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Giant Puffer Fish Eats Clams and Crabs!

Giant Puffer Fish Eats Clams and Crabs!

– Hey everyone. Cory from Aquarium Co-Op. We’re gonna feed Murphy live
today, is what we’re gonna do. Mostly because we’re here at the store. We upgraded internet and we
should be able to pull this off, which is gonna be super duper cool. So Murphy is MBU Puffer. He’s about 14 inches or so. And today we’re feeding him clams. So that’s what we’ve got right here. Punky Pam’s here, prototype,
Danny’s Aquariums. So we’re gonna feed ’em these clams. So the goal is, feed ’em these clams, which I’m gonna set ’em right here. Hopefully it doesn’t
torture them real quick. But we’re gonna feed them clams. And then we’re gonna try
and get the crabs past him. So I’m gonna try to put those in the back so they can do back there because they need to hunt
to keep their instincts and stay intellectually stimulated. So we’re gonna pour in some clams here. And watch him eat those real quick. Hopefully he’ll be too full
to wanna eat much afterwards. Don’t eat my plant, Murphy. But Murphy, my best friend,
every morning at the shop, well, not every morning,
but every morning I’m here, he begs me for food, and I
thought, why not feed him. Are you gonna eat? Right there. So while he’s busy, I’m
gonna pour these crabs in. ‘Cause we don’t want him
to eat ’em instantly, we want him to have to hunt for them. So. There, is he still eating there, we’re gonna put these crabs in. I’m gonna put ’em kinda
towards the back here. So you can kinda seem them go in. And so they hopefully
will make a run for it and he won’t destroy them all in one go. So these are fiddler crabs,
they’re a brackish water crab. Uh oh, he sees them, he’s
leaving his other food. You guys need to run. See there, they’re moving now, so if they can get back in
the rocks and everything, he’ll get to hunt them. He leaves cherry shrimp alone
because they’re too small. But, this let’s him hunt and keeps him stimulated and active, ’cause otherwise all he does is he gets to interact with the customers which is fine, but it’s
imperative that we make him kind of blow through the
sand and hunt for things. So, yeah. Go back for your clams, buddy,
let these guys get away. Uh oh, that one went on the clams, that was a bad idea, Mr. Crab. Right here, buddy, come eat these clams. All right, finish that
crab and come eat these. Well that was part of my plant, you can see he just tore my plant. Right there. So someone said, these
crabs don’t stand a chance. That’s kinda the point, you don’t want something that’s gonna hurt this animal either. Do I ever take any of his shells out? Nope, I leave them in there. It’s basically like making crushed coral. Are you outta clams, buddy? I think you are. So it looks like, you know,
enough of them got away that he’ll be able to
hunt them later in the day which is good. I think he wants more clams though. Let’s see. How’s your belly doing, buddy? Oh you’re pretty full,
actually, you’re pretty full. That’s not true, he could eat more. He’s eyeing it, you can see him eyeing it. Let’s see if we can go
behind the scenes real quick and I’ll grab some more clams here. But this is the backside
that he can’t get to. A lot of guppies, and
you see crabs down there. Can he pass the whole shells? He can, yep. He can eat an entire
shell and then swallow it and it comes out the other end. Kinda made to do that. What’s the name of the store? The name of the store is Aquarium Co-Op. So I’ve got another handful of clams. I’ll spoil him here on camera, just a little bit more. And he can eat them frozen even. (shell snaps) I don’t know if you guys can
hear the snaps of the shells and that type of stuff because I’m wearing a
lav mike at the moment because it’s kinda loud here at the store. Did I tell, I haven’t told Allie that Murphy means sea warrior yet. I haven’t seen her in person yet. We’re located in Edmonds, Washington. He doesn’t hunt any of the guppies. No, I think they’re too small, and he only wants things with shells. (shell snaps) You have a few more, buddy, right there. So Jimmy’s in the store right now, filming fish for the unboxing video, so that’s why we’re here. Why are the old shells green? They turn green from just algae. We’re got a lot of light on those tanks, it’s all live plants,
and algae grows on ’em. Right there, you got a
couple more, eat ’em. Or did I finally feed you two too many? Are your guppies gonna need to eat those? Yeah, he’s definitely got the Thanksgiving belly
right now, for sure. Is this pool filter sand? No, this is CEMEX sand, I guess, Lapis Lustre is what you would call it. Obviously now, it’s got
crushed coral mixed in, it’s almost like an African
cichlids mix at this point. All right, well, I’ll probably grab those couple of clams out and feed ’em to some other
puffers we have in the store. Oh, never mind, he heard that. He’s like, well, if you’re
gonna get rid of them all, I’ll eat ’em. (laughing) How old is this guy? I think he’s about 14 or 15 months old. Oh, I can see a crab way in the back. I don’t know if you guys
will be able to see it, bit do you see up in the guppy grass, way back there, that crab? See, that’s the good part, is that he’ll have a fun
time watching it for hours, and waiting for it to come out. These are fiddler crabs that we fed. You need to eat those two, buddy. ‘Cause otherwise I’m gonna
net them back outta there. Right here. Right there, buddy. Come on, come over here, follow us. Come on. Yeah, see, you just couldn’t see ’em. There eyes are so far apart,
they can’t see underneath them, so they have to line up the
side of their face to see it. So if you guys enjoyed it, give it a like. If you hate it, give it a thumbs down. Never really done a live
feeding like this before, but usually they’re in our videos. He is full now for sure. He’ll be lazy all day,
customers will be asking, like, why isn’t Murphy doin’ anything? And it’s like, well, we got
in here early, we fed him, and everyone got to enjoy. All right, guys, we will see you next time and let’s see here, yeah, here I am, so, I’m here in the shop,
and we’ll see you next time and watch out for the next video. Thanks for watching.

100 comments on “Giant Puffer Fish Eats Clams and Crabs!

  1. I use to have one of these Mbu's i love these fish, just the greatest aquarium fish to have, a real friend they become!! Mine had to go due to tank size, he was 13inches! I now own a fahaka, currently 12inches he is 2yrs old, and showed me just how intelligent fahaka's are too, he kept leaving a small portion of dinner (half a mussel, after eating 4-5) and would just sit by it, i thought it was strange as usually he wants more!! 3 days in a row passed and he reapeated this new habbit, so on day 4 i decided to watch, i stayed for ages before i realised why, after watching i watched in disbelief as he was saving half a mussel for the neons in my tank! However not to be nice, infact for a different meal, a neon!! He was waiting for the neons to get brave enough to get close enough to take a bite of the mussel he was gaurding, when the neons came in, he would make his move! I also noticed in those 3 previous days i had lost 4 neons! A fish fishing, for fish!!!!!

  2. I loved this video ☺️. I love puffies. I have always wanted one but I think that the care would be beyond my skill level. Thank you for the videos.

  3. My Mbu loves frozen mussels. And I love their golf ball bellies after they eat.
    And it's believed Mbu puffer have the intelligence of a toddler seriously so awesome 😍😍 my Nellys behaviour leads me to believe she's smart.

  4. Hes cute, smiling and clever πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Check out this video of me feeding my 800 gallon aquarium:

  6. Hey guys i got a question..can i keep a giant puffer in my preditory fish tank,,it's 6feet by 2feet by 2feet,,i got red tail cat,tiger shovelnose,giant red tail gourami,oscars,parrots and some more,,plz tell me,,btw love murphy,,yor tank looks pretty awesome with those plantsπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  7. Tetradon Mbu , I love these guys , the African broomtail puffer …. They get huge …. My 1st job I worked at a store that had 1 these guys that was in a 12' tank with a bunch of African Tiger fish that were about 10" and large wide bar datnoids and a bunch of cool fish … When ever I have seen them in a store they are never for sale

  8. I just lost my porcupine puffer I had for many years… he just stopped eating I tried everything he was so personable very sad…

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