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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make Fish & Chips: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make Fish & Chips: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

– Right, the most which is my go-to
comfort food– served with incredible fries and the
most delicious mushy peas. For me, fish and
chips screams cod– highly sustainable,
delicious, but the secret is in the batter. This is a beer batter, double
zero flour, eggs, and beer. It sort of makes it
lighter, crispier, and it’s an amazing flavor. The secret is to make that
batter the night before. The more you let it rest,
it becomes so crispy. Take your cod, run it through
into seasoned flour, salt, pepper. You could jazz this up a little
bit with a touch of paprika. Lightly season your fish. To wet a fish can
destroy the batter, so I like to season my
fish first with salt. That extracts the moisture
from the fish, which keeps the batter even more crispy. Then from there, just
brush off that seasoning and just pat down the fish. That way it stays nice and firm. Into the flour, and
then nicely rolled– make sure you get the ends done. Dredge the fish in
the flour in order to make sure the batter
sticks, really important. And then next, into the batter. Make sure you dust off any
excess flour, otherwise, you get these white clumps of
flour underneath the batter. Into the batter, let it sink. I like topping tailing my fish. I trim the top, trim
the base– you’ve got the even piece of fish. If it’s cut evenly, it’s
going to cook evenly. Shake off the excess
flour and into the batter. Roll that fish around
and let it sink in there. Now oil comes up to 300. It takes about six to seven
minutes to cook beautifully, but here’s the secret. Keep that fish coated. This is where it gets
messy, but exciting. Lift up your fish. Go left to right, dredging
it, and then very quickly get a point of the fish. Let the battery run down,
shake off any excess flour, and then into the fryer. And just sort of taunt
it first, and just let it lay away from you. Shake the pan gently. That starts to cover
the top of the fish. Take a spatula and just gently
baste the top of the fish. Once you’ve had the fish
in there for two minutes, flip over the fish. That way you see
it evenly coated. God, it’s beautiful,
golden brown. Now take that out. Shake it well. Let that sit. They’re like these
perfect parcels, and literally let
that sit there. Now as it’s piping
hot, use salt, and just lightly season the top. And what happens
to the fish now, it just gets even
crispier, but the batter’s seasoned underneath and on top. And that’s really important. Right, fries– these
are Yukon gold potatoes and basically just peeled. Don’t wash, because
I want the starch to get really nice and crispy. I start them off at a very
low temperature, in a way that I blanch them. And I have literally in the oil
first for two minutes at 330– in. [sizzling] Blanching basically means
cooking with no color. And the secret here
now is to blanch them for two minutes at 330. Take them out, let them rest. Crank up the heat. Go from 320 to 385, great. Now temperature’s
risen, fries back in. Second time cooking,
and this time, it’s going to be nice and crispy. A great indicator
cooking in fryers is that when it
starts to float, it’s confirmation that it’s
cooked whether it’s fish, chicken, or fries. Cooking fries twice, blanching
them first, and then putting them back in hot oil at the
end is so much more healthier, because they don’t sit
in the oil for anywhere near as long as frozen fries. So it’s really good to cook
them twice, super healthy. Fries are done. Shake– you can hear
how crispy they are. Out onto a tray, drain
them really well. Lightly, rub off the excess fat. Let them sit there. I love placing
them into a bowl– fresh parsley on top, a touch
of paprika, and then a touch of salt and pepper. And then from there,
just roll them around. You can hear how crispy
they are, beautiful. Fish and chips would not be
complete unless we’ve got peas. I use frozen peas all the
time, so don’t be scared. A splash of oil, just a splash– peas go in, beautiful. Touch of salt, touch of pepper,
a little hint of shallots minced in, and garlic–
it’s a great way of elevating mushy peas. From there, a little knob
of butter, in, and then you just toss those peas. Once that bus is
evaporated, we turn off the gas, and then just crush– beautiful. And that’s where you take this
frozen pea into a mushy pea. And we sort of trying to break
it up almost like it’s sort of a puree, but I
don’t want to refine them too much, because the
flavor’s when you burst them. Touch more butter
in there– butter gives it that really
nice glossy finish. One more little finishing
touch with fresh mint. Just bring the leaves down,
lay them on top of one another. Get your largest leaf on the
bottom, roll it really tight, and then just shred. Let the knife do the work. Look, beautiful, fresh mint. Now sprinkle that
over your peas, and that just lifts
the peas beautifully. When I serve lemon on a
plate, I take these bits off. These are like the posh parts. It’s just like the perfect
wedge or slice of lemon. And now we’re ready to plate. Fish comes over– hear
how crunchy that is. Fries, place on there– look how crispy they
are– beautifully done. And then, from there, this
beautiful mound of mushy peas. Place to the side. Finally, this sort of Rolls
Royce of sources with fish and chips, tartar sauce. It’s a mayonnaise with
gherkins, onions, and the most amazing capers in there. That goes on the side. And that just cascades off. And how can you serve fish
and chips without lemon? I get my lemon here,
and I just squeeze it over the fish onto the salt.
And then put a fresh one there, literally for seconds. And there we have fish
and chips a la Gordon.

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  1. Chef may I ask , what kind of oil was being used to fry the food ?? used 2 different oils , 300° for the fish possibly even extra virgin olive oil close to the smoke point . Maybe canola for the chips ? At 385 ° could be refined olive oil , just curious of the fryer and the pot !!! Must be 2 different oils or else why not cook both in the same fryer .🥬🚬🤯

  2. Love the fry twice tip! I decided to dip my peas into canola oil 7 times for maximum health benefits. Feel a bit weird

  3. برای سفارش ماهی های مخصوص فیش اند چیپس از خلیج فارس به jashoo_company سر بزنید /./

  4. This is a load of shite, best fish and chips in the world are in Leeds/Bradford. Cod is better used as bait as its tasteless. The king of Fish and Chips is Haddock. His poxy peas, I wouldn't give them to the cat, it is Mushy peas or nowt. Chips is chips. You can have this info free.

  5. I come from Yorkshire I'm not saying we have the best fish and chips but they look a darn sight better than what Ramsey has cooked, why so much salt etc why when serving does he pile everything up, is it a chef thing mushy pease are made with dried marrowfat peas soaked overnight no additives like garlic, etc cod, and chips with scraps wrapped in paper salt and vinegar that's it.

  6. Fish batter is way too course and overcooked. Paprika and parsley seasoned fries? HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah! Where's the mayo, Gordy?

  7. I'm no expert but I think the salt he used on the fish after they were fried was pointless. Unless he's gonna sop it up off the plate with the inside of the fish.

  8. Dang I wish he would come to my house and cook every night. Haha I would pay him 😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🤫🤫🤫🤫🖐🖐🖐

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  10. That is not what mushy peas should look like. And I thought he was an amazing chef and he be messing up the mushy peas

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