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Great White Shark Spotted In Long Island For 1st Time Ever | TODAY

Great White Shark Spotted In Long Island For 1st Time Ever | TODAY

100 comments on “Great White Shark Spotted In Long Island For 1st Time Ever | TODAY

  1. Only people from Long Island say “In” Long Island. It’s a place in that context, not a geographical feature. They never admit it because they are in denial.

    They also wait “on” line at the bank (or wherever,) not “in” line. They deny that too.

    Strange people!

  2. There have always been great whites in the waters around Long island. There was even a great white tour back in the day.

  3. Fire time you caught them. It's like they are Great Whites they roam the Ocean…when they pop up its like seeing a dinosaur for the 1st time…lmfao

  4. I love swimming in the ocean. I try to watch what is going on around me but one year 2 dolphins snuck up on me. I feel like if they can sharks can. There’s nothing like swimming in the ocean though. I was in NC at the time.

  5. Predators follow the food source as their food source moves to get away from predators, the predators follow…and eat

  6. Look at the ocean before you go in it, don’t just assume you can go in wherever and whenever you want. Truer words were never spoken

  7. I guarantee it was a regular shark and not a white shark that bite those people!! Man white sharks have a bad name😔

  8. How is this news?! Anyone from the area knows theres great whites in mass ri ny and nj this time of year.

  9. Why are they trying to make it sounds like sharks are dangerous when we’ve hunted them a lot more than they will ever attack us. Yes we should be aware of them but shark attacks are super rare. We should be more aware of the humans around us rather than sharks in the ocean

  10. Hope everyone paid attention they say sharks don’t eat people tell that to the people who got bitten

  11. People being cautious of sharks is all and good, but sharks are responsible for death and injured people less than dogs and lightnings

  12. Small whites hunt different (size)prey then large whites. Making some locations better suited for the smaller ones.

    That's my guess as to why it's in there.

  13. That's why I live by the great lakes plenty of clear water and beaches and nothing out there will eat you!

  14. Come on, let's all be brutally honest here. We are all wanting to see on the news someone got eaten alive or savaged beyond saving. Lol. This is the world we live in. That stuff excites us. Not saying i wish it on anyone. Just wanna see that kind of story on the news.

  15. When animals end up in places they arent seen or found for years and then they start to appear suddenly then, there is something wrong with the environment or natural habitat…Animals just dont act like humans..They are seen to take strict paths and migrations …

  16. "Hi were the news, let's report on the amazing migration of sharks and then proceed to inflate fears over them"

  17. Go in the water at your own risk they live thire how would you fell if someone brock in to your house

  18. Look at the Ocean before you go in it

    Oh yes let’s just assume we all can look into the Ocean and maybe just MAYBE get my face munched off


    2 minutes later

  20. A whale was recently spotted in Long Island sound as well.

    Why don’t we see any Dolphins in Long Island sound??

  21. I never knew that in today's world sharks have a Twitter account. ( Buford T Justice voice) what is this world coming to.

  22. Baaaaaaaby shark doo doo doo doo do do baby shark doo doo doo doo do do baby shark. Daaaaaddy shark doo doo doo doo do do…. 🙃😏

  23. All these attacks you talked about, not one of them was from a great white shark. Great white sharks are docile compared to bull sharks. Great whites have enough sense to know humans aren't on their menu. The sharks don't attack swimmers or people wading in the water. They only attack surfers, boogieboarders thinking its a seal. Takes one massive bite, realizes it doesn't want you.. And this ends up being fatal because of the massive bite it took out of you.

    All those attacks were caused by the mean and fearless bull sharks. Bull sharks want us humans dead and they will come up to 3ft of water to get us.. The one animal that has the highest testosterone than any other living creature on this Earth, the bull shark.. Thank God these bull sharks arent great white sized, otherwise, we would be in serious trouble.

  24. People just need to understand that the ocean is their home and people are voluntarily putting themselves in the sharks territory so you always need to be cautious but they aren’t Evil human murdering killers, they don’t know what we are so we can’t hold it against them when they attack.

  25. …you can go in whenever and where ever you want…the government needs to make fishing in the ocean restricted for a solid year for fish to repopulate a lion fish devours 5 times its size in a day and great whites eat for a living.

    Their are plenty of fish in the ocean…?
    Give a terrorist live explosives and he/she can blow up one area….I bet their go on a pick the highest populated area

    …moral of the story is the highest population of fish that sharks like to eat are plumeting*? To near extinction…

    The great barrier reef is already dead lionfish are a part of that as well as climate change

    But!!! It's only a matter of time before the ocean is out of fish or that rare to where anyone who gets in the water a group of sharks will be waiting.

    …oh I'm not a tree hugger or a environmentalist…
    Just making that clear…it's obvious..anyone who rejects my statement should get a proper education in marine biology-way of the ocean

    The short answer is the shark was following food…

  26. Daughter killed while snorkeling with her mom after a shark bit her arm off then returned & took her leg off, later dying from injuries. Sad

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