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Give your Tires a Deep, Black Shine that Lasts a Year Long

Give your Tires a Deep, Black Shine that Lasts a Year Long

Hey guys ChrisFix here. After you clean
your car your tires have a dark, shiny, wet look that completes the look of a
freshly cleaned car. After the car dries the tire will turn gray but wouldn’t it be nice to keep it looking
deep black like this? Well actually what you see here is a new
product, by Turtle Wax, called jet black black edura-shine tire coating and in this
video I’m going to show you how to use it and give you my honest product review of it. I got this from turtle wax themselves as
part of their new line of products the jet black line. This uses a black tinted acrylic coating
compared to a silicon-based coating that you find in most tire shine products. The one thing that surprised me the most
is on the box where it says the tire shine will last up to a year. That’s
unheard of. I can’t wait a whole year to publish
this video, but I’ll keep a monthly update in the description below of how the tire product is holding up. Just for a reference, a typical tire shine
last about two months, so a whole year is amazing. So, in the box we have our foam
applicator pad, we have our tire cleaner, which will help you get your tires clean
so that you can apply the tire shine. We have endura-shine tire coat, and we
have some gloves because this stuff will stain your skin. I should also mention where this tire shine is actually made. It’s made in the United States of America which is great. So,
let’s go try this stuff out. We’re going to be working on the front
tire here. Some things that you’ll need that are not in the kit are a water
source, in this case a hose but you could use a spray bottle. Some type of brush or
sponge to rub in the tire cleaning spray, and a towel to clean off any endura-shine
product you get on the rim or a white surface such as the letters or a whitewall. And I should mention you want to apply this product when the
temperature is from 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So let’s begin. So the first step is to use this jet
black tire cleaner, which is actually really good stuff. You’re going to spray it on the tire to
cover it completely. And you’re gonna let this stuff soak in the tire for about 15 seconds. After it soaks in you’re going to get your sponge, I like using the rough end because it
agitates it really good, and you’re gonna rub in the cleaning spray. And when this turns brown that means
that you’re doing a good job and getting all that dirt out. This stuff works great,
I just cleaned my truck, and these tires are brand new, yet the cleaner got a lot of dirt off the tire. Now you’re gonna want to spray it down with the hose. Make sure you get that stuff off your
rim as well. Now we’re going to let this dry. I’m gonna let it air dry but if you want to
expedite the drying process you could use a towel. Once dry, we’re going to apply the jet
black and dura-shine tire coat. Okay, our tire is nice and dry, now we’re going to take our applicator pad, using the grooved side, and pour the tire coat on
it. And now we just wipe it on. When you go near the white walls, or the white letters in this case, or your rim, you want to be careful not to get this stuff
on it. If you do get the endura-shine on it get a damp, soapy towel right away and rub it off. It says on the box you have 30 minutes to get it off, but it’s really
tough to get off after it sits, so I try to get it off right away. Looks good. After you apply it, let dry for
10 minutes and make a decision if you want to add another layer to make it
darker. So after 10 minutes of drying it looks
really good with just one coat. If you have an older tire, maybe you’ll
need another coat, but this looks really good. I used maybe about five to ten percent of
this bottle to do four truck tires to give you an idea of how much I used. And remember these are large tires. I’m gonna drive around for a week and
let you know how it holds up. After a few hundred miles, some offroading, two rain storms and after cleaning my truck this stuff is holding up really good.
Remember, since I can’t wait a whole year to publish this video, in the description
will be a monthly update on how dark and shiny my tires are, so you’ll know
how well this stuff performs in the long run. Now let’s go over some pros and cons. For the pros: it’s easy to apply, it looks great with a deep black shine, there’s no tire sling. And from what I
could tell so far, and from what the box says, it lasts a
really long time. Way longer than a typical tire shine. For the cons: the tire
coat will stain anything that it gets on including your hands and clothes, and if
it gets on the rim, or a white lettering, or a whitewall of the tire, it can be hard to get off if you don’t
clean it off quickly. But you wanna know what? Those cons are kind of what makes this product
a good product because it really sticks to that tire and it’s really tough to come off. As a final
thought I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. And this is my
new favorite tire shine so I’ll be using this in the future. Hopefully this
video is helpful, if it was remember to give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a
subscriber, consider subscribing. Up on the screen are gonna be a couple of videos, and links to those videos will be in the description below. Also in the description are the links to the
ChrisFix facebook, and twitter pages. Remember, if you have any questions, just
to comment below, and finally if you have any products you want me to review just shoot me a message.

100 comments on “Give your Tires a Deep, Black Shine that Lasts a Year Long

  1. You start with tires, then windows, then headlamp, then wash and wax, then polish and wax, then detailing, then full blown expensive wrap, then you replace old accessories, then fck it you buy another car.

  2. The tires on my dream car need to be shined up! Here is my idea! (CLICK) Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  3. With the new Meguiar's Endurance Gel, how can I remove it if I want to apply a fresh coat/when washing the car?
    Would you still go with this tire shine or is there a new fave?

  4. I use meguiars rubber and vinyl cleaner on the tires. It lasts about a month and gives the tires a nice dewy & matte finish.

  5. Massive thanks for updating monthly. Looks like the winter season took its toll on the product, so even at that it will last all summer I put tire shine on my tires all week so I will be investing in this thanks to your video and updates. Awesome and thanks man appreciate it.

  6. The one thing I worry about when putting things on sidewalls of tires to make them shine is whatever the stuff is sucking the oil out of the tires. That's why you don't want to put stuff like Armor All on your tires.

  7. Yeah, this is not a tire shine, it's a tire COAT that is ENAMEL based. So not your not doing a shine and no its is not going to keep a shine with out the cleaning it and applying it again. Because as soon as the tires get dirty and you clean them with a brush or a spong, IT IS GOING TO COME OFF!! The stupidity here is unreal!

  8. Anybody watching this should look into Chemical Guys brand car care products. Everything I've tried from their line up is excellent. My favorite though….
    Look for the stuff called VRP. You can use it all over the car & it works great. Its water based as opposed to petroleum based. It's like having several products all in one bottle.

  9. Tape off the paint around the fender extensions and apply this stuff to the plastic fender extensions make your old truck look better

  10. Thanks for the information. Made in America, another plus. I would use painter's tape to protect any areas and rims that are exposed. July 11, 2019

  11. Maybe I'm a little OCD but I like to jack up each wheel so I don't miss a place where the tire touches the ground.

  12. How well did this hold up? Also did it effect the tires in any way? When you said it used acrylic, id imagine that would harden the tires, wouldnt it?

  13. Regular tire shine lasts a couple months? The Armorall I use "sort of" lasts between bi-weekly car washes for me!

  14. The tires on my dream car need to be a lot blacker! Need to do it! Here we go! Chris: Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  15. Love your vids Chris, Have you ever tried a product by Chemical guys called "VRP, short for Vinyl, rubber and plastic" I have been using it on tires, black plastic and recently I used it on my car doors rubber seals to stop wind noise when driving caused by the dried out seals. I am really impressed with how well it works, it really seems to replenish and bring things back to almost new.

  16. Technically it says UP TO A YEAR so if it lasts a week it's still true it just says it won't last over a year it didn't say last AT LEAST a year but still gonna try it thanks for the review and suggestion

  17. So, it DON'T last a year but, it still out last any I know of that only last few days and sling all over my truck fenders and doors.

  18. Welcome to juan tire shop ( juan by juan ima rip you people off)…Mexican used tire secret to tax you on that $25 tire $100 a piece 🚙 i tell u these are new and cheap and fit your car ,,( i hope he dont know they are sun burn dry rotted tire) …

  19. Well, I have a BMW. Hence, the rims get thickly coated with brake dust, within a week after each cleaning. What's the solution???


  20. Is this product now discontinued? It's not in stock anywhere that I can find and the turtlewax website doesn't show this product anymore.

  21. Just use
    Sugar + water put them in spray bottle… spray it on tyre.. take a sponge to sweep it..
    Shake well before use☺

  22. I’m sorry but a year long? Maybe if it’s kept in a garage and never driven. Tyres just get dirty too quickly so unless you’re this repels all dirt and grit that gets into tyres no way is this going stay shiny for 12-20000 miles

  23. One thing I always wash after I've done the wheels and tires is the wheelhouse panels. My Ford Edge's panels are black and are always splattered with whatever I drive in like mud, road grime and occasionally horse manure. I share the road with my Amish friends and what they use to power their buggies is the original horse power, a horse! A horse doesn't leave exhaust behind, it leaves what is commonly called road apples. Anyway I scrub the wheelhouse panels completely and then use some Armour All or something similar on them to keep them nice and black.

  24. I was thinking of getting this until i remembered that in the shit area i work, that would just make the tire more appealing to thieves.

  25. I bought this based on this video, and also used it all my plastic, trim & looms.

    Best thing I've ever bought. Absolutely LOVE it.

  26. I went and tried finding this; but no luck. Then I looked at the year of the video. Guess its discontinued or changed the product?

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