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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make A Surf & Turf | Season 10 Ep. 17 | MASTERCHEF

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make A Surf & Turf | Season 10 Ep. 17 | MASTERCHEF

Before your challenge,
I’m going to show you how I would use these ingredients. Please, all of you,
step down here. Let’s go. Absolutely, happily. Learning from Gordon, he’s
just so calm and cool. And to be able to
learn literally firsthand experience– Please pay attention, OK? –beats the heck
out of the internet. Start off with the oil
first, OK, no butter until we got the color. Once we’ve got the color,
then we’ll add the butter. You’re cooking a fillet steak. So the sear needs to be gentle. Now, 30% of the
seasoning we lose. So be smart and roll it
across that seasoning. From there, look
at the top side. Make sure it doesn’t
stick, roll that around. I want to cook it medium rare. This is something that’s
so far up my wheelhouse. I’m used to taking humble Asian
street food and elevating it. And then, of course, that
wonderful mushroom sauce– shallots go in, lightly on
the garlic, and fresh truffle. But in this case, I had the
most expensive ingredients ever, and I don’t
necessarily know what I can do to elevate them. This is where the steak
goes up to a different level. [inaudible] some
beautiful rosemary. From there, I’m going
to get my garlic. Now I’m going to start putting
my butter in there, down, bring the pan towards you. We place the steak. The butter gets nice and frothy,
got a nice nut brown flavor. Watching Gordon work is
like watching a concert pianist playing the piano. I’ve got a light
red wine jus here. It’s just really
beautiful to watch. Now garnish–
beautiful mushrooms, sliced across, criss-cross
side down, goes into the pan. Season both sides. Now langoustine–
a light seasoning on top, salt and pepper. And they cook super quick. These things take
literally 30 seconds, OK? Once you’ve got
that color, I don’t want any of that overcooked. Out and on. OK, so watch
carefully when we come to plate, right in the center. My fennel puree down
and the langoustine. And then top this steak
with a wonderful green and white asparagus truffle a la
creme and the wine reduction around. And then finally, I take
my truffle, super thin because we’re $500 worth. I want truffle on the white
puree, a touch of micro basil. And there we go. [applause] That’s how a true
master chef executes a delicious surf-and-turf
truffle dish. Awesome. Thank you, chef. Looks beautiful.

49 comments on “Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make A Surf & Turf | Season 10 Ep. 17 | MASTERCHEF

  1. And subha survived again….. from trailer: clear that top 9 without fred, top 7 family reunion: Micah, Dorian, Noah, Subha, Shari.. (Sarah n Nick seem stiil in the competition, they hug each other with shari, noah, subha : top 5), so it means bri or jammie top 9/8, Dorian top 7, micah top 6 (pressure test with noah, subha, nick).. maybe london trip is in the top6/5 …

  2. Cooks a steak and says its medium rare but doesn't cut it open. Wow.
    Guess it wasn't actually medium rare then as he claimed.

  3. 1:02 mark. Gordon…..that’s not rosemary. That’s thyme that you’re putting into the pan with the butter.

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