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I’ve been having a blast here in Florida, but before I go home There’s just one last person that I need to go and see and you guys need to meet So while here in Florida? I just had to come by [Jenny’s] you guys know our solid gold Jenny tell us a little bit about your channel and what you do here [these] guys have to Know you so I make videos for the longest time [that] we’re all just about goldfish how to care for your goldfish What who you should see them should you have gravel should you have a bare bottom tank everything to do a goldfish? You name is was on my channel. Yeah, that’s right so first and foremost I Got to sit at the desk. Just [like] Jenny does and Hey guys It’s Jenny Hey guys, it’s Jenny welcome back once again to Solid gold You got a gecko here. I didn’t uh oh you got the bed up here I guess we could talk a little bit about the better first. I’m like you joey. I mean my fish okay They are you unique individual? Woods, what is his name? His name is Arlo Arlo You see dumbo [Halfmoon] beta or better some people like to say, but we’ve got the big pectoral fins that almost look like Elephant ears, they’re called Dumbo or elephant Ear beta cute He’s fun. A lot of personality for such a little fish yeah absolutely really clean tank. [oh] Nice, and then down low We got the geckos. She showed you earlier. Yeah, I do have a video on my channel where I introduce these guys One of them is a little more shy than the other so I’ll just take out be more Charismatic one her name is Sylvia and then her buddy in there is loose be a Pretty nice. Easy test to care for they don’t require a lot of my time. She’s a firecracker She does good a quote [girl]. They’re both girls. Yeah, it’s tough not to keep males and females together [cuz] we realize exam Since she’s got this awesome collection all kinds of stuff all [over] her desk but I was really admiring this over here all of these little figurines a Little Secret of [Mine] is I have a little collection Just like this, but I haven’t shown you guys because it reminds me of having toys, but I couldn’t have it I’ve got she’s got these all different varieties of goldfish on these clear plastic sticks and throughout the whole thing I’ve got like ancient fish like Gar and Arapaima And things like that, maybe I’ll show it to you one day Just not anytime soon when you say that about toys night I took a longer than most people my age to groans toy. It was Barbie. Just know I Would play with like the Grand Champion horses until I was like 15. Oh wow no Shame I? Get all kinds I and she hasn’t displayed so nice. [it] actually made me want to start displaying mine [she’s] [got] a skeleton [there]. She has goldfish teeth get a [cDS] goldfish to take a look again they’re actually way back in the throat of [the] fish so in the Pharynx, so they’re called Pharyngeal teeth and They only have these teeth on the bottom and on the top They just have a hard chewing surface that they grind against so their way in the back of the fish’s throat so that you’ll never Actually get bitten by them the reason I have so many is not because I’m sadistic. She works amazing. She’s like a fish dentist [it’s] actually that they’re kind of like sharks in that they they will grow [new] teeth And then when the new one is ready to come out the old one will just fall out into the aquarium [so] you just find them throughout the tank. Oh yeah, and most of my goldfish tanks are bare bottoms so they really stick out like a sore thumb that way then you get some ribs and some some scales and Totally actually normal you guys for those that have watched my live videos I’ve shown you guys my collection of Stingray barb’s and [arowana] scales. [I] mean when they fall off I feel like I got to keep them there They’re so unique and interesting especially when they dry out, and they’re they’re actually pretty educational you can learn a lot about them But all right we need to see some goldfish, so let’s get it. We have some live ones So just like myself Jenny has a little fish house out [here], but she has some really big plans for it They’re just in the making And you know a lot [of] things will change but for now. We’re going to see what she has going out on out Here you guys are going to be pretty impressed All right, jenny. I guess we should go right around the world here. You’ve got this big tank here. We’ll go right around She’s got quite a bit of tank side here far more than I thought this is the first thing that interested me What’s this all about? it’s this big awesome quart of paint really for So many fish in there innocent yeah big stock tank people always want me to do an update on this tank because I did a video where drilling it with the bottom drains, but There’s [nothing] not there yet Give me time What I want to do is move it outside And then my plan was when I was renovating this space to make it a little bit more of a finished fish room, right? Okay, that’s what all my goldfish in here possible. So they just live outside and not be you know a month Would you bury that or just no it would just be a holding tank? Yeah? Yeah, [you] got a big door that lifts off to get that in and out so some problem It’s actually not that heavy either. I was picking it up earlier. [she’d] be able to slide it out on her own Then you got the kiddie pool. Tanks. This is a these are classics I’ve seen a lot of people keep the especially rate rate keepers [that] are [quarantine] [in] their tanks [there] [for] [training] the new raised But I mean they hold a lot [of] volume and they’re very cheap each one is only about [50] dollars So what do they hold like seventy five hundred gallons? 90 gallons But they say that it’s about 90 gallons per [tank] Then it looks like this is a really economical fishes because you’re running it all on air so it’s not kind of here You can costing you too much to run but what do we got in here [beautify] my broad [til] more? [I] actually got these from a fellow Hobby at school to freder named Amy [Zhanka]. She’s very well-known in the goldfish community for producing these beautiful gorgeous long tail Blackmore’s, it’s really hard to get a good appreciation of them from the view Look at that. Table. [my] gorgeous. [slowly]. It’s called a broad field because the the edge of the tail is straight Whereas see how straight right whereas normally a goldfish tail would be really heavily forked yeah, so so they’re called broad tail mores gorgeous fish very nice but over Got a few more in here. We’ve got in here. These are my female butterfly Telesco Goldfish anyone who? Knows me knows that I love both your butterfly telescopes and the reason is when you look at them from above They have this gorgeous tail that really spreads out like the outspread wings of a butterfly Sometimes we’ve got like little ruffles in it too like this one her tail is pretty ruffled This is my tank of females This one actually just spawned a few days ago. Probably about a week ago, and I have some babies from her This is one that I read myself about two three years ago So, it’s pretty exciting to be producing babies from an adult that I actually read [yeah], absolutely Very cool, and then it’s like they’re getting bigger and bigger Like it’s [really] difficult to show you guys how big these guys are but man They’re huge look at the pictures in [your] hand. It’s a pretty picture [and] this [lisa], [so] these are my nails This is probably my biggest butterfly telescope that I have right now Really cool color Pattern with the black and red yeah, but unfortunately the black usually goes away This fish used to be all black [it] used to be all black. Yeah. Oh, no slowly slowly the black started creeping up the sides and To the point where it is now where it’s just black on the [edges] [of] the [pens] It looks really pretty as is is [it] going to lose [that] black completely I do think so sometimes they’ll stay like this For a number of years turn completely orange right consensus even some white orange or white pattern under there? But he has things getting progressively less black on it. I think he’s going to go all orange This is my my favorite. I do play favorites. This is clyde. He was kind of my mascot in my fishroom He actually that’s the one that some I know you get a coloring of him Or is that the one that’s also the stuffed animal in there yes, yeah Yeah, that’s him. [he] used to be a panda which means black and white [anywhere], you see on his body. That would fit is red now used to be black Brewis yeah, he was almost all black with just like a white belly and a white face so as it [happens] It’s called the Melon ization Pretty much all goldfish have it be [Millon] izing gene which means the black color will go away the Melanin will go away Some goldfish it happens when they’re fried. That’s why they’ll have a bright color in there Just kind of like a dark brownish green right, and then [they’d] be melon eyes. They’re adult color Which is usually red and white or red white? Some goldfish to see melon eyes later in life. So that’s what happens bananas [and] then some like talked out here They just stay black from the whole life And it’s really hard when you have a young fish this black to know if they’re going to stay that color or not over time There’s really no way to know unless you know those the lineage and the parents parentage of that fish He keeps going he’s gone. [we] guys see these other ones over tell me what we’re getting to here soon He’s so big what are these guys these are ecology games. They are one of my newest additions to my fishroom I? Used to have only butterfly telescopes, and then I did start branching out and getting [some] other types These guys are a bit harder to catch. Yeah, they [looked] more they looked a morsel like the common goal page I have like that longer body But their tail is really what sets them apart? [it’s] really the unique feature in this fish [it] supposed to resemble like an x shape, especially when [viewed] from behind Okay, I could see it spreads out kind of on a horizontal plane Or perpendicular to the body of the fish some of these aren’t quite as good as examples of it Like you know the field is kind of pinched on these ones through that this one has a better spread on its tail I’m sure [Esther] And they’re really known for the color pattern too Which is mostly white this one has the best color pattern compared found as far as what? They’re supposed to have but most of the all-white was just red fins red eyes [and] red gill covers that’s very hard to get and actually some breeders will and I don’t agree with this some breeders will pluck the red field off of the fish [oh] Over time so that they’re left with a white spot on the fish the skill for battle is clear We I mean a lot of breeders a lot of distributors a lot of things happen to the fish prior to getting [through] Getting to the consumer, and we don’t know about it for the most part But a lot of things do happen Obviously, it hasn’t been done with mine. Yeah We have a lot of red on them right which I prefer. I think you got a lot of scales collected So no, it’s very good Just kidding this area they get more Goldfish really look really interesting from above gives you a whole new perspective. It’s like the Arowana It really shows their body shape and finish, and I spilled some heroin our six large There’s a lot of people probably spent it on about right? Yeah [they’d] like to see them from above and you can really see the dragon the wings and whatnot from it But these guys are somewhat similar in that you can appreciate them from a glass panel like we’re going to see here in a minute And see them from the side, but seeing them from above. It’s a whole new perspective Ideally I would love to be able to help you. So have a big [paint] like this. [I] have a big clear viewing yeah, yeah Yeah they make them in those Koi vats where you can have like a viewing panel, but Well since its since its rounded you don’t need as thick of an acro ik but it’s getting it to form That is the problem. You’re going to need an oven big enough to put it in you could try it with heat guns It’s just not going to be practical I guess you could say Then you do have someone set up top here. What are these guys the other butterfly [telescopes] these are ones that I’ve read They’re my most recent batch of babies aside from the one. We go. Are you brother? Yes? Yes, I [grab] [a] hole in it and [some] of my my viewers helps me name some of them for the name You guys are going to have to help me out if you remember what we name? This one is Luna. We don’t have to be named her after my big white butterfly telescopes But I used to have me luca where he was my oldest fish and telling me recently passed away, and [then] we have Sofia here They’re begging for food and we named her also after one of my other fish that I had that recently passed away She was a huge massive, but it’s also probably the mother of these is what she was cute her name is sophie Okay, somebody can just name that one Sofia give all girl names meet some guy named [clyde] a good name one of them Joey Which one well it has to [be] the prettiest one let me see but we can’t show this one yet This thing’s pretty interesting you guys to see that effect Yeah, I was gonna say this guy here cuz he was my favorite so far his name is corduroy corduroy He looks like a jelly did you ever watch or see the books about corduroy the mayor no maybe? Well, there’s a [petty] [bear] who comes to life and his name corduroy, okay? And I wanted to name him teddy because he just looks like a teddy bear right, but I think that’s too obvious So I’m sizing corduroy instead What’s the other guy’s name that’s Cordelia? They a smash hit [and] how you remember all these names, [I] don’t that’s why I can’t remember some of them. Yeah These are really nice and these are like way bigger than they look. I hope my hand up for both sides I’m like he’s bigger than my hand They’re huge. [they’re] [even] fish I Would like to have them in a bigger tank right now They’re in a 40 gallon breeder which gives them each 20 yells space, which is is enough. Yeah, but ideally process outside I’d like to have her in a bigger thing very well eventually Moving over. We already talked [about] these guys in yeah down down low Just some axial [bees], but I you say that. [he’s] a lot of axoloTl yeah How do you canadian said x colby? I just said I don’t know that’s just how I say So I had them a long [time] ago But I found them interesting because it’s like a snapshot in evolution Mm-hmm where it’s similar it’s like A fish that’s transforming to a land Wizard or Salamander of some sort and they call them neolithic because they’re still kind of stuck in like a new neonatal phase. Yeah a larval stage right Very cool. You’ve got three of them She named them um I’m sorry, I’m working on names. [they’re] they’re pretty new I only got them a couple weeks ago Did you sex them you know they’re they came to me already sex those females all females? Axolotls yeah axel [peace] [flow] you know I like that better [actually] [she] is yeah And then you get the babies these are your babies. Yeah, I do baby Usability one tiny little specks these are them see if we could pick them up here I don’t know if it’ll focus or not. I doubt it Shut down And the season you breathy mm-hmm, right yeah, just about a week ago as when they have How many didn’t [there] just a few I actually know clearly actually? Honda Canada 350 815 that I want it interesting to me to see how many I have and start for me And when [there] bigger like this yeah because there is some calling [I] must have a little [fish] some are just born deformed and obviously it would be Humane to let them continue to live so there’s some calling the goes on. There’s also usually like a die-off That happens just because they’re not fit to survive those which are pretty modified fish Compared to many other aquarium fish, so I just find it interesting to see how many there [are] the start on the end I’m just a basic filtration. You’ve got this looks like it was [reef] [ready] at one point get the overflow goes into it yep Underneath [how] does it I? Wasn’t using it up until the goldfish actually spawned in this aquarium And their eggs stuck on the bottom [five] [own] or so I wanted to save those [pay] There’s really no way to move them [close] [their] stuff on something So I just drained the water levels or [the] sponge filter in there and took out the bio media [that] I have in this aquarium putting another filter all right All right, well Jenny had something inside as well that we haven’t showed you yet some fish and a new tank that I was excited to see Soon as I seen them Let’s go. Take a look at that now all right, so [the] tank I was excited to vote and one of the first ones you see it when you found the house here is This tank here, but the fish that she got is what’s exciting to me the relatively new so they’re a little hiding right now [we’ll] show you here in a minute. Danny. Tell me we got working here. [I] got induced this is For my first goal for my first fish aside [from] what I usually keep which are goldfish or fellows I’ve had a few betters over years to I decided to not go easy on myself I decided to get what if usually touted as one of the most difficult Freshwater aquarium fish to keep right, so I guess I just like to challenge or I’m a sucker for punishment And you’ve got four in there so far You’re going to have a few more I think you said with some tetras, and you’d like a beautifully scaped discus gram you’ve got some Will you tell us what you got you got some checker boards? It looks like some cooked pigeon blood too golden pigeons is what they were sold to me as to class of lovers classic leopards awesome, and I’ve got the fake rock background Just a thin layer of sand and it’s driftwood and we were just talking about Having the driftwood there may actually make them more likely to feel like they need to hide yeah I’m a look at removing that in the future or getting some maybe spider with something It’s thinner yeah, well they’ve only been here for a week So they need a little bit more time to settle in but yeah, you’re right With the width of driftwood being in there and [them] being so small they do have a tendency to hide and a lot of times [discus] are grown out You know completely bare tanks a lot of people don’t like to see bare bottom tanks more so because they don’t understand it however Usually is advised to grow them out To adults and a bear tank then put them in an aquascape tank but there’s no crime really in Doing it the from a start to just be a little bit more challenging which you’re up for so yeah I think you’ll be fine. Yeah, I know stranger. I mean I already [keep] my goldfish tanks Really clean I do massive long yeah. See that’s where people questioned me about it all the time They just don’t understand that actually the beneficial Bacteria and not living in the water putting in your filter media right now You can do really large water changes just to make sure the temperature and ph of the same boat so like I said I’m [not] stranger to large water changes frequently, and I’m I’m not scared enough to the challenge perfect Well, danny. Thanks for having me [here] I know everybody probably who’s enjoyed getting a really good behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in your world and on your channel But if you guys want to see more of her which I highly suggest you do check her out at so it’s all a gold Aquatics, I’ll leave a link to her channel in the description below She’s a great girl, and I’d appreciate if you give her some support subscribe to her channel She’s got some really cool videos coming out soon. I know you guys will enjoy anyways Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and also like to thank you for watching and if you join me next week I will have something new for you

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