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41 comments on “Great white shark leaps from water to snatch fish off line

  1. We are taking all their food, now they have to take it from us.
    Go sharks✊✊
    We kill 11000 sharks an hour.
    The shark should eat all people that fish.

  2. This is happening a lot… Way to much breaching close to boats to get food. They getting closer. Stay out if the water near the cape.

  3. The scary thing is that none of them saw it coming. Shark could of just as easily jumped up and chomped on one of their heads. Don't think a shark would do that but you never know.

  4. Come on i seen finding nemo to many times to know that fish are a sharks best friend. All that it was trying to do is to save its little buddy.

  5. From NewEngland here, anyone dipping their toes in the southern waters of the Cape or Rhode Island better be aware and careful!

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