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Gordon Ramsay Vs. Jamie Oliver: Who Has The Best Taco Recipe? | Celebrity Snackdown | Delish

Gordon Ramsay Vs. Jamie Oliver: Who Has The Best Taco Recipe? | Celebrity Snackdown | Delish

(dramatic music) – Mmm, Jamie Oliver made
his own tortilla, didn’t he? – Cusses, that’s a job? Making food and cursing? Shit, I could do that. (upbeat electronic music) (dramatic music) It looks good to me, that
seems like you got some of the purple thing, the coleslaw? Nothing too much, nothing too little. – Mmm, really good,
definitely like chipotle. – [Man] Finish your, finish
what you’re eating first. – I talk with my mouth full. – Mmm, that’s how you
know it’s a good taco when it’s got the drip,
that is a good taco. – The fish has little bit
of a spicy kick to it, a little overwhelming maybe. – Overall, pretty classic, very solid. – Yeah, it was a good
taco, not much. (laughs) – This one, I have questions. – The tortilla, whole
wheat, complex carbs, right? That’s what whole wheat is. – Weird. Firstly, is this whole wheat? This is whole wheat, you
can’t make a tortilla with, I mean a taco, with whole wheat. – No, too creamy. The tortilla I don’t mind. Nothing is immediately
standing out in my mouth of this taco on the left. – Here’s the thing, these
both taste really good. The fish is great, and
the toppings are great. I like the crunchy cabbage, but just for the sake of being classic, I think I have to go, I’m gonna go with number one. – I’m gonna go with number one. – I’m gonna go for number one, and I’m gonna offer a guess that I have multiple
bits of taco in my beard.

100 comments on “Gordon Ramsay Vs. Jamie Oliver: Who Has The Best Taco Recipe? | Celebrity Snackdown | Delish

  1. Jamie Oliver is a repeat cultural food appropriator. He really needs to stay away from African, Mexican, Caribbean, and AA dishes. Or just food in general🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Nomamen porque siempre hacen culo nuestras recetas 😢😢😢

    Mexican fish tacos most of the time are made with fried fish, made with a beer batter, usually pico de gallo with serrano chilli goes as topping

  3. This barely are tacos, like, the guy that isn't Gordon use wheat flour and that is just a disgrace, is an insult and is also very wrong. Gordon's fish taco was okay, not great but okay, like… Why chipotle?

  4. If you haven't already you should do a tournament where you put the best chefs against each other in a bunch of these videos, at the end to see who is the best all around cook.

  5. What's so suprising if Gordon's Taco is fried with coconut oil…
    Fish is perfect with coconut oil and Indian

  6. Fish taco sauce: Equal parts real mayo and plain yogurt, with a bit of lime juice. Chipotle is optional.
    You can thank me later. 😉

  7. One is an absolute worldwide and national treasure, with memorable quotes such LOOK LOOK

    The other is a twat who ruins school lunches and gives his kids shite names

  8. Lol I feel Jaime try’s to hard for a presentation not to much of a taste because some ppl who don’t no how to cook try so hard to get color in there dish but really ur messing it up 😂 it gotta come natural boo like say oh my chicken looks like it’s plain cuz it’s not brown enough let’s add this or let add tht but really it was perfect before hand

  9. Everyone always decide based on which one is the most "classic", yo if it's good it's good. Don't go based off what it's known for. Adaptations and fusions sometimes can be better than a classic recipe. This applies to all the celebrity smackdown episodes. I want people to know that it's okay to not pick a classic recipe.

  10. As a mexican I felt very trigguered and confused about those recipes😂? And even more trigguered and confused about those judges lack of torelance for spicy.

  11. Im mexican and i can easly say that the tacos that are in the conner of my house looks and im pretty sure they taste better than those "tacos"

  12. I felt bad for the girl that got called out for talking with her mouth full because the guy after her did the same thing and didnt get called out

  13. That ain't no real fish Taco. Lol. These is white people tryna cook tacos…there are several things wrong with this scenario. Mostly: where is the Mexican?

  14. Yall it's best taco recipe,not best authentic Mexican taco recipe. And go tell these world class chefs that make millions of dollars off of cooking that they dont know how to cook.

  15. Im always annoyed by how weak all yall spice game is. Then again I grew up on scotch bonnet peppers so I don't know how to not eat spicy food.

  16. Gordon Ramsay is obviously the better chef but, even though Jamie Oliver is worth more that dosn't make Oliver better
    #Ramsay is better

  17. At 3:10 the man in the back needs to mind his business, no food is flying out of her mouth lol. He made such a weird comment when everyone else is doing the same thing! (the man is speaking the worst w his mouth full, yet nothing was said to him)… anyone else think it was a weird comment?

  18. These people on these videos are critiquing the food which I get, but I can’t get over when people call light seasoning “overwhelming” or when they comment on something being whole wheat or “too healthy” like….sorry it’s not 10lbs of cheese bread Karen 😂😂

  19. Half the people in the comments are so uneducated and racist. Literally speaking as if a White person is only allowed to cook “white” foods and same for all other cultures. You people make NO SENSE. WHY CANT A WHITE PERSON MAKE A TACO?? SO WHAT, ITS THEIR VERSION OR INTERPRETATION OF WHAT THEY LIKE IN A TACO. THEY NEVER STATED IT WAS MORE AUTHENTIC OR BETTER THAN ANY OTHER TACO, THEY JUST SHARED A RECIPE. You people really need to stop claiming cultural appropriation when you also at the same time always want people to appreciate your culture and not judge it. How do you expect us to understand other cultures if you ban experiences of it and act so exclusive as if the only people who can experience or understand a culture are those within it?? People should be able to cook any type or culture of food they want, wear any type of clothing or jewelry they want, and believe and feel HOWEVER they want, and it’s fucking stupid that people are seriously upset that a white person made a taco. Get the fuck over yourself

  20. They scorned the girl talking with mouth full of food yet they let the guy with crazy hair do it? 🙄

  21. Jamie Oliver is middle class so tries to classy his up. Doesn’t work. If I want a taco I want a taco not some kiwi in a healthy shell.

  22. omg…. jamie oliver's disaster recipe, girl talking with her mouth full gets called out but not the disgusting dude who did the same, and the judges being annoying and cant handle a little spice as usual… jesus christ

  23. Dude with the fucking fro needs to get fired…he is a fucking idiot……the purple thing???? who the fuck hires these guys…he has to be family somewhere on delish

  24. Even that both tacos are not so traditional, at least Gordon tried to stay closer to the original, also I give him some points to sprinkle the water on the tortilla because my mom does that so the tortilla doesn't get stiff and stays warm and soft.

  25. i hope they got a new chef. they season the food like someone convinced them that seasonings are toxic if you eat more than 0.2 grams

  26. The cameraman told the girl not to eat with her mouth open and went as far as to keep it in the video to embarrass her but didn’t mention anything to the guy who looked 10x worse while smacking his lips. I’m just saying some of the men that work here seem misogynistic and f*cking intolerable. I’ve noticed it a lot while watching their videos.

  27. 0:27 Gordon Ramsey is literally a culinary genius. That dude with the fro could ever do what Gordon does.

  28. People crying over these not been authentic tachos, well They probably would of liked to have used two known Mexican chefs version of there taco but there is no famous Mexican chefs, well none that we know, not our fault they have to use a white mans version of a taco because they know how to be successful.

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