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Great Hammerhead Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Great Hammerhead Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Its dorsal fin and fearsome reputation are
unmistakable but this majestic shark rarely attacks people. I’m Jonathan Bird and this
is Shark Academy! The Great Hammerhead is the world’s largest
hammerhead species, reaching 20 feet long, earning its name as “Great!” Unlike the much smaller Scalloped Hammerhead
which tend to school, the Great Hammerhead is usually a solitary animal. A mature female Great hammerhead can give
birth to 55 pups at a time! The Great Hammerhead’s head is called a
“cephalofoil” (meaning head wing). It has been observed using its cephalofoil
to hold down stingrays so it can bite them. Stingrays are a favorite food. And no, we
don’t have any footage of that. The cephalofoil also provides lift and mass
at the head so the pectoral fins can be smaller, thus making this shark much more maneuverable
than other sharks this large. Great Hammerheads tend to be very skittish
and shy around people, and there are only a couple places in the world where feeding
has made them willing to approach divers. If you love sharks, check out our other exciting
Shark Academy episodes! Join my adventures exploring the underwater world! Click on over
to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, and don’t forget to subscribe!

46 comments on “Great Hammerhead Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. Hey jonathan bird, I am going on vacation to Curacao during summer vacation. Im 17 and a Advanced certificate diver. what you can recommend me to do there? I am looking forward to diving there but have no idea what great spots are.

  2. Smooth pacing, factual tidbits, and a wealth of good footage, combine to make this another "must watch" segment.  Good work and thanks for posting!

  3. Mr. Bird, can you make more BlueWorld shark videos? If you do, it would greatly help my report on sharks. Keep it going! 🙂

  4. Jonathan, can you make a video about the mimic octopus? But if you do, be on your guard because they can take many forms!

  5. Have you ever been bumped by a great hammerhead while filming? They're one of the more dangerous types of hammerheads, but usually because of human activity such as spearfishing.

  6. THey look like they couldnt open their jaws so wide like a great white, so if they do attack, not likely to be so catastrophic

  7. Have you ever wanted to film a Frilled Shark? The Frilled Shark and the Coelacanth are my two favorite living fossil fish because of their rarity.

  8. John, how do you become a shark handler? Something like Eli Martinez does. Where do I begin? Read a few articles, but nothing that gives you clear info. Thanks!

  9. really good and short informations
    I want to show your Video some 4 – 5 years old children. I just have to translate because they can just understand german ^^'
    and no german youtuber is making videos like you do
    Thank you very much

  10. I know that Hammerhead need to keep swimming and if they stop, they will drown. So this brings me a question, how do Hammerheads rest or sleep (do they)?

    I think this question apply the same to Whale sharks and some other shark species where they need to keep swimming..

  11. This is where you like your own vid!!! Everywhere else I see people going what's your fave sharky & you… well, hit the nail on the head wi a cephalofoil!!!

  12. Hey Jonathan bird, I ❤ the great hammerhead shark! I just want to know, because I've seen people put fully grown tiger sharks into tonic immobility, so I wonder if it's possible to do it with a fully grown great hammerhead. I suggest going to tiger beach and trying it with Patches! Remember her? The friendliest great hammerhead? Try it, and have your camera ready!

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