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Golden Rules of Kayak Fishing

Golden Rules of Kayak Fishing

This episode of kayak fishing tales is
brought to you by the ACA improving the paddle sports experience for over a
century learn more at ♪ [Opening Theme] ♪ The golden rules of kayak fishing are a
set of basic rules that all kayak anglers should follow. among other things, these rules will help
keep you safe on the water, and they’ll enhance both yours, and other angler’s outdoor experiences. The first rule is a very simple, but
valuable one. always wear a life jacket the water. Think of your life jacket like a seatbelt in your vehicle chances are you won’t need it, but
accidents happen when you least expect them to, and wearing a life jacket can
save your life. the best life jackets for kayak fishing
are ones that are designed specifically for the job, because they’re comfortable
to wear, they give your arms full range of motion for paddling and casting, and
they have lots of pockets for fishing tackle and gear that you want quick
access to. The second rule is to leave no trace, which means leaving wherever you launch and fish, cleaner than it was when you got there not only is it important to respect the
environment, but keeping our fishing grounds clean will also help keep access
to launch spots open. The third golden rule is to invest some time and learning the ‘kayaking’ part of the game. Although fishing kayaks are stable and
comfortable enough for most anyone to hop onto them and start catching fish,
learning to become a better paddler WILL make you a better angler, and on top of
that, it will keep you safer on the water. Rule number four, is simply to know the
rules and regulations of the waters you’re fishing. the fifth and final golden rule, is to
share your knowledge with others. one of the greatest things about the
kayak fishing community, is that it’s a very friendly and open community, and
most kayak anglers are happy to share the lessons or tricks they’ve learned, which enhances the outdoor experience for everyone. well I hope you found this video helpful, and
if you did please subscribe to the Kayak Fishing Tales youtube channel for lots
more tips and tricks. until next time, I’m Jeff Herman hoping you
have a safe and successful kayak fishing trip.

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  1. I just purchased a fishing kayak and a first time using a kayak and this video was very helpful. Waiting for my yak to arrive. I am using this time to learn as much as I can. Thanks!

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