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Great White Shark swims right by me!!! Not the regular Art Mann Channel video. Haha

Great White Shark swims right by me!!! Not the regular Art Mann Channel video. Haha

This is Carpinteria, California. Beautiful summer day. Haha. Oh I wish this thing didn’t have a wide angle
so you could see that. That little spot in the water is a shark. Uh…what? No big deal, just paddle boarding with a shark. What the fuck? I don’t know if the audio is any good, if
you can hear me… that was crazy!

95 comments on “Great White Shark swims right by me!!! Not the regular Art Mann Channel video. Haha

  1. AAHHHHAHAHAHA. You know Artman was shitting a brick when he saw that shark.. I don't blame you bro. I would've felt the same way right about then. But then again you would never catch me on a kayak in any body of water a shark may live. White people are crazy.

  2. Yeah, a bit different from your usual format, but we like seeing what you are still up to! Thanks for the footage. It just assures me why I don't go in the ocean anymore. And yes, sharks can smell piss and crap!

  3. Jesus H. Christ I hope you learned your lesson and stay the hell out of the freakin' ocean!
    My heart's still pounding after watching that! Awesome vid!

  4. I was an Army clearance diver for 3 years and I have seen every shark at least once on all my dives. Once I was discharged I have never dived again or gone into the sea.

  5. WHAT!?  How are the two Girls on Paddle Boards, pretty much paddling right up to where the Great White Shark is!  Were they oblivious to the Shark???  (See at 1:03 or so… Towards the end of the video…)

  6. Lol. At first I thought you had balls of steel… then at the end I see the chicks out there paddling around as well and concluded it’s just another day of crazy people at the beach. Great video. Hope they all have the same ending where you can upload what you filmed with all your limbs still attached.

  7. 1:02 There are other people paddle boarding towards the shark just to have a look know one seems scared its not a big deal anyway sharks usually leave you alone

  8. 0:40 Damn you to hell for being so unimaginative (playing the theme music from the 1975 movie that dare not speak it's name).

  9. Hey Art those things are everywhere nowadays Laguna Capo screw Port Huntington La Jolla San Clemente you're not alone

  10. “Oh! A shark! Lemme put my hand in the water real quick…” DUDE! YOU NEES TO BRING PADDLES! YOU ARE PADDLE BOARDING! white people

  11. Hi, That's a pretty intense video. Thanks for sharing. I can just imagine being there! I feature a lot of shark videos on my channel. I'd love to feature this on an upcoming feature video on my channel if that would be ok. I can leave a link below the video to your YouTube channel. CR 2.0 is an educational science, technology and nature channel with videos and discussions for all ages, kids and adults. We have daily videos about animals, technology , as well as breaking science & nature news. Any consideration is greatly appreciated.

  12. He was just swimming with ya. If he was moving a bit faster and turning a bit more often then I would had gotten out the water..

  13. Because of a population explosion of seals, there has been a significant rise in the number of sharks off the coast of Cali. Coupled with the fact that Cali is becoming the new Guadeloupe for Great Whites.

  14. Dude, how could you stay so calm, i'm thinking, man, slap that paddle and scare her off, not seen in video is probably mom or pops' 15+ footer waiting for ya, hope you had a drink when you got to shore.

  15. I had a 6 foot shark, 3 feet from me in water waist deep off Tybee Island, Georgia. I still don't know what kind it was and I never go out past ankle deep now.

  16. Shark attacks are like being struck by lightening, its really unlikely to be struck by lightening, but your odds increase significantly if your standing on top of a building during a thunderstorm with a 100 foot metal rod. Thats what hes doing here lol.

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    Thanks for watching! Cheers!

  18. I wouldn't be out there in the first place, since I fear the ocean. But if i seen that, I damn sure would not go back in.

  19. Keeping cool in those kinds of circumstances is the best thing to do ,to start flapping around and emitting sounds to the shark that resemble a wounded prey or fish is not recommended.

  20. Too many white shark sightings. Too many. I'm having a hard time believing they are perilously close to extinction.

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