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GIANT SQUID vs 100 VAMPIRE LEECHES – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 108 | Pungence

GIANT SQUID vs 100 VAMPIRE LEECHES – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 108 | Pungence

– I gotta bad feeling about this. Yes what happened to his tentacles? He’s going in circles. This is what I’m talking about. He’s flying, he’s flappin’ his wings. Look at all those teeth! Vampire leaches attack! Hey what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish or as I’m calling this video, Feed and Grow Fish Battle Simulator. Guys, that right, we’re doing
a battle simulator today. Guys, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a really really long time and this was all made
possible by Azza Forty Six. I gotta give him a shout out, guys. He’s an awesome mod maker! He developed this mod where, guys, look at this. We can spawn in any fish
we want at an point. Any amount we want, any level we want. Guys, it’s about to get crazy. So yeah, if you want to
check out Azza Forty Six, the mod maker, link will
be in the description and he has tutorials and
links to download these mods. But guys, it’s gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be, like, a bunch of jellyfish versus
like a Kronosaurus or something. We’re going to get a
bunch of vampire leeches. Guys, it’s just gonna be crazy. Also I want to know in the comments some ideas from you guys, cause look at this! Dude, we can use any fish in the game. Any fish, any creature in
the game we can use it. It’s all fair game. So lemme know in the comments what kind of battles you wanna see. But yeah, also guys,
before we get into it, dude, I have to address this. Last video, the vampire leech. Guys! That mighta been the fastest any one of my videos has gone viral. Dude, less than a week and
it’s over 1 million views, and guys, I have to
give you all the credit because, dude, if you’ve ever wondered if hitting the like
button helps, it helps. Guys, last video you had 26,000 likes and I think that’s a huge reason
why the video did so well. So guys, thank you so
much for all your support. Welcome to all the new people too. If you haven’t already subscribed, feel free to hit that subscribe button, hit the bell too. Hit the bell next to the subscribe button, you get a notification and
you’ll never miss a video. Okay guys, let’s have some fun! Okay, so I wrote down a bunch of ideas for match-ups today. First one, let’s just start it off small. You know, we’ll get some small fish. So guys, if you look in the top right, we hit the brackets and
that changes the fish. So I wanna start off with some piranha. And the power under that, that’s the power that we throw the fish. And then start level, that’s
the level the fish is at. So let’s do, like, level, let’s just do level one piranha. And we’re gonna do 20 piranha. You know what, let’s go slow motion too. So I can slow down, yeah, if you look in the bottom left, slow motion is at 5%,
and we’ll get 20 piranha. So guys look at this, if I
hit one, it makes one piranha. If I hit two, two piranha. If I hit three, three piranha. Four? Okay, what’s one plus
two plus three plus four? I don’t know guys, I don’t have how many
piranha we got, but yeah. And if I hit zero it just
makes a million of ’em. So yeah, we’re in slow motion. That looks like almost 20. Maybe that’s 20 piranha. So guys we got 20 piranha or more. And we’re gonna put it
up against a giant zebra. So the zebra is 58, so I gotta press the
bracket over and over. The zebra’s 58, I kinda wish I could
just put in the numbers but I don’t think that’s possible. I think we’re just lucky
that we have this mod. It’s just amazing. So the zebra’s gonna be level 30, it’s gonna be a big zebra. He might swallow ’em all whole, but let’s just see what happens. So a big, giant zebra
versus all these piranha. And whooo, here we go. Guys, it’s our first battle in 3, 2, 1. And go, and go. Get ’em, piranha, you must attack. So here’s another thing guys, like. Ooh, are they gonna attack? Here’s another thing. Oh my goodness, they’re going in. Uh oh, they just bounced off him (laughs) Here’s another thing. For some of these
battles, it’s gonna work. Sometimes it’s not. Like, okay, are they
gonna go after anything? Like, maybe he’s too big. Sometimes the fish, they
don’t go after each other. Okay, let’s slow it down, guys. You know it’s our first time doing this, so we gotta work out the kinks. So maybe it’s the fact that the
zebra is like a docile fish? So let’s put him right
in the middle of ’em and here we go, here we go. Fight ’em. Dude, you’re piranha! Piranhas should attack, they’re
just bouncing off of him. Maybe ’cause the zebra are nice. (laughs) Maybe ’cause they’re nice. Well, let’s get a predator in here. What would be a good predator, guys? Let’s look through. Salmon, salmon might be good predator. Let’s do a little 15 salmon. Okay that’s a big salmon, and attack! Dude they’re both river! They’re both river creatures,
piranha and salmon. Uh oh, salmon’s going after the zebra. Okay, dude, the zebra just swallowed ’em. Okay, well now we’re gettin’ something. Now we’re gettin’ somewhere. So we got a level 15 zebra
versus level 15 salmon. Okay zebra lost it first
guys this is gonna be tough. This is gonna be tough. You know what’s gonna be easier, the pack hunters like, raptors and bibos. Let’s see if I can find
the raptor or bibos. ‘Cause you get one of those guys mad then you’re gonna have to
deal with the whole crew. Okay so we’ll do power level 3, and let’s do 9, 18 and 27. And here we go. Oh, now we’re talkin’. Yes, yes, that’s level 15 salmon going up against those raptors, Dude, he’s got no chance. Let’s go slow motion. Let’s go slow motion. Okay, dude, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. That’s what I wanted the
piranha to do to the zebra fish. Okay, here we go
(laughing) he’s panickin’. The zebra’s like panickin’, but you know if he can just turn around I think he could get those guys. He’s tryin’, he’s tryin’ to turn around. Dude, he doesn’t stand a chance. Oh, they let him go. Why’d they let him go? They had him. I guess maybe he just had too much health. So guys, this is actually something I’ve been wanting to do
for a while, like I said. Like, the first time I
wanted to do this was when they made the new, oh, are they attacking? No he’s just swum on ’em. But when they first made
the servers available where you can pick which fish spawn in, I tried to do it, but for whatever reason the
predators weren’t spawning in, so it just didn’t work. But now that we got this
mod from Azza Forty Six, it’s workin’ so you know what, we might actually have to play
at some of these giant fish, to get some battles going. Okay, what was my next one? Oh, I wanted to do jellyfish
versus ichthyosaurus. Okay, guys, let’s pick
a different location. We’ll pick a different location, we’ll get a bunch of
jellyfish vs the ichthyosaurus and you know what, we might have to experiment with the, with that power level. Okay, so we’ll get some jellyfish. We’ll do like level 5. Level 5 jellyfish and jellyfish is 12. Okay guys, let’s get a bunch of ’em. If you just hold (laughing),
just hold down zero, it spawns in a ton of ’em. Oh, look at all those jellyfish. That looks so cool. Okay, we’re slowin’ it down, (laughing) slowin’ it down. Dude, look at those jellyfish. Okay we’re putting ’em up
against an ichthyosaurus. And let’s go level 10. Level 10 ichthyosaurus
versus a bunch of jellyfish. In 3, 2, 1, go. 3, 2, 1, go. And go for it, please, please attack. They’re goin’ for him. They’re swimming the right way. Is he gonna go for them? Uh oh, we might just
have to start shootin’ stuff at these guys. Oh, okay, there we go. He’s swimmin’ right through ’em. He’s swimmin’ through the jellyfish. You know we actually can’t see the damage. That is kinda tough, like when we’re playing
we can see the damage, but when we’re in spectator
mode we can’t really see. Dude, he does look like
he’s having a hard time. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe
they did do some damage. Dude, okay, he’s going back down. He’s glitchin’. Guys what is going on
with this ichthyosaurus? Is he actin’ weird? Okay, so guys let’s mess with his power. So, power is at 1. If we put power at 10, this changes the speed
that they shoot out of us. So, this is at power 10, whoops, that’s a penguin. (laughing) That’s a penguin. We’re going jellyfish. Okay, so that’s not that fast. Let’s increase the power a
little bit more to, like, 30. And shoot ’em. Shoot ’em, dude. That’s cool, that’s really cool. Okay, shoot ’em with, oh, he’s gettin’ mad. He’s gettin’ mad. The jellyfish are becoming a problem. And keep shootin’em. Guys, this is crazy. Oh, he’s bitin’, he’s
bitin’ the jellyfish. Keep hittin’ him. Guys, this is a level 5. Let’s bump it up. Let’s do like level 10. Level 10 jellyfish. Shoot him, shoot him. Oh, we got ’em. Look at (laughing), look at his mouth. Guys did you see his mouth? I wonder is this breaks the meat. I think it does. I think it does break
the meat a little bit. You know what, let’s shoot ’em down. (laughing) Guys, this is gettin’ crazy. Look at all those jellyfish. Dude, that is a very dangerous ocean. Guys, if you’re ever at the ocean and you see a bunch of
jellyfish like this, don’t go in. (laughing) Don’t go in. Okay, guys, things are gettin’
a little more interesting. (laughing) Look at all these jellyfish. Okay, let’s just spawn something in here and see if it survives. What do we wanna do? Colossal crab, mahi-mahi baby at level 5 and we’ll bring the power level
down to like 2 or something. Down to 1 and here we go. Mahi-mahi baby. Let’s see how well you survive. Wait, I wonder is it still gonna be a baby if it’s, like, a high level? Oh my goodness it stays as a baby. Guys, that’s crazy. And they’re just swimming
in the jellyfish. How is that possible? He’s just swimming in the
jellyfish like it’s no problem. How is that possible? (laughing) Dude, the colossal crab
wants to eat some of these. Okay, I though since it’s a baby, you get it to level 30
it’ll turn into an adult. That’s pretty cool. Are you gonna attack the sea turtle baby? They’re friends. Guys, this is tough. I really was hoping more of these fish would
like attack each other. I think we’re just gonna
have to be selective. I think we’re just gonna have to pick really aggressive fish
to go after each other. Okay, guys, I think I might
have a matchup that’ll work. Dude, let’s get great
white sharks in here. You’re not gonna see a great
white shark pass up a meal. So, we’re gonna do level
1 great white sharks. We’re gonna do like 1, 2, 3, 4. So I hit 9 four times so we
got like 45 great white sharks and guys let’s put it up
against the brand new squid. Guys, we haven’t played as this thing yet, but I wanna see it. I wanna see the squid. It’s huge and we’re gonna
make it even bigger. We’re going level 30. Level 30 squid. Here we go. Dude that thing’s huge. (laughing) Here’s a battle. Now this is a battle I
could get excited about. Okay and attack. Attack, oh, he’s yes, oh, what happened to his tentacles? I think he got one. Guys he, oh, he got one. Oh no, great white shark
is rippin’ into him. Dude, he’s goin’ crazy. Okay we’re at 35 percent speed. Dude, the great white sharks, they might just be too much for him. He might not be big enough. Look at those tentacles. I don’t think he’s big enough. Yeah, he’s not big enough. Okay, guys I’ll slow it down. That was level 30. Let’s go level 50? I don’t know, man that’ll
probably be to small. They took him out easy. There was, like, a few of ’em. Let’s do level 70. Level 70 squid. Oh, ya think you’re tough ’cause you ate a level
30 squid or somethin’? Let’s see how you do against level 70. Okay, here we go. Guys and 3, 2, 1 go. Dude, look at that animation. What is he doing? Oh, he is getting ’em. Oh my goodness. Guys, he’s getting ’em. He’s gettin’ the great white sharks. Although when they latch on, he’s going in circles. This is what I’m talkin’ about. Guys, this is what I’m talkin’ about. This is why I wanted to do it. Get some actual battles going. Oh my goodness, dude. They’re latching on. They’re starting to latch on. They’re gettin’ him in the eyeball. They’re gettin’ him in the mouth. Dude, look at that mouth. Look at those teeth. Let’s go right inside. (laughing) Guys, guys are you kiddin’ me? Is he dead? He looks kinda dead. Okay, level 70 was still no match although he did get some of ’em. Level 70 was still no match. Maybe we need to go level 100. Okay let’s pick a fresh new spot. We’re going level 100 giant squid and we’ll do like, I don’t know, maybe 30 great white sharks. Oh, he just came in and swallowed that. Whoops, we gotta go slow motion. Bring the slow motion down. And let’s get these great
white sharks in here. Here we go. 1, 2 and 3. That’s 27 great white sharks. Oh, they’re level 100. Uh oh, guys, I got a
bad feeling about this. I got a bad feeling about this. Okay, well that’s what happens when you do 30 level
100 great white sharks. Guys, the whole map, it’s
full of great white sharks. And they’re all level 100. Uh oh, you know what let’s get outta here. (laughing) Let’s get outta here and pick a new spot. I forgot to, that’s the thing, I’m gonna forget to change
the levels from time to time. So let’s go over here now. Okay, we’re back over here and I’m gonna remember this time. Okay guys, we got our great white sharks and let’s do level 200. 200 for this squid. A level 200 squid versus
30 great white sharks. Whoa, where’s the squid going? Squid is flying. Squid is flying. He’s flying, he’s flapping his wings. Why is he flying? Where ya going? Whoops (laughing), okay. Let’s bring him here. Guys, that was kinda crazy. Okay, yes, he’s going in. He’s going in. Guys, oh he’s just swallowing ’em. Oh, that’s what happens. He’s just swallowing ’em whole. I guess that makes sense. Dude, this is crazy. Look at him rotating
around his body and stuff. Guys, this squid, this
would be fun to play as. Maybe we should mess
with him a little bit. Dude, look at how his body
like rotates like that. And can you believe when
he was like flying away. Okay, I love this squid, we’re gonna have to play as him, but really quick guys. I had a crazy idea. So we got all these great white sharks, but I got another idea. I got another idea for the giant squid. What if we put him up against, I don’t know, like 100 vampire leeches? Guys, I loved the vampire
leeches so much last video, seemed like you guys loved it too. What if we did 100 vampire
leeches against this giant squid. I think that’d be pretty crazy. Let’s do it. Okay, let’s have ’em, we
can’t have ’em level 1, ’cause they’re just too small. So let’s have ’em at like, level 20. And let’s see what happens. Guys, we’re in slow motion and we’re goin’ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, oh, whoa, that’s level 20, he’s just sucking ’em all up. Uh oh, he’s just sucking ’em all up and it’s making him bigger. Okay, we need to have ’em
over here a little more maybe. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, okay, that’s gotta be 100. That’s gotta be 100. Guys look at all those vampire leeches. Okay, they’re gonna go for him right? Guys, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Vampire leeches, attack. Attack, guys, they’re going inside of him. They’re attacking, whoa, uh oh. Game is kinda freezing. Oh boy, (laughing) dude, what’s happening right now? I actually don’t know what’s happening because the game is freezing. Maybe I should put it back in
slow motion again, if I can. Dude that might’ve crashed the game. Oh, yes, I see a bunch of vampire leeches and I see a great white shark. Where’s the squid? Where’s the squid? Okay we’re back. These vampire leeches
are kinda going crazy. Look at those teeth. Why are they going so crazy? They’re wiggling like
I’ve never seen before. And looks like the squid is fine. Now guys, the thing
with the vampire leech, if you remember from last video, they technically don’t do
any damage when they bite, but they do suck the life out of whatever they’re going after. Okay guys, let’s try it again. This is probably a bad idea. This is probably a bad idea. Okay, he’s just sucking ’em right up. As soon as they come in. Uh oh, so okay. It seems like if I hit escape and then get back in,
then it gets fixed again. That’s how we do it. Okay we spawn ’em all in, then we’ll press escape,
then we’ll get back in. (laughing) Maybe, okay, let’s bring
the slow motion down and spawn ’em in, like this and hopefully, hopefully they latch on without him swallowing. I’m putting ’em like inside of him. Guys, I just want these
things to go crazy on him. Go crazy on that squid. Take him down. Take him down a notch why don’t ya. Yes, yes, we got vampire
leeches all over the place and we’re going slow motion and here we go. Latch on, latch on. Dude, they’re puttin’ some scrapes in, oh, he just sucked ’em all up. Okay, dude, you can see though, you can see the bite marks, you can see some leech bite marks. I think he’s just too big. Maybe we’ll make him a little smaller. Okay, how about level 100. That one was level 200. We’ll go level 100 and make
sure we’re in slow motion. Level 100 and we’re doing, I
think I liked the level, where were we, level 20
with the vampire leech? I like that level. Let’s get some vampire
leeches on this guy. And 3, 2, 1 and here we go. Here we go. We got vampire leeches. We got a giant squid. And here we go. Yeah, I think that’s about 100. I think that’s about 100. Guys look at all those teeth. Dude, look at all those teeth. Some of ’em are inside of him, some of ’em are just about to land on him. Okay, let’s pick up
the speed a little bit. We’re going 35% speed. Latch on, uh oh. See this is when problems happen. When he starts spinning around (laughing) Dude, this is when problems happen. Okay, we’re gonna hit escape. Hopefully that’ll help things, uh oh. Okay, whoa, did he just
swallow all of ’em? Okay, ya think you’re tough? Okay, he thinks he’s pretty tough. He thinks he’s pretty tough
swallowing these guys. Let’s see how you do against level 30. Level 30 vampire leeches. That’s right, level 30
vampire leeches all over ya. Just like this, and just like this. (laughing) Guys, here we go. You can’t swallow these guys. Oh my goodness. Okay, latch on boys, latch on. I’m rootin’ for ya. I’m rootin’ for ya my leech friends. Get him, yes. They’re biting, they’re attacking. There’s blood everywhere. This is what we need. This is what we need. Here we go. This is the battle I’ve been waitin’ for. Dude, his mouth is ready. Okay, whenever his tentacles are like that I think that means he’s got one. Oh, he’s got one but
they’re still fightin’ back. Okay, let’s bring it up to 100% speed. Okay, they just, are you gonna attack? Uh oh, what’s up with his tentacles? He’s running away. Is he running away? He’s scared, okay guys. This is what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna play as a giant squid and let’s see if I can
take these guys out. Dude, that’s gonna be pretty interesting. Okay guys, let’s just do it. Let’s do it. This gonna be our first time
playing as the giant squid and we’re probably gonna start off, we’re just gonna start off at level 1 and here we go guys. We’re playing as the squid. He’s got no abilities. Damage is 1. His damage is only 1? Okay, oh, okay, oh, I’m next to the raptors. Uh oh, let’s get outta here. Dude, you know what, let’s
level up a little bit. Level up, oh, level 69. (laughing) Level up a little bit, level 80. And where are those vampire leeches. Guys, this is hard to navigate. It’s kinda hard to navigate. Wait, this isn’t working out so well. Okay, another thing in this mod, they made it to where you can like, oooh, am I makin’ it? Guys, I’m makin’ it. Okay you know what, let’s zoom out. Wow, look at that view. Another thing this mod, you
can infinitely zoom out, which is really nice especially
when you get really big, but when you’re zoomed in too much, yeah, it doesn’t really work out. Okay, here we go. You see all those vampire
leeches, they’re mine. They’re mine, so I’m level 80, but I only have 155 health. Okay, here we go. Let’s just go for it. Give me that leech. Give me that leech. Oh, I got him. Whoa, oh, okay, they’re bitin’ onto me. They’re stealing my health. Oh my goodness, that’s how they get you. My health is going down. That’s how they get you. It technically isn’t doing
damage but in a way it is. Guys, what is up with these tentacles. (laughing) But in a way it is doing damage because your health is going down ’cause they’re stealing the life outta ya. Guys, this is a really
difficult thing to play as. So every time you bite, it
pushes you back, I think. Dude, I don’t know what’s
going on with this squid, but, I can’t, what’s happening? Guys, the squid, squid is stuck? Uh, Squidward, uh Squidward. Squidward’s stuck. Guys, this is one of the craziest videos we’ve had in a while. (laughing) What is this thing? Okay, so I think it’s D plus U, or D plus X, yeah. D plus X to instantly kill yourself. Okay, let’s get back there, just level 1. Okay, well let’s start
off by eatin’ this food. Can I just swallow this food? Can I swallow it? How ’bout biting it? Bite it, bite the food And yeah, that’s not working out so well. Okay guys, let’s try this again. Where are those leeches? There they are. Dude, look at him. Look at this squid ready for action. Okay, we’re only level 1, so this could be a little rough. This could be a little rough, but maybe, maybe we won’t
get glitched this time. Okay, here we go. Get these leeches. Get these leeches. Yes, yes, okay guys, I’m telling you the squid, he’s not easy. He’s not easy to use, wow, especially against these leeches. (laughing) So this is probably why they
haven’t released the leeches or the squid yet. Like, they’re probably
still workin’ on ’em. I can’t believe it only does 1 damage. But yeah, they’re probably
still working on the leeches. They’re probably still
working on the squid. Technically they haven’t released ’em. I’m only able to play
as them because the mod, but either way, it’s fun messing with ’em. Dude, look at me. They destroyed me. I’m all scratched up and my tentacles are off to the side. Okay, as far as the battle though, I think the squid won ’cause
he just kept swallowing ’em. The leeches never got a squid. The leeches never took
any of the squids out, so I’m giving the victory to the squid. Okay, well guys, this was pretty crazy. Let me know if you like
this, if you wanna see more and definitely let me know in the comments some of the matchups you wanna see and if you did miss last video where we play as the vampire leech, I highly recommend checkin’ it out. Also guys, if you’re not watching my Tasty Planet forever series guys, you gotta watch it. The game just came out. It’s just like Tasty Blue. It’s made from the same creators, but you can play as a
cat, an octopus, a bee, just a ton of different stuff. So definitely check it
out if you missed it guys. I really hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ll see you guys in the
next Feed and Grow Fish. (upbeat instrumental music) That was the moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing is
gonna expl (explosion), oh Oh my goodness it’s a pungence gun. Oh, it turns everyone to pungence. No, no he got me. I’m popping ’em all, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in.

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