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Gordon Ramsay Tastes Cesar’s Pork & Potato Tacos | Season 9 Ep. 19 | MASTERCHEF

Wow. Cesar, describe the dish please. CESAR: So I have pork
and potato tacos– a homemade flour tortillas, a
pineapple and habanero salsa to balance it out, and my
pork seasoned with serrano and chipotle peppers. Visually, they
look appetizing. Tell me about that salsa. So I threw in tomatoes,
onions, and garlic in a piping hot cast
iron in the oven, and then I sauteed pineapple
with habanero peppers and pureed it all together. Delicious. It’s got the heat. It’s got the spice. Got the sweetness, the acidity. But it’s the pork elevated to
that kind of magical taste, and then you go to the extent
of making your own tortillas. Yes, sir. GORDON RAMSEY: I think you’ve
got your eye on the prize. I can feel it. So good. GORDON RAMSEY: I can
definitely taste it. You should be very proud. Great job. Thank you.

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