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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I’m here
with my friend Cassey! Cassey: Hi! Ro: We got so many requests from you guys
to play the Goldfish Challenge Ro: game, which is the Goldfish… Cassey: Crackers! Ro: Cracker challenge! Cassey:
Crackers, not the fish! Ro: Not real fish! Cassey: That would… Not
be OK! Ro: We’re not gonna be eating real goldfish
today. Cassey: We are not doing that! Ro: I promise! Ro: This is Cassey’s first challenge. Cassey:
It is! Ro: Yeah, don’t worry! So we’re going
easy on you! Cassey: OK. Ro: For those of you who aren’t familiar
with the Goldfish Challenge Game, Ro: it is very easy. We had our friends go
out and pick out ten Ro: different flavors. Cassey: There’s ten?
Ro: Of Goldfish. Ro: Apparently there are a ton of different
flavors. Cassey: I thought there were like, two! Ro:
I’ve only had like, original… Cassey: And like, Rainbow! Ro: We have no clue so, we will both be blindfolded
and we will take Ro: a taste test of each Goldfish and try
to guess the flavor. If we Ro: guess it right, we get a point. Cassey:
OK! Ro: We’re gonna test ten of ‘em and then
whoever has the most points wins! Cassey: Wins what? Ro: Wins the game! Cassey:
That’s it? Ro: Yeah! Cassey: OK… That’s good enough for me! Ro: Alright, are you ready? Cassey: I’m
ready! Ro: May the best Goldfish taste tester win!
Cassey: Exactly! Ro: Hold up your right hand. And you have
to say ‘I solemnly swear I’m Ro: not gonna cheat at the Goldfish Challenge
Game!’ Cassey: I solemnly swear that I will not cheat
at the Goldfish Cassey: Cracker Challenge Game! Ro: I solemnly swear I am up to no good! Ro: Now for our first Goldfish flavor, let’s
do this! Cassey: OK. Cassey: How do we open this? Ro: And the first
challenge is opening the bag! Cassey: It’s opening the bag! Cassey: I’m gonna do a sniff test. Ro: OK,
me too! Cassey: Oh! Ro: Oooh! Cassey: It’s lke graham cracker status.
Ro: Oooh It smells sweet. Ro: That is so good! Cassey: It’s actually really good, I’m
having another one. Ro: This is a dessert fish! Cassey: Wait,
mine are hollow! Ro: They’re just more flat. Cassey: Huh!
I’ve been duped! Ro: They’re just different shaped a little
bit. Cassey: Hmm, but that is good, that tastes like
a Teddy Graham Ro: One, two, three… Snickerdoodle! Cassey:
Awhv, ahhh! Ro: Wait, one more time! Cassey: One more
time! Cassey: I OK, hold on. It was so much pressure! Ro: One, two, three… Ro: Snickerdoodle! Cassey: Graham Cracker! Ro: What do we got girl? Ro: French Toast? Cassey: French Toast? Ro: You guys, french toast. Cassey: French Toast? Ro: I apologize because I think these ones
are gonna be tough! Ro: Ready for the next one! Cassey: Ready
for the next one! Ro: Bring it on! Cassey: Here we go! Cassey: Alright, flavor number two! Ro: Two! Ro: Wait a minute! Ro: I think there’s only one bag! Cassey:
I think there’s only one bag… OK! Ro: We got trolled! Cassey: Alright, let’s share. Ro: You guys
can see this, but we can’t! Ro: This is probably… Cassey: OK, you hold
this side, I’ll hold this side Cassey: and we’ll pull. Ro: OK, this is
teamwork! Cassey: OK, ready and mmmmmmm…. Cassey: Harder Ro! Ro: OK, here we go! Cassey: OK, wait, let’s
do the sniff test. Ro: OK, sniff it first. Cassey: Oh! Ro: Ooooh! Ro: Whoa! Cassey: Oooh, these are really crispy! Ro: These are really yummy, but I have no
clue! Ro: There’s a lot of seasoning on these,
because I can feel it on my fingers. Cassey: Lots of herbs! Ro: Like when you’re eating potato chips
that have a lot of seasoning. Cassey: I’m gonna lick one. Ro: OK. Ro: I’m gonna… Put it on my tongue…. Ro: See if anything hits me! Ro: They also feel a little bit bigger. Cassey: It’s, it’s very like, there’s that herb, what is it, is
it oregano? Ro: Hmmm? Cassey: Is it thyme? Like, what is it? Ro: I don’t know but my breath is getting
funky! Both: One, two, three… Ro: Tacos! Cassey: Italian herb. Ro: What is it? Cassey: Barbecue! Of course!
Ro: Barbecue. Ro: With the spices and the… Both: Sweet! Cassey: Uh! We are failing so hard! Ro: Wow,
we are doing good today! Ro: That is 0-0, moving on to number 3! Cassey: OK, ready for sniff? Ro: Yeah, let’s
do the smell test. Cassey: OK! Cassey: Oooh! Ro: What is that? Cassey: Hmm, smells kind of sweet. Ro: I’m
tasting basil! Cassey: Hmmm, so maybe this is the Italian
one! Ro: A little basil! Ro: This is definitely Italian! Ro: Is it gonna be a lasagne, a pasta? What
is it gonna be? Cassey: Hmmmmm… Cassey: I feel like its… Ro: One more, one
more. Cassey: Italian breadstick appetizer. Ro: Mmmm! I tasted a little tomato! Cassey: I feel like this is more Italian than
it is pizza. Ro: Before I overthink it, let’s make our
guess, are you ready? Cassey: I’m ready. Ro: OK, one, two, three. Ro: Pizza! Cassey: Italian herb! Cassey: Pizza! You got it! Ro: Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh! Cassey: Italian Herbs was way too sophisticated,
I knew it! Ro: You were, you were too fancy. Cassey: I knew it! Ro: Ding! Onto the next. Cassey: Winner for
that round. Ro: Oh, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Cassey: Ah, oh! Oh! Ro: That’s OK! Cassey: All I smell is paper. Ro: I can’t
smell it! Cassey: OK here we go… Cassey: It’s like Oyster Cracker. Ro: It does! It tastes like Oyster Crackers! Cassey: It’s definitely Oyster Crackers! Ro: They don’t have a strong flavor, just
the little bit of salt, like Ro: they normally do. Cassey: Yeah. Ro: But not like, Cheddar-y, so I’m feeling
it’s not like the, the normal one. Cassey: It’s like, probably either plain or orig…
Or something. Ro: Do you think they would… Ro: I’m just gonna go for it. Cassey: OK.
Ro: I don’t know this at all! Both: One, two, three. Cassey: Plain! Ro: Oyster Cracker! Ro: Er, wait, that’s not a flavor. Saltine! Ro: OK, there we go, Both: Saltine! Ro: OK. Cassey:
OK, here we go. Cassey: Original! Ro: It was Original? Cassey: Original. Cassey: Does plain count? Ro: I thought the
cheddar ones were original. Ro: Whoa! Whoa! Cassey: So, wait, hold on, wait!
Ro: Whoa! Whoa! Cassey: But did original come before cheddar? Ro: I just had my mind blown! I thought the
original goldfish cracker Ro: was the cheddar flavor. Cassey: Wait,
in fact. Ro: The original is just a plain. Cassey: No but look, the guy in the front is cheddar. Ro: These are great questions and I have none
of the answers. Cassey: We should Wikipedia that. Ro: I just
feel like… I know nothing! Cassey: And you know what, and on the bag
it says baked soup crackers. Cassey: So that’s what they’re meant for. Ro: We knew they were soup crackers. Cassey: Yes! Ro: Alright, well, we didn’t get any points,
but I feel like we learned Ro: something new. Cassey: Mmmhmmm. Ro: So
that’s like, a point… Cassey: For your brain. Ro: For our brains!
Cassey: For your brain. OK. Ro: Alright. Cassey: That’s what matters!
Ro: Onto the next one! Cassey: Oh we have two! Cassey: Oh we got
two bags this time! Ro: We got two bags! Oh hey, oh hey, oh hey! Cassey: What, what is that? Ro: Did I get you? Cassey: You got me! Ro:
Did I get you? Cassey: You got me! Cassey: Ohhhh! Ro: Mmmmmm! Cassey: This is def in the graham family! Ro: Let’s take a little bite. Cassey: Hmmm. Ro: Mmmmm! Cassey: Honey Graham Cracker! Ro: Those are
sweet, I like this. Cassey: These are good! Ro: I like this! Cassey: Did you ever like Teddy Grahams? Ro: Yeah! Cassey: Loved! Ro: You know what I was thinking? Cassey: What? Ro: Is maybe it’s a cookie! Cassey: What
kind? Ro: I don’t know. Cassey: Sugar? Ro: Oh! Cassey: Oh! Ro: Cassey what have I done?!?!? Cassey: It’s OK, just guess the flavor! Ro: It’s definitely a dessert, I think I
got something. Cassey: OK, one, two, three Ro: Wait let’s go… Cassey: Honey graham….
Ahhhh! Ro: Wait, wait, wait! Cassey: What? Ro: Let’s go to, let’s count
together! Cassey: Oh! OK, OK. Ro: OK, ready? OK. Cassey: And, one… Ro: Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait! Cassey: Ah! Ro: I’m getting too excited! Cassey: Were you doing
inhale first? Ro: I think like, all the sugar is hitting me, right
now, and I like, can’t process. Cassey: I think we have a lot more to go! Cassey: And… Both: One, two, three… Ro: Shortbread! Cassey: Honey Graham Cracker! Ready? Ro: What is it? Ro: Oh my gosh! Cassey: Vanilla Cupcake are you kidding me? Ro: Did I put the sticker on your boob? Cassey: You, no, I put a sticker on my boob.
Ro: OK! Cassey: OK! Ro: That was a swing and a miss
on both our parts. Cassey: Again! Ro: But this was very delicious and exciting. Ro: Now, onto our next flavor! Ro: And I’m also going to… Cassey: Clean
up a little bit. Ro: Clean myself! Ro: This is like, the lowest scoring game,
challenge… Cassey: Is this? Ro: I think in the history. Cassey: In the
history of, of… Ro: Of the challenges. Cassey: Oh my goodness! Ro: We’re both doing great! Cassey: Well I, has anyone ever scored zero,
the whole time? Ro: I don’t know! Ro: Oh, we got a onesie! Cassey: And, it’s a
big bag! Ro: I got the bottom, I got the bottom! Cassey: You know what? I think that means
it’s a puff. Ro: Ooooooh! Cassey: Yeah! Ro: Boom! Cassey: Got it! Oh
look it, that’s perfect! Ro: Wha? Wha! Cassey: Wait, sniff, sniff,
sniff! Ro: OK, OK. Ro: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ro: They’re fluffy! Cassey: What? Cassey: A little spicy… Ro: Yeah. Cassey:
Definitely cheesy. Ro: Yeah. Ro: Oooh! Cassey: A little tangy. Ro: Tangy
too! Cassey: Maybe it’s like… Ro: Complex flavor,
this is a complex flavor again! Cassey: It’s like nacho blast. Ro: Hot! Really hot aftertaste too! Ro: Girl what’s tangy and hot? There was
already a barbecue sauce so I’m Ro: thinking like hot and tangy would be a… Ro: I don’t know what’s tangy and hot. Ro: If you were a flavor of Goldfish. Cassey:
Oh! Ro: What would it be? Ro: Would you be a sweet, or a spicy? Cassey: But I would be sweet and spicy. Ro:
Me too I think! Cassey: I’d be sweet and spicy, so like,
sweet and spicy chicken. Ro: Oooh that’s a good one. Cassey: Mmmmhmmm. Both: One, two, three. Ro: Spicy orange chicken. Cassey: Nacho Blast! Cassey: What!?!? Sizzling Hot Wings? Ro: Hot
Wings… Cassey: Are you kidding me? Ro: Hot and tangy,
hot wings. Cassey: I mean, I guess… But we got the
chicken, you got the chicken! Ro: Hot spicy chicken. Cassey: So that’s
kind of, that’s kind of like a hot… Ro: No, that doesn’t count. My sister would
be not proud of me right now, Ro: she loves chicken wings! Cassey: I don’t think anyone is proud of
me right now! Ro: She would get these in a, in a heartbeat!
Cassey: Really? Ro: Yeah, we’re lucky she’s not here and
we’re not playing against her! Cassey: Oh, OK, well let’s go to the next
one! I gotta get one point! Ro: Yeah, let’s go to the next one! Cassey:
Let’s get one! Ro: You can do it! Cassey: I can do it! Ro: I have faith, we can do this! Cassey:
OK! Ro: Ooops! Cassey: Ooop! Ro: Ohp, too big!
OK here we go… Um.. Ro: Sweeter. Cassey: Sweeter. Ro: A sweet. Cassey: But did you feel the, the texture
is sticky. Ro: What is this? Cassey: Should we try it?
Ro: Yeah! Ro: I know what it is, don’t tell me! Cassey:
This is so familiar! Ro: Yeah, OK. Cassey: Wait, I don’t know
what it is. I need another one. Ro: I think it’s just a material. Cassey:
Wait, hold on! Ro: I didn’t know they made these in these
form. Cassey: Wait, I know what this is. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Cassey: But I don’t know what it is. Ro: One, two, three. Ro: Pretzel! Cassey: Lightly salted cracker…. Cassey: Oh! Ro: Here’s pretzel. Cassey: Oh my god, obviously! Ro: Cassey, you didn’t know what a pretzel
tastes like? Cassey: Lightly Salted Cracker… Ro: Pretzels are lightly salted, so I’m
gonna give Cassey a 1/2 a point Ro: on that one. She deserves that one. Cassey:
Oh my goodness! Ro: Alright, onto number 8! Cassey: Eight is great, eight is great. Ro:
Eight, eight. Ro: I didn’t know they made any of these
flavors. Cassey: Me neither! Cassey: The texture is a little bit more rough. Ro: Oops! Oh shoot! How do I get in there? Cassey: Mmmm! Oh my goodness! I taste strawberry! Ro: Now do you think that they’re gonna
be super tricky? Ro: Because if we guess strawberry, it’s
probably just not enough. Cassey: It has to be like strawberry shortcake
or something like that. Ro: It’s gotta be something strawberry right?
Or like strawberry angel food. Cassey: Or strawberry cream pie. Ro: Or strawberry
bar…. No I don’t Ro: taste the banana. Cassey: Do you think
they’re pink? Ro: Oh my gosh! Do you think so? Cassey: OMG,
that would be so cool! Ro: That would be so cute. Cassey: One. Ro: One. Both: Two, three. Ro: Strawberry Angel Cake. Cassey: Strawberry
Shortcake! Ro: Oh my! Cassey: YES! I got one! Ro: You
got a point! Ro: I like, I am so excited! Cassey: I’m not a loser! Yay! Ro: That is a point for Cassey! Cassey: Are they pink? Cassey: Oh my god they’re not pink! I’m so… Ro: Awww! Cassey: That was an opportunity Goldfish! Cassey: Alright, number nine, let’s go! Ro: OK, let’s take a smell! Cassey: Hold on! Cassey: OK! Ro: Are you ready? Cassey: Yes. Ro: Oh yeah! Cassey: I don’t know, let’s take one. Ro: Yes, yes, yes, yes! This is a flavor that
I’ve eaten the most of Ro: because it’s got that light salt on
just one side. Cassey: Oh! Ro: Mmmhmmm. Cassey: You know that? Ro: Oh I know that! Cassey: Oh my gosh! Ro: Oh my gosh! Cassey: Well, I don’t know if that was the best. Ro: Cassey, one went in my shoe! Cassey: Oh! I’m sorry! Ro: One is in my shoe! Cassey: You have a, you have a goldfish toe today. Both: One, two, three. Both: Cheddar! Ro: Yes! Ding, ding, ding, ding! Cassey: Mine doesn’t say anything. Ro: It’s
cheddar! Cassey: OK. Ro: Cassey, what did you do? Cassey: I Massacred! Ro: Alright, now we have our last flavor. We are
going to be Goldfish Cracker Ro: experts after today. Like, we’re gonna
be like, Oh no, that’s actually Ro: Vanilla Cupcake flavor. Cassey: How could
you think it was anything else? Ro: You silly silly! Cassey: You Classless
fool! Cassey: Hmmm…. Ro: Tastes like a meat. Cassey: It takes me back to a cabin, in the
forest. Ro: A lot of zest. Cassey: A log cabin. Ro: Smoked deer. Smoked Salmon. Cassey: Buffalo!
Ro: Smoked Buffalo! Cassey: Buffalo! Ro: Smoked… Turtle. Cassey: Awh! Ro: Do
they do that? Cassey: I have a turtle! Ro: Oh my gosh! I’m
so sorry! Ro: If you get this, it ties the game, and
then we gotta do rock, paper Ro: scissors breaker. Cassey: Oooh! OK. Ro: OK, so this is very close you guys! Cassey: I gotta pick my words wisely here. Both: One, two, three… Ro: Smoked Turkey! Cassey: Smoked Jerky! Ro: We guessed the same thing! Cassey: No I said jerky! Ro: Oh you said Jerky? I said Turkey, OK! Cassey: OK. Ro: What is it? Ro: Cheddar bacon? Cassey: No! Not even. Ro:
Woof! We were way off! Cassey: Not even Goldfish! Ro: Haghhhh! Cassey: Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-dooo-dooooooooo! Cassey: Congratulations Ro! You are the winner
of the Goldfish Games! Ro: I feel so excited, because I don’t win
these very often! Cassey: Really? Ro: So, thank you! Cassey: You’re like totes an expert. Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
the Goldfish Challenge game. Cassey: It was fun. Ro: It was amazing, but
I will have to say, out of all Ro: of the taste challenge games, this was
the trickiest, most complicated Ro: flavors… Cassey: Wow! Ro: I think yet! Cassey: And you gave that to me as a noob!?!? Ro: Poor Cassey, this was her first challenge,
and I think that it was Ro: the most difficult in taste testing, so you
were a good sport. Ro: So we gotta give Cassey a round of applause! Cassey: Thank you! Ro: I’ll give you a little bbb-bbb-bbb,
bbb-bbb-bbb-bbb-bbbbbbb! Cassey: Like a mini-baby one! Ro: For being
a good sport! Ro: I’m so sorry… Cassey: No! Ro: We’ll
have to do another one that’s a Ro: little bit easier. Cassey: We, we should,
we should. Ro: OK deal! Ro: If you would like to see more challenge
games you can click up here. Cassey: Or right here! Ro: Mmmhmm! Ro: Alright, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Cassey:
Bye! Ro: Errrrr! Cassey: Bye-bye-bye! Ro: Look it makes a heart! Cassey: It makes
a heart! Ro: Or mine… Mines like the little, he’s
a little nubby. Cassey: There we go. Ro: There, aw! Cassey:
Here we go! Ro: Aw, well.. Cassey: Let’s put our eyes
through it. Ro: He was made with love! Cassey: Made with

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