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Greater Fork Beard (Brótola de Fango) – Like a Fish in Water – #DeepSea2018

Greater Fork Beard (Brótola de Fango) – Like a Fish in Water – #DeepSea2018

The Greater Forkbeard Phycis blennoides, the Greater Forkbeard it’s a funky fish with facial features that could make ZZ Top feel jealous. In Cornwall they call it Plus Fours thought I never seen one in trousers. In Ireland it is known as sweaty Betty , though exactly how you tell if a fish, surrounded by water, is sweating, I do not know Maybe all that salt water isn’t the sea after all it’s just that a few Forkbeard came back from the gym or a particularly strenuous zoomba session we could all walk to America if we only bought it some roll on. But Betty might be in some bother. Very little research has been conducted into the stock levels of the greater Forkbeard and the Marine Conservation Society is giving this species its worst rating of 5, meaning that this is a fish to avoid eating. Don’t stick your fork into a forkbeard. We have been here before. The forkbeard is a member of the cod family. Because of our fishing techniques Atlantic cod numbers are much smaller today than they were 30 years ago and so too are their bodies because we harvested the largest fish the cod has evolved to grow faster and stay small. Because of our dietary habits many fish have now evolved to not have fingers. Deep-sea fish are particularly vulnerable to over-exploitation. They are slow to mature and so their populations take a long time to recover. Fishing quotas are currently set above levels recommended by science so if we want to save these species we have to act now. Let’s listen to the researchers Science it works fishes The deep seas and the fish that live within them need our protection Please like and share this video if you want your minister to take action

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