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Girl Falls Into Aquarium

Girl Falls Into Aquarium

we’re showing Parker the glass floor [Music] good morning everyone it’s our first official morning in Canada and it’s almost not morning as they’re gonna see because we are from California which is a completely different time so anyway we’re gonna go check out the CN Tower and the aquarium and stuff I’m not quite sure what but won’t you join us all right we are now at the CN Tower you can see it behind us yeah yeah we good thing it’s really cool failure covering the CN Tower so at one point this was the tallest building in the world it’s very tall still very tall even though it’s not the tallest it’s still very tall Bayley you have anything you want to say about it you can see the elevator do you want to go in the elevator is that how tall is it just that big it’s only that big yeah you’re measuring it I like your glasses you steal the house from Bailey yeah did I point out but she doesn’t have her sunglasses all right there you go you want to walk on the edge there’s a top of the entrance when you tell me to the edge walk the kids are at the window just his way back there because she is afraid of things here and on the side and on the Flores rush oh yeah we have last words my observations inside of this little beauty protocol traveling a few kilometers an hour [Music] [Music] that’s amazing take it’s a pretty cool thank God really it’s like being in an airplane it’s not a little anything in the elevator I can’t be doing that all day long up and down [Music] take it like standing on air they’re right here now take it what are you doing are you flying taking fun sorry give it can you do it Bailey are you scared yeah you have to lean off the edge of this bit yeah we’re not gonna put you out there you want to go out can you do it okay all right slowly does it it is a little unnerving this mama gonna do it oh girl mommy I am shocked I’m feeling green so we’re showing Parker the glass floor what do you think of at the outside observation thing you mentally look here because the wind factor it’s kind of loud but we’re outside this is where you really feel where you are because you’re up here you’re swaying 14 stories and then we walk down one so what is that math so we’re on a very unlucky 113th story of those buildings I think maybe maybe they drop maybe they don’t count the 13th floor like in Vegas maybe it’s bigger like the ground floor like the elevators started even though anyway we’re very high up right now get some fun we’re on the tippy top actually we’re closer to the middle than the top we’re at the Breathitt highest we’re gonna go what we can go another floor up you want to go another floor up you would go a lot of closer yeah you got $12 to burn Oh invisible money that’s their favorite kind here in Canada so I think it’s a little too much for Jessica she’s over here in the corner of reading all buyers are you also had a really good in I don’t want to take the kids away from it because they’re like totally tap dancing on glass over there but I just need to take a break okay we left Jessica down at the observation deck we’re going up into the sky pod right now we just took an elevator another 30 floors out and now we’re gonna check out what the sky pod 33 excuse me oh my goodness we got fact checking Bailey over here check it back so you see see this circle right there that’s the top of where we were a second ago and those people you see the people you see these people in the or the red jumpsuits right here they’re doing the the edge walk these people are crazy crazy people you still want to do that Bailey yeah crazy person and now now we’re in a cloud can’t see anything not nope clear day we’re in a cloud hey Bailey did you see the sign and apparently Bailey was telling me what can you see on a clear day New York and Niagara Falls New York and Niagara Falls from up here eight seconds to get to the ground traveling at the same speed you came up 22 kilometers are 30 miles per hour we are facing the southeast view of Toronto it’s made of nigga that’s even tall made out of Legos yeah yeah I can’t even see the top of it I’ll try it I’m trying to see it hold on let’s see whoa Jessica asked on Twitter what we should do what we’re in Canada and a whole bunch of people said that we should try to importance which is a coffee place I haven’t ever had it and I’m looking forward to trying it and we passed a couple in the car but we couldn’t stop and I haven’t been able to find one sense now that we’re at pedestrian status I figured we’d look for one and find it and we can’t find one so I know we’re challenging ourselves so we’re not looking it up on our phone we’re looking I can’t wait to try it I’m gonna try it the car you are not trying coffee what are you thinking right there clearly we’re at the aquarium now they say that you need at least two hours to do this aquarium we’re doing it in an hour and a half because they’re gonna close pickups out so let’s do it in Canada you’ll see one of these Lake Ontario look at this guy right there look at how big this crab is over here it’s a very big one oh yeah that guy that’s a big one you see him getting hungry just getting pretty hungry look at that guy [Music] like only music that fleshie see pens each one is really a colony and have up to 40,000 tiny creatures called polyps yeah it’s so cool [Music] [Music] [Music] I had no idea these were that big whoa and I’m cut through the water [Music] so I sent Bailey through the kids crawl shark tank with our other cameras we’ll see what she crawl it’s really getting exciting egg here it’s amazing look at all these big kids crawl you’re gonna crawl [Music] no Jacob women [Music] it’s fine oh you guys writers peanuts and camera they are very old they’ve been around for a long time they’re older than the dinosaurs look it look it it’s legs poking out down the bottom there so well protected [Music] you keeping them all out no don’t let him don’t fall in that small ones coming put your hand in a minute you touched him you didn’t touch him this guy’s come in you didn’t touch him have you touched one yet no here we go here we go so what just happened Bailey almost but you look if you fell in your hair is wet you’re soaking wet okay we’re leaving the aquarium now and yeah what makes you think you’re ready for a pool let’s see that again all right we’re back at our hotel and we had kind of given up going to Tim Hortons because we couldn’t find one and then as we were pulling into our hotel we realized there’s a Tim Hortons right there so we walked over we’ve gone on some Tim Hortons and the kids got these little guys in here these in America are called donut holes here they’re called Tim Tim water than Tim it’s Tim bits they call them Tim bits here they’re donut holes in America but here Tim bits so to embrace Canada and the Canadian experience I got some Tim bits and the kids are gonna eat them they chose out their flavors what play where did you get Jacob what flavor did you get honey dipped okay really once you grab yours out of there since you were so patient about it let’s see you eat yours first I take a little bite don’t get any hair in there you’re just gonna lick it how does it taste let’s see you’re gonna lick yours too we’re gonna be here awhile this is us this is us embracing Canadian culture here that’s the only reason they’re using donut because we don’t normally have sugar and sweets and stuff like that so this is a big deal for them so but it’s good got to do what the locals do exactly the locos are the people that live here now you got some chocolate how is that chocolate yeah all right let’s see what all the hullabaloo is about [Music] Coffee it’s coffee it’s pretty good pretty good coffee hot so it’s hot on my hands didn’t get a sleeve for it so a little hot hi let’s talk about what we learned today we learned that if you have a fear of heights the CN Tower can be a great motivator to finally finish that book that you’ve been trying to get through we learned that sharks aren’t the most dangerous thing in the kids crawl Jacob’s foot is and finally we learned that if you can’t reach a stingray that you’re trying to pet just reach a little further because eventually you’ll be swimming with it thanks a lot for watching today tell us in the comment section down below which of our Canadian adventures was your favorite from today was it the Timbits was at the CN tower was it the aquarium let us know so that we can do more stuff like that in the future thanks for watching everybody we’ll see you next time good night everyone [Music]

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