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GIANT T-REX FISH vs 150 SNAKE FISH – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 120 | Pungence

GIANT T-REX FISH vs 150 SNAKE FISH – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 120 | Pungence

– Oh my goodness! Snickers, shake. They’re going crazy on him. Whoa! You gotta be kidding me. That was seriously an explosion. (bubbles gurgle) Guys, I got something
special for you today. So, today, we’re gonna
be taking the Bonrex, basically the T-Rex of fish (Bonrex roars) and we’re putting him up
against a bunch of green morays, which is basically like a
snake looking kind of fish. (dramatic music) It’s more like an eel, but it
kind of looks like a snake. But guys, we got some
crazy match-ups today. Also, we got some match-ups from you guys and I gotta let you know these match-ups are actually gonna work. Guys, sometimes I do
these fish battle videos and the match-ups don’t
really work so well, but I tested them. I tested them and they’re gonna work and they’re gonna be crazy. So guys, definitely watch
to the end of the video, but first, I have an announcement to make. Guys, a lot of you
already know this secret. But, if you don’t already know, you can see my videos as
soon as they’re released if you just hit the subscribe button and then hit the bell for notifications. So, if you do that and I upload a video, you’ll get something to
pop up on your phone, or tablet, or whatever, and it’ll say I uploaded a video and if you’ve done that before, we usually say you’re in
the Notification Squad, but guys, I feel like a lot of people call it the Notification Squad and I wanted something unique, a name that we can call our own. So guys, I put up a poll on my channel. I put up a community post with a poll and I just left it up to you guys. So, I asked do you like the
Notification Association? Do you like the Early Birds? Or do you like the Pungymeisters? And guys, the Pungymeisters went crazy. So guys, it’s official. If you want to be a Pungymeister, all you gotta do is hit that
subscribe button, hit the bell, and you’re in the Pungymeisters, if you have what it takes. Okay, guys. Let’s get our first battle going and this one was actually from you guys. This was from Liam T. Liam T. wanted to see a bunch of bibos. He just left it up to me. A bunch of bibos versus
a great white shark. So guys, this one, this one’s gonna be up in the
air with how well it works. The other ones seemed
to work a little better. So we’ll give it a try. Oh, you know what. Let’s show the great white shark first. Great white shark is 110. But yeah, you have a little
advantage if you see my video as soon as it goes up,
because I usually respond to as many comments as possible
as soon as my video goes up within the first hour. So if you see my video
as soon as it goes up, and you comment, I’m more
likely to see it and respond. Also guys, another thing
about YouTube that I learned is the more you comment on my videos, the more consistently
you comment on my videos, the higher up they’re gonna be. If you ever wondered like,
“Hey, why is my comment so low?” The more consistently
you comment on my videos, the higher it will rank. I can think about some people right now, like Shadowdragon and Gsara. I see them on probably every video. I think they leave a comment
on every one of my videos, and because of that,
(bomb explodes) they’re almost at the top every time. Okay, dude we’ve got a bunch of bibos. These are big! These are level 24 bibos,
and that great white shark he was like level 80, maybe. Okay guys, this is our first battle. This is our first battle. Those bibos are taking him out. Yeah, maybe they’re a little too big. Maybe they’re a little too big. Hey, but this is what Liam wanted, a bunch of bibos versus
a great white shark, and we’re bringing up the speed. Dude, the great white
shark is still alive. Is he gonna take these guys out? Oh! He took out that bibos in one bite. (laughs) Okay. He’s going for more. He’s going for more bibos. Dude, they’re one bite. They’re one bite kills. Dude, if they work together, if they work together,
I bet they can get him. But dude, they separated. That’s the problem. When I tested this out,
the bibos actually won. So the great white shark
might actually win this one. But yeah, that’s the thing guys, some of the other ones that
I tested worked really well. This one, it was a little up in the air. Dude, the bibos they’re getting wrecked. They’re big though. They’re level 24. Yeah, I don’t think they’re
gonna make it out of here alive. They’re not making it out of here alive. Also guys, I’m kinda glad
we went with Pungymeisters, because it’s just (upbeat music)
a fun word to say too. And something about me is
that I love saying fun words like a bip-boppity-billion
ga-jiggity-gillion, and actually, speaking
of bip-boppity-billion ga-jiggity-gillion,
let’s see if we can get that many likes on this video. I’m sure we can get a bip-boppity-billion ga-jiggity-gillion likes. Okay, I think that’s the last bibo. Okay, great white shark won it, and dude, that wasn’t a bad battle. The bibos, some of ’em were fighting back, but I think they got a little scared. Okay guys, these next match
ups are gonna be pretty crazy, pretty exciting. So, buckle up your seat
belts if you got any. Okay guys, we’re talking
a kronosaurus, level 250. A level 250 kronosaurus,
look at that mouth. His mouth is so stinking big. Look at that jaw, and we’re gonna be putting him up against a bunch of blacktip sharks. They’re gonna be a little smaller, but they’re gonna be
big for blacktip sharks. Okay, and let’s get 50
of these guys in here. Okay, there’s 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. 50 blacktip sharks, guys here we go. Here we go! Also, huge shout out to
Aza46 for making these mods. There’s a link in the description if you want to check out
some of his other mods. Okay guys, here we go. Look at these blacktip
sharks versus kronosaurus. That’s a lot of blacktip sharks. Okay, now another thing about this mod. Everything is super agro. So everything wants to fight everything. So some of the blacktip sharks are actually gonna fight each other, but when I tested this out, they actually ended up
fighting the kronosaurus too. Okay, so this one’s latched on. He’s the first one to latch on. Kronosaurus is a little mad. We’ll speed it up. We’ll speed it up to normal speed. (laughs) The kronosaurus can’t do anything. Dude, he’s turning around though. He’s turning around. Okay, I think the other
sharks are too far. Let’s just respawn ’em in. I think I spawned ’em in too far. Okay, let’s do it like this. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. They’re all on him, and here we go. Here we go. Dude, look at what we’re lookin’ at. These blacktip sharks,
they’re blood thirsty. Okay, he already got one of them. That one got destroyed. Okay dude, we’re getting,
there’s another one. One, two, dude the blacktip
sharks are starting to go crazy. Uh-oh! It’s lagging, whoa! They got him. Oh my goodness guys, that
almost lagged out the game. Guys the blacktip sharks actually got him. That was a level 250 kronosaurus. Okay, I kinda want to see it again. So these were the blacktip
sharks from before. Let’s just spawn him right
in the middle of ’em. And so he’s right in the middle. Dude, they’re going crazy on him. Whoa! They took him out so fast. Oh my goodness! Guys, the blacktip sharks went flying. Guys, they’re all flying. You gotta be kidding me. That was seriously an explosion. It was a fish explosion. It was a fish-plosion. Is that a word? (laughs) I don’t know if that’s a word. Okay, that kronosaurus,
that was a little smaller. Let’s try one more, and this
time we’re going level 300. This is probably gonna break the game. That’s probably gonna break the game. (laughs) Okay, so we got
some blacktip sharks. Dude, he got that one. Yeah, that’s a big kronosaurus. Uh-oh. Blacktip sharks might not
be going for this guy. That one is. That one is. Dude, the blacktip sharks, they do have that rip apart ability too. Okay, we’re going. Uh-oh. His neck is kind of flailing around. Okay, now we got some more. Oh! Dude. (laughs) It’s the same thing every time. They just keep exploding. Okay, that’s pretty amazing. Alright guys, before we
do this next match up, I actually had a crazy idea. So yesterday, I was watching
my parents dog Snickers, and I was like, “You know what, “it’d be fun to do a little recording.” So I just did some random recording. I thought it would be fun
to just pop in a video, and I think Snickers
really wanted to say hi, and show off some of his tricks. So yeah, here’s some footage of that. (bubbles gurgle) Hi Snickers. Hi. Snick, can you show some of your tricks? Look at that dog. Guys, I’m tellin’ ya, this is a good dog. Snickers? You wanna show ’em some of your tricks? Yeah? Okay, Snickers, shake. Wow, good boy! Okay, lie down. Lie down, lie down. Good boy! Roll over, roll over. (squeals) Good boy! Wow, good job Snickers. Guys, I really love this dog. He’s just a great little dog. He used to be my brother’s. I think I’ve shown him
in some other videos. But yeah, he used to be my brother’s dog, and then my brother
gave him to my parents. My parents are out of town. So they asked if I could watch him today. Snickers, do you miss ’em? Do you miss your parents? Yeah, he misses them. Yeah guys, isn’t this kind of crazy? I just had this crazy idea to just do some random video stuff in the
middle of some of my games. So, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. Should we do more stuff like this? They’re just random mini-vlog-type stuff in our video game videos. Let me know. (bubbles gurgle) So yeah, I know it’s totally random, but I just thought it’d be fun. So like I said, let me know. Do you guys want to see more just like random clips of my real life? I don’t know. It’s just a crazy idea I had. Let me know in the comments. Okay guys, let’s get the main event going. Okay, so first off, we need a Bonrex, and let’s start off with level 250. Guys this Bonrex is seriously one of my favorite fish in the game, and we haven’t really messed with him in probably like a year or so. Okay, here we go.
(dramatic music) The Bonrex, the T-Rex
of fish at level 250! The guy is a monster, and we’re gonna be putting
him up against a bunch of these like snake looking fish, guys I’m gonna put ’em above him, because when I tested it out, it seemed like they like to swim down. I might need to bring the Bonrex down a little bit, but we’ll see. Okay dude, let’s just do a ton of them. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100! You know what, let’s make it, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150. Guys, 150 of these green
moray versus the Bonrex. Oh my goodness, dude what
are we even looking at? Okay, here they go. Dude they’re latching on. This guy’s latched on. That guy’s latched on. That guy’s latched on. Guys they are latching in to this thing. The Bonrex, the whole,
he’s opening his mouth. He’s swallowing ’em. He’s swallowing ’em whole. Guys the Bonrex, I feel like he’s made out of just bones or something, but it does look like
they’re drawing blood. Guys, they’re going for it, and you know what, let’s
check this out in slow motion, and I wanna watch it in regular speed too. Let’s make it a little faster. We’re at 20% speed. Dude, these guys, they’re
going crazy on him. I never knew the green
moray were so vicious. See this is what I’m talking about. They like to swim down. Guys, they are going crazy on this guy, and these are level 20. These are level 20 green morays
versus a level 250 Bonrex. Oh, dude he just
swallowed like 20 of them. Guys, this is just crazy to look at. How are we lookin’ at this right now. Okay, let’s speed it
up a little bit faster. Dude, all he has to do is turn
around and start swallowing. There they go. There they go. Wow. They just disappeared. Some of these guys are
still on him though. Some of these guys in the
back, they’re still attacking. Dude they’re still biting in. That’s a lot of blood. I don’t know how much health this guy has, but we might need to try it
again with some bigger ones. Dude there’s still some left. It’s gonna be tough, but I don’t
think they can pull it off. Guys, they’re retreating. They’re retreating. The Bonrex won. Is he going in for the final blow? He’s gonna let them go.
(happy music) There’s like seven left out of like 150. Oh my goodness, guys I totally
forgot about this area. Dude, look at this. It’s pretty much a stadium. Okay, I wish I could have
all the fish just stay put so that we could have
some in the audience, but this is perfect. It’s like a coliseum. Look at that little santa crab. Guys, if you missed last
video, we actually played as this santa the red nosed reindeer crab, and we put him up against a vampire leech. That one actually didn’t
go out to subscribers. So if you missed that video, I’ll put a link at the end of this one. Okay guys, just for the sake
of the size of the arena, we’re gonna do a small battle. This is only a level 50 Bonrex, and it’s only level two green moray, but just for the sake of the arena. It’s like the perfect size for this arena. Let’s see what happens,
and we’ll go full speed. We’ll go full speed. Green ray, dude, look
at all those bubbles. Green moray versus the Bonrex. Bonrex is going crazy. He’s swallowing them whole, as usual. (laughs) Okay, guys he’s pretty much
just annihilating them. They can’t hang with him, but they are making a lot of bubbles. Oh, the santa crab, he
just ate the santa crab. Okay, he just ate all those green moray, but guys, I wanna see a huge one. Okay, and let’s make the
green moray a little bigger. So we’re doing level 70. So this is gonna be a bunch of level 70. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 100 level 70 green moray
verus this level 400 Bonrex. Hey guys, we gotta watch
it in regular speed. Well at least faster. We’ll start off at 35%. Dude look at this battle. This is just a crazy sight. Guys, I can’t believe
what we’re lookin’ at. Oh! He can still swallow them? How is that possible? How is that possible that he
can still swallow these guys. Okay, we’re at normal speed. Dude, he just swallowed ’em instantly. Okay, I think we gotta make ’em bigger. Let’s do level 100. Level 100 green moray. He shouldn’t be able
to swallow these guys. Although, if he had the devour
ability, he’d be able to, but I don’t think he has that ability. Okay guys, this is level 100 green morays. He’s still swallowing ’em. Maybe, he has that ability. I didn’t think so though (laughs). Dude, look at this. Guys, it’s kinda hard to see
with all these green moray. Oh look at the tuna. The tuna came to watch. Dude, I can’t believe he can
swallow those guys whole. There’s a close up look at his nostrils. (laughs) Okay, he can swallow these guys whole? Okay, I don’t think he
can swallow level 200. (laughs) They’re almost the same size as him. If he can swallow these guys
whole, that’d be insane! Okay, here we go! Dude, he is dead meat. All they gotta do is just bite him. Okay guys, I told you
these match ups work, and this one does work,
but for whatever reason, these sizes make them
not attack each other. Okay, I wanna see at
least one more battle. So guys, for whatever reason,
these levels work really really well for them to fight each other. Okay here we go. Dude, they’re already latching on. Let’s get some on this side too. Get some on this side. Guys this is just a crazy battle. It really reminds me of
beast battle simulator when we had the snakes
up against the T-Rex. This is like as close as it gets. Dude, they’re latching on! They’re all latching on, and
he’s starting to swallow ’em. Dude, look at this guy. This guy just keeps biting into him. Guys this is just crazy. I’m so glad they have this
ability to just spectate, and I’m really grateful as a
Aza46 came up with this mod. It’s just so much fun. Okay, let’s speed it up a little bit. Dude, that’s a lot of blood. They’re starting to get him. I think they’re starting to ware him down. Dude, this Bonrex, he’s
starting to look a little tired. Okay, let’s spawn some more in. Let’s just keep spawning them in until they actually get him. This is Bonrex. He keeps winning. So let’s just keep spawning
a ton of these guys. I don’t know how many we’re at. We’re probably at 200. I probably spawned in like 200, but he gets stronger the more he swallows the more health he gets,
and he gets stronger. But dude, this is something
I can’t get sick of. Just seeing a bunch of
stuff bite into this guy. Okay, I guess he’s the
T-Rex of fish for a reason. Dude, he can’t be stopped! But guys, if you have
any ideas for match ups you want to see, let me
know in the comments, and also, like I said, if
you missed last weeks video, definitely check it out. Guys, we were playing as that santa crab, and we were trying to save Christmas. That vampire leech was like a Grinch trying to ruin Christmas. So we had to go up against him. We had to go up against a giant squid. Definitely check out that video if you missed it.
(upbeat electronic music) But guys, thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time. (bubbles gurgle) Now’s the moment of truth, let’s see if this things
gonna explode (shouts). Oh my goodness, it’s
a pung, and it’s gone! Oh, he turns everyone into pungy’s. No, no he got me. I’m popping them all. I’m trying to get out! Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in!

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