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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Fish & Chips | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Fish & Chips | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

100 comments on “Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Fish & Chips | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD


    I wanted to make a joke about Nino

    But i knew it would have been to easy to get likes 😏

  2. Only if the fish, chips and especially the mushy peas actually looked this good in most places that sell this dish.

    Gordon's enthusiasm is a beautiful thing to witness.

  3. I realize fish and chips are a British thing, but are the peas as well? Never heard of them being served with f&c.

  4. The secret is in the batter
    This is a beer batter,Dip.
    ??????Then what the hell can i learn from this?find a beer batter?

  5. Really? Skipping on how to make the beer batter? It's only thing that needs to be prepared in this recipe…..

  6. Salting after frying the fish does nothing, has to be in the batter…. it doesn't stick to the outside if done well, that was a bad tips. Also, surprisingly Gordon has no idea how to make proper fries.

  7. If you want the recipes it's on their facebook page

  8. I love these videos.  They make me want to get in the kitchen and make something terrific.  My only problem is that if Gordon Ramsey were standing next to me bouncing up and down like he does, I'd probably bop him with a flying pan.

  9. Check out my new Mac laptop

    Omg the screens frozen

    What? That's impossible

    The screen is fucken frozen you donkey

  10. Kind of disappointing how he is starting to become Americanise. Can't believe he called them fries, I'm sure Americans know what chips is when Fish & Chips is mentioned

  11. Oddly enough, I can't find a way to use peas in cooking aside from salads and this. I wonder how peas can be used.

  12. the secret is in the batter…..doesn't show us how to make the batter!?!?

    not that i was going to make this anyway

  13. Here's how BUYING POTATOES for this DISH will BE LIKE:
    Me: Sir, can I get some YUKON GOLD POTATOES?
    Shop-keeper: SIR, COME AGAIN PLEASE?
    Me: YUK-
    Shop-keeper:-AN FUCK OFF!!!

  14. I don't get how these 1 minute long videos are supposed to demonstrate anything. it's like fish -> batter -> fry -> done. Well no shit.

  15. To those who may criticize, just visit his fish and chip shop on the Link in Las Vegas. You'll have no more questions. They only jazz the chips on your request, while the classic malt vinegar is self-serve. Gordon's crews are serving over twelve hundred orders per day, and every component on every one of them is PERFECT. It is among the finest lunches in the United States. In a town where coffee starts at $4, homemade fish and chips is under $20. Two homemade sauces are included, as is your beverage. Please believe me: One visit will addict you!

  16. The original theme song and the zoomed-in camera that can see every molecule?

    That's the F Word I remember!

  17. Gordon while having sex
    Pants, pull down those pants, Penis in, push in and out, finally season that ass by unloading on it. Creamed ass done

  18. watching this! It seems like the cameraman's on crack or some crazy energy drink. I'm getting a real high just from the editing and camera work.

  19. how hard for someone to put the fish in the flour and fry it….
    western food is super easy and those famous TV chefs try to make them looks complex….

  20. Garlic and shallots on frozen peas? Parsley on the chips? Lemon juice? What a poof! That is NOT fish and chips.

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