably over 80 kilograms When I saw the fish underwater At first I saw not the fish But the speargun shaft Since its stainless steel and shining Very noticeable underwater As I was approaching it And I was thinking how did this spear end up here? And only after a closer look I saw this, well, MACHINE Looked very impressive underwater VERY big fish It was an injured halibut with Andžejs spear in the head The spear didn’t penetrate deeply and I pulled it out easy by hand later So if the spear line wouldn’t have failed then the spear might have been torn out Since it was holding very weakly Some advice for other spearfishers Who are preparing for a trophy halibut fishing Please take into account the power of this animal It is twice as strong as you would imagine My gear endured the strength, but the clips and fasteners were crumpled Spear bungee got stretched and torn Spear braided line and reel got stuck on bottom rocks You need a good quality braided line to withstand sharp rocks You have to think about all these things in advance Throw it Damn it’s heavy! 201 centimeters So, it’s the last day of diving Weather is perfect 7am Norwegian time, 8am at home Trophy status Rolandas caught a 53kg halibut Artūras caught an 80kg halibut And my halibut of 120kg Others still have no luck, all hopes for today And they’ll catch their trophy fish We use different names for the same fish It is always the halibuts we are talking about Kweite in Norwegian Last diving day of this whole trip We hope others get the chance to get their trophies Hey, you at least caught a smaller one, well done I saw another one over there, high five The current calmed down Give me another speargun! Andžej, you need any help? Shoot at it, do it! It seems to be stuck on some cable Dammit!! It’s already coming to the surface Where are your spearguns? God knows.. I think this one is even bigger At last!! Forgive me.. Pull it out Careful, don’t throw it over yourself Rolandas I was diving and thinking, this place, either he is here or nowhere Such a typical halibut sea bottom it was and there I saw him So The trip is over 6am in the morning Everyone is preparing to go home, packing and going Summarizing our trip In one word – perfect About the weather First day weather was rough Lots of snow Blizzard, very challenging to dive Since it was very difficult to get warm when out of the water And we needed to get warm Because water temperature was around 4 degrees celsius Until yesterday Not everyone had their trophy But the last day was very successful for Andžej He has caught his fish, halibut weighing 158 kilograms Incredible Mine 120kg was amazing, but this last one is astonishing Henrikas caught a 10kg halibut And I forgot to mention that Andžej also caught a 10kg halibut the same day, so he caught 2 halibuts Overall, Andžej was the most successful at finding halibuts He has found the most of us all Yet most of the fish got away early But the last day changed everything We’re leaving this beautiful place The weather is superb Expecting safe travels home>

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  1. Whaoooo, fucking big one 👏👏👏👍!!!! For the next spearfishing trip you will have to review the boat size, fitted with a crane. Last century (1985) I used to stay one month in Ramsund in January for diving work, what is the temp in June? Not easy to dive with big suit, on French riviera we start to dive with top on 5mm and trouser on 3mm. Less weight for my back 😥.

  2. They make great coil spring strings for those pneumatic guns that work really really good, no fuss, no muss! Try one, you will love it, I use one on two of my guns and they are FAST and they KILL!

  3. Hi
    Where did you stay and where did you rent the boat.
    I want to go there to do some spearfishing but i dont have any contacts there. Can you help me with that?

  4. Impressive!
    a comment: halibut over 200cm are no longer legal to catch. morover, they are full of toxins. the big ones are best left alive to breed.

  5. It's a real shame of the salmon fish farms in Norway. Fishing Commission is Norway's mafia. I have really enjoyed every minute of this video. Thanks for that. How deep were you grabbing halibut?

  6. Guys, I see you are not much in a hurry to put the fish in the ice! 🙂 I mean here in Cyprus the water is so warm now, that even if the fish you spear are in the sea water if you don't go out to put them in a coolbox with ice, the fish meat can go bad in just 3 hours or less!!! You did great job, those halibut fish are massive, here the greatest sole flatfish cannot grow more than 40 cm! Greetings from a spearfisher!

  7. Very cool! I remember when I was young …… Spearfishing was my favorite pastime…. You guys are tuff! Keep on brothers!!!👍👍👍

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