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Great White Shark Saved

Great White Shark Saved

COMM: On a South African beach fishermen struggle to remove their hook from the mouth of a juvenile
great white shark. A protected species that they’ve accidentally caught. But they don’t
have long to get the huge fish back into the water before it suffocates. 00:20
COMM: When Lars Liedberg and his friend stepped into the lookout deck restaurant for some
breakfast, they didn’t expect to see this drama unfolding on the beach. 00:29
COMM: A fisherman had accidentally caught this shark and is struggling to remove the
hook from it’s mouth. Between the waves he frees his line but the hook remains stuck.
Eventually he manages to remove it to the delight of the gathering crowd. 00:53
COMM: But now the shark is free they still have to move it down the beach and get it
into deep enough water. 01:20
COMM: The crowd cheer but as the dorsal fin appears there’s no sign of movement. 01:29
COMM: With encouragement from the beach the shark’s tail can be seen to move. But exhausted
from it’s ordeal it gets pushed closer to the shore with ever breaking wave. 01:42
COMM: As the shark struggles in shallow water, the fisherman wade back in to help it. But
before they reach it, it finds the strength to escape to deeper water, and slowly starts
to swim away.

100 comments on “Great White Shark Saved

  1. I hate people who think "ohh a shark phfff sharks are dangerous." Why do they think this and you now what I hate, they always make sharks looking dangerous like in cartoons they always make the sharks look like they will eat people or whatever but only 10 out of 450+ sharks are KINDA likely to attack someone.And that stupid movie jaws gave them a bad reputation. I don't suggest swimming with them but I don't suggest killing them for whatever reason. PLEASE SAVE THESE INNOCENT ANIMALS #SAVETHESHARKS2016

  2. It's a Juvinile great white shark that's like what 4 or 5 feet,I know this cause I am upsets with sharks and I know a lot about them.

  3. Good thing you didn't kill the shark because if you kill it there will be extinct and the great wight shark are being close to extinction

  4. should have let it die slowly. .. The species is almost gone… With just as little as 50 extra shark kills per fisherman. .. We can win this

  5. The shot cut off before a butt naked aboriginal with a spear chanting gibberish ran up and destroyed the shark then triumphantly took the carcass home to feed his family.

  6. Poor shark. I bet it misses its family somewhere out in the ocean. This is why we need to all be vegan. If we didn't eat animals we wouldn't have to fish, and therefore we would have many more of these magnificent creatures in the ocean.

  7. Sharks are so cute, I don't see what's so bad about them, anyone who kills a shark is a f***ing idiot

  8. So often I see animals get "exhausted." Potentially too exhausted to get out of a life or death situation. It's always strange to me because it feels like they can spend all of their energy so quickly. I've never been that tired.

  9. I know they hooked that shark by accident, but for fuck sake, leave the sharks alone! I would gladly take down the people who kills shark for food and sport.

  10. They're fucking BRAVE. GRABBING IT BY THE FUCKING TAIL. Yikes I'd be shitting myself. I revere Sharks so much. Glad to see despite how fucking intimidating they are, people respect those majestic badass cool awesome creatures. Most people would probably keep their distance and watch the poor creature die.

  11. it's a massive shame they didn't kill this man eating shark or let him suffocate sharks should all be eradicated

  12. I hate you Anthony Sonido. Sharks don't mean to eat you. They mistake you for seals. Because "humans are not on any sharks menu". So you Anthony Sonido don't understand anything. You are so mean. Sharks are nice.

  13. i would eat it!!! pleny of meat that is gona to be harmfull to somebody else, later we will see a kid being eating by the same shark?

  14. For the people who just leave the shark there to die there just dicks but these people I'm happy they actually care about nature especially any shark in this ocean

  15. I am trying to find a video of a guy out on a boat who free dives with a knife to cut a great white out of a net, but all the damn click bait has it lost on youtube. Anyone got a link or remember the video? the guy was about 45 years old and swam down several times until the shark was free

  16. I actually hate sharks, for no personal or anything like that I just hate them and would of been happier if it died

  17. I am soooo glad that a white shark 🦈 from my county is saved 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈South Africa for life

  18. Fishing is a horrible cruel "sport" that humans devised for the own demented amusement. The animals are not amused.

  19. That shark is probably hungry after that near death experience, I wonder where he'll go to find a snack 🤔

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