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Global Business Expeditions at Fisher

So “GBE” stands for Global Business
Expeditions, and these GBE programs are basically one- to two-
week global immersion programs. They’re bookended by pre- and post-
coursework but the idea is to allow Fisher students an ability to immerse
themselves in a global culture and gain additional experiential learning to
supplement the things that we teach in the classroom here at Fisher. So the students actually work on real-life situations and issues. The ones that I do
are always based on communication. So it’s a business, global, communication
kind of process where they’re going to different countries. We’ve been to
Singapore, we’ve been to Vienna and Prague. It’s the idea that we’re actually
going and looking at business problems that are real and, interestingly, working
with the companies to find out how they communicate versus how we would
communicate in the U.S. I think experiential learning is just important.
A lot of times we learn things in the classroom and, unless you can put it into
action or see it in action, it doesn’t resonate. The first GBE trip that I went
on was the Singapore trip last year and I loved my experience so much that I
knew I had to take the opportunity to travel again to Prague and Vienna. While all universities are
doing some degree of global business excursions, our
ability to do them through Fisher, and tapping into the network that is
associated with Fisher, really is second to none and it allows us to have
access to things and to see things while we’re on these global trips that other
universities can’t provide. It really seemed like our professor had
connections all over the place, and Israel’s a small enough country, but to know all
these different contacts from these big companies, some of which are massive
global companies that we were able to visit, it was really cool just getting in there
getting a first-hand look at everything. Each day we have some fun, some travel
and some business presentation. We do business presentations each day and,
either in the afternoon or the morning, we do some touring, and go and see what’s
around in the country and do that kind of stuff. Doing the GBE was one of the
top experiences of my life. Being able to travel with my
classmates and learn, but then also immerse myself in different
parts of the world, I mean, there’s nothing that can compare
to that. So absolutely do it. The reason we do this is we enjoy
being with students, we love getting the message across. And the best
thing in the world is when the students come back to you after, going,
“this is an experience I’ll never forget,” “this was the best part of my program,”
and that’s what we want to hear.

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