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65 comments on “Google Pixel 4 Review: Easier To Buy, Harder To Recommend

  1. JESUSCHRIST, the best Pixel 4 review and the shortest one too. Sir, you leave me breathless, just keep doing this amazing and honest work.

  2. Imagine waving at your phone in public how dumb would that look? The finger gestures would have been a lot more subtle and intuitive. Seems like Google released a half baked product with half baked tech. Could have disregarded the motion gestures and stuck with motion sense for the Pixel 4. I actually like how fluid picking up and unlocking your phone is.

  3. I hate that every tech YouTuber is comparing the Pixel 4 to the iPhone 11 Pro in specs but then talk about the prices of the Pixel 4 compared to the iPhone 11 (not pro).

  4. Best honest review. Keep it coming, agreed on ALL. I'll still get this phone, I'll just wait for a price drop. I'm the mean time I'm looking at you… 1+7

  5. First rate as always. But I have waited all year for the much hyped various phone releases to find the one that does it all. Conclusion? It doesn't exist. Just one compromise after another. When all said and done Mr M which would you recommend ?

  6. There really isn't a reason to buy this phone especially at such a bad price. Get the S10, Older Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 30, iPhone 11, etc etc…

  7. No tech tuber has even once displayed S10, iphone ,pixel and OnePlus in one frame, may be they r scared to even utter the name of samsung, a company that actually makes quality phones

  8. Nice….So I’ll be keeping my Pixel 3a , I’ve so enjoyed using my pixel 3a since May with it’s great camera And truly stellar battery life, I’ve never once been out of juice during the day the phone really does get like 5 to 6 1/2 hours screen on time it’s insane… I understand that’s different for everyone but for me this phone is been super. The rear fingerprint scanner works all the time on the pixel 3A why do I need FaceTime lock which seems to be a pain.OK I don’t have wireless charging or I P 68 water and dust resistance but I do have a headphone jack. In my mind the pixel 3A has better bill quality with a poly carbonate back so if I was to drop the phone the back won’t break I know some people think that feels cheap but if you pick up a pixel 3a you won’t even know that it’s plastic it’s built really well. One more thing needs to be said and that is the price you can get a pixel 3a brand new for $299. When I bought my pixel 3a in May Google gave me $250 for my iPhone SE that I bought at Best Buy for $79 and they also gave me a gift card of $100 and so my pixel three it was like $80 bucks….Yeah of course that was a one time deal but you can get the pixel 3a now for like $299.

  9. Just wanna let you know ure videos are the most unique!🤩 from the thumbnail to the design i guess dk what its called😂
    Keep it up!!! Always looking forward to your newest videossssss💯🔥💯🔥

  10. I appreciate the honestly! Even though i wish they improved the video quality, that wasn't the deal breaker. Biggest deal breaker for me was battery, storage, and pricing. If it was 3300+ mah battery (for regular small version) + 128GB storage at $699 it would have made the cut.

  11. Gimmick hand gestures, measly 64gb base, mediocre battery life, no ultra wide angle, no headphone jack/SD card, SD 855 not plus version, no reverse wireless charging, etc.. How is this phone a 2019 flagship made by one of the biggest tech companies in the world..

  12. Literally wish they made a customizable phone. The 3a was perfect in form factor, but lacked specs that competed with the market. Imo they need to go to midrange like oneplus and dump good specs. 500 pixel 4a, 6gb ram, 128 gb storage, wide angle lens, finger print back scanner, with 855. Practicality+gimmicks, dont omit the first or the first is lack luster and stupid. Then if you want 90 hertz, you can pay for it! If you want inscreen scanner, choose it, idk! Its seems so easy to make a good google phone, why do they fall short 4 times straight? The only true success was the 3a, which was midrange and simple.

  13. I think a better application of their Motion feature would work better on stationary objects like their Google Home tablet. Not so much phones cause phones are 90% of the time in the hands of its users.

  14. I just wanted to say thank you I don’t care much for the camera option on phones I feel that a smartphone should be a communication device first and foremost be that the internet or texting everything else is just extra (I know I’m in the minority here) and you’re one of the very few. Reviewers that still mention sound and voice quality. As someone who deals with support within a call center environment I can attest to the fact that call quality on cell phones have gradually deteriorated within the past 3-5 years, so thank you for that. PS. I kinda like the phone but yes there are better options within that price point.

  15. I got the Galaxy S10+ and I'm loving it. Was wondering if I should've waited to see what the next generation of Pixel would bring but I guess I made the right call.

  16. Same phone without that radar but a Brighter screen, wide angle camera, finger print scanner and 3500+ mah battery on both phones and this would have been so good 😞

  17. Just wanted to point out that in Australia the pixel 4 is $150 cheaper than the iPhone 11 so it's actually got price on its side. I think it's similar in Europe as well.

  18. you can get a used pixel 2 and still have 90% of everything uou need…and a fingerprint sensor lol. Pixel 4 feels like a bad iphone copy

  19. THANK YOU MICHAEL – superb review – serving to confirm my belief that Big G is abusing it's position, to abuse it's users. You have shown that offering SOME good stuff, while NOT reaching the bar on others (like battery!), then taking stuff away AND charging more for it, will prove to be the Consumer's tipping point. Is it "Made in China" too? I have a major problem with that – a trap most reviewers are happily leaping into 🙁 Let's see…..

  20. When a small company like OnePlus makes a much better phone than a big ass company like google, you know they are completely out of touch.. Google can’t make phones and should stick to software. Absolute joke of a phone and a non event.

  21. The brutally honest reviews of mrmobile still reigns supreme

    This is easily the most disappointing phone of of 2019

  22. funny about the night mode because other reviewers with iPhone pro vs pixel 4xl got the opposite for night mode and nightsite

  23. I still don't understand why some people likes to criticize Pixel4/XL for having bezels tho it's just a thin one compare to that 👽 looking notch on the Pixel 3XL?! I mean it's basically preferential and for me as a normal phone user I would still want some bezels over some stupid glory hole cutouts and/or unibrow ugly looking notch or even a motorized camera that pops ups for many reasons that a tech tuber can ever think of. As long as the bezel has something to offer in it then I don't mind loosing some decimal of that screen real estate.

  24. It's tough to say this but, after the release of this phone, I personally think that pixel 3xl its a better looking and performing phone! 😆

  25. All those specs and all that money for not being sure it will make it through the day… Get an iPhone instead or a OnePlus 7T.

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