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GIANT Taco Bell Feast!! Cheese Dip! Nachos! Chalupas! Tacos! Burritos! MEXICAN PIZZA

GIANT Taco Bell Feast!! Cheese Dip! Nachos! Chalupas! Tacos! Burritos! MEXICAN PIZZA

yeah I ate a lot my butt cheeks are
sweaty hi guys welcome back I know you haven’t seen me in a while so I got this
huge Taco Bell feast um let’s see I got the chips and cheese part of a Mexican
Pete’s asking me boy has the rest of it I think this is a five layer burrito oh
we got the fiery taco and I forget what this is called a chalupa maybe so what
should I start with first first let’s start with a little appetizer chips and
cheese mmm oh god I love this like fake cheese you know I also got me a pink
lemonade that’s good that’s a big boy Taco Bell just comes through every time
they just and our Taco Bell by our house delivers
it serves alcohol so you want to get a little bell that is now an option I have
never had a Mexican Pete’s until about a couple months ago I didn’t even know
what they were but I think it’s just like beans like stuff between like two
hard shells some shit on top I’m so good I never actually had this one before
I like the nacho-cheese ones and I like that what’s the other one
the Cool Ranch never had this fiery one I hope it is a little spicy out see it’s
good I’m gonna bout spicy still good though as always talk about always a
good choice I am like sweating to death in this heat I hope you guys are
surviving with the air-conditioning right now I’m Louie trying my best not
to sweat but alright let’s go with this big guy I love about Taco Bell is that like a $7
box or whatever there guess he’s all came in that box
and I was like $7 for all this good food so sure good deal honestly you’re like
fast food was getting expensive Oh I have the Wimbledon final on the
background watching that as I take bites I used to play tennis and I get a tennis
coach my favorite sport Burger King I have to try Haley so try them I think my favorite are the Doritos
tacos is a nacho cheese one this one that’s called fiery Annie I need some
more fire for it to be called fiery I think it’s my last bite oh that ain’t
no joke it’s a la food for $7 I’m telling you if you’re on a budget Taco
Bell used to get me through my broke college
days alright guys well thank you for joining me my first video back in a long
time and I’ll be back soon with some more good food alright I have a good

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  1. Good to see you pretty Lady! No more braces yayyy! Taco Bell is my fav. Love how you enjoy your food and your nice vibes!

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