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Gordon Ramsay Goes Cast Net Fishing in Laos | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

First of all, an absolute
pleasure, because you’ve helped put Lao cuisine on the map. I’m dying to get to
understand the Lao cuisine. Right. GORDON RAMSAY: Yes. Wow. [interposing voices] That’s incredible. What is he doing over
there, that crazy man? GORDON RAMSAY: I mean, not
the safest place to fish. JOY NGEUAMBOUPHA: Yes. Because very strong water. Yes. So that the fish more tasty. Wow. Wow. So by fighting the current, they
get a little bit more tastier. More tasty, more–
more exercise. GORDON RAMSAY: Wow.
More exercise. More exercise, yeah. And so there’s a big
difference between fish being caught down here–
– Yeah. –than there is over the
other side of the rapids. Yes. It’s just so dangerous. He’s almost like on
the edge of that rock. Yeah. Me? Yeah. It’s dangerous, right? [music playing] Not really. Not really? No. GORDON RAMSAY: Yeah,
I’d beg to differ. Khone Falls are the
widest in the world. And 2.5 million gallons of
water crash over these rocks every second. I was hoping for lunch, but
this wasn’t what I had in mind. What in the [bleep]
are we doing? Seriously? Yeah. You sure this will
take my weight, Joy? Yeah.
I’m sure, yeah. [bleep] Where are we going? Man! GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Local fisherman Mr. [inaudible] has been risking his life– sorry, catching these prized
Mekong fish for decades. [bleep] [bleep] Slippery bank. Joy, these fish better
taste [bleep] delicious. This is crazy. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Traditional cast net fishing has been practiced
for thousands of years. Elbow. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): But I’ve just minutes to get the hang of it. [non-english speech] Hold. Happy, ready? This is not a good idea. Yes. JOY NGEUAMBOUPHA: [inaudible] Oh, come on. [bleep] Oh, [bleep]. I tell you what, they
make it look so easy. But there is nothing
easy in this. That’s an edgy place to fish. It’s the force of that
water inches away from you. And one slip and you’re gone. Joy, this time– This time? –we’re going to
catch something. Yes. Here we go. Wow. [clapping] Pull it in? Yeah. Nothing. There’s got to be an easier way
of catching fish here, surely. JOY NGEUAMBOUPHA: Come on. Oh! GORDON RAMSAY: [bleep]. Nothing. What? So you’re telling me it’s
not the right time of day. Holy, [bleep] [bleep]. Joy, there’s no joy in this. Thankfully, Mr. [inaudible]
takes pity on me and kindly shares
his morning catch. Oh, my god. And was that here? JOY NGEUAMBOUPHA: Yes. Look at those beauties. They’re gorgeous, right? Let’s go and eat some
before we get killed. Yeah, yeah.

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