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Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

(upbeat music) – [Student] Awesome! – All right. – [Teacher] Grab your stick and stand behind your bucket. – I am going. – Your lines are going
to get crossed that’s, that’s a part of fishing, it happens. Okay. We’re going to try and eliminate it by making
sure were coming over our shoulder and straight up. So this is our third grade
class working on fishing. We’ve spent time talking about
the different watersheds, the different bodies of water around us. As well as the different types of fish that we would be catching, so now we have tried to implement
that into actual fishing. So they’ve learned how to tie knots, they’ve learned the casting motion and then we’ve also learned types of fish, so they can label the
different types of fishes as they come in. We collaborated with
the third grade classes, second grade classes on
the different types of science stuff that they are using. We also work with the
department of game and fishers, who provided the
materials for this lesson. (students talking and laughing) (upbeat music) (laughing) (upbeat music) (laughing) – So close! Not to hard. – Come to me. – Come on! Its fighting on yeah, come on. That’s fighting on yeah! Good. Hold it, keep going, keep going. Come on, its fighting that’s the best
kind of fish right there. The ones that don’t want to come in.

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