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Grenada Lake Crappie Wade Fishing

Grenada Lake Crappie Wade Fishing

(upbeat music)– Hey folks, normally
when we have waders on,we’re going duck huntin’.But as you can see, it’s
spring, the crappie are shallowand we’re at Grenada Lake
and we’re goin’ fishin’.If you’ve never been
wadefishin’, for crappie,you’re missin’ out
on a load of fun.Y’all come with us, we’re
gonna have a great day.(upbeat country music)Welcome to the jungle.Fishin’ with us today is
Clint Lott, Logan McDaniel,guys we’re tickled to have
you here with us today.Let’s talk a little bit
about what we’re doing here.We’ve came through a forest
and now we’re gonna get inone boat and we’re still not
where we’re gonna be fishin’.– No, sir.– Logan, how deep’s
the water right here?– ‘Bout 10 foot.– So we’re not
wading right here?– No, sir.– So we’re gonna, we
gone get in this boat,and we’re gonna go further back.– Yes, sir.– Alright. Let’s get after it.See if we can’t catch some fish.(upbeat country music)– Folks, I don’t
know about this now.We’re in the middle of a jungle,in water that could be going
over my waders at any time.(upbeat country music)Hypothetically speakin’,
that’s what I’m catchin’ ’em onat Sardis, do I need
to put that color on?– Certain times, you can
put a hot dog on thereand they’ll eat it.– So are we fixin’
to start fishin’?– Yes, sir.– Really?You know, we’re at
Grenada Lake probably,the best nationally-owned
crappie fishery in the country.The water’s up, how much
would you say Logan?Over rule curve?– Seven foot.– Seven foot above rule curve?– Summer pool.– Oh, no, it’s seven
foot about summer poolso it’s probably 17 feet above
what it should be right now.– Oh, yeah, it’s normally
205, 206 this time of year.It’s 222.– So, you know, what we’re
seein’ is backwater, floodwater.Which is great for you
know, the fish to spawn in,that’s why these fish are up
in here gettin’ ready to spawn.So we’re just gonna
be pickin’ areas,there’s certain areas
that we wanna get,as we work our way through here.– Thick, viney stuff.What we’re doing is
just easin’ through hereand usually we been catching
fish around Cypress treesso any kind of, you
know, structure like thisaround a Cypress
tree, that’s kindawhat we’re lookin’ after.But in between
Cypress trees, I mean,we’re fishin’ all the water
so usually you know, you mightfind a clump of four or five
in one spot once they quitbitin’ you just
kinda keep movin’ onbut the trick is to
gettin’ through thiswithout gettin’ your
waders underwater.– Fish on!Keeper?– Yes, sir.Pretty fish.– Next to these Cypress
trees, this is…– We been catchin’ ’em
pretty good like that.– There’s one right up there.– Oh, I see it.– There’s one right behind it.– There’s another
one, there’s one here.– They’re hard to see ’til
you get right up on ’em.– The grimier, the
nastier, the better.– Clint thinks I’m fishin’
with him, in his back pocket,I’m just headin’ to
the clearest path.Look at daddy go!(laughter)Grenada Lake crappie. Are
we keepin’ these fish?(laughter)– How did y’all realize this
was a successful way to fish?– Just fishin’ here all
these years and learnin’ it.It’s all heart to it.– How do you know
where your spot is?– Like, here, like lot
of ridin’, lookin’,gettin’ beat up comin’ in here.Like I said, we normally
fish wide open water’cause it ain’t no water,
but this year with high waterit’s turned out pretty good.– I got, you know, a friend of
mine that always wants to puttransmitters in ’em, see
where they go, you know?We did it on in, put a bunch
of transmitters in crappie,lookin’ at movement, but they
didn’t, it was low water,you know, we never
got high waterso we never got to
see where they went.Fish on!How big was that fish Logan?– Probably 13-14 inches.– Good deal. I feel like I’m
gone catch a fish right there.Or more than one.– It’s a two inch YGK.It’s purple with some
glitter in it, chartreuse.Think I had luck with
orange and chartreuse,purple chartreuse,
red chartreuse.– Fish on! See if I can
get her through the vines.It’s okay, baby.Looky there.Grenada Lake, that’s
a white crappie.You wouldn’t think these
fish would be out here,in the middle of the forest,but they’re a floodplain
fishery, a floodplain fish.This is what they
need to reproduceand they’re in here spawning,and man, is it a
load of fun to catch.That’s a good one.This is a good fish
right here. Wow.Hey, did he eat it?– Apparently.– Well you can’t find
your jig in there.Why, yeah.– Well, they get bigger.– I know!Big fish!– Better slow down and
fish real good right here.– Yes, sir.– That’s two pretty close.– This one over on the left?I’m lookin’ at this big one
when all this mass around it.Fish on!Scooter you can’t even
see me. (laughter)That’s a male.I don’t know, is that a keeper?I don’t know what y’all
like about that spotbut y’all are both on
point like two pointer dogson top of a quail.– Bunch of vines
on this backside.– Just about did it.– Fish!Whoa, whoa, whoa, baby
doll, where ya goin’?Ain’t no need in
actin’ like that.I’m gettin’ whooped
in the forest.I won though, that is a keeper.That’s what we
came after, right?Fish, fish!Ha, ha!– I actually caught
that fish the first timeand he come off the lead again.– C’mon now.– I ain’t lyin’.Clint, tell him ’bout the
other day what happened to me.– Yeah, caught a fish, set his
jig pole down in the water,was sittin’ there talkin’ and
then grabbed his jig pole,had another one on there, it
was right there by his leg.Some people just
got all the luck.– Why’re we tryin’
to get to that tree?(laughter)– I caught that one
in the open water,it had my pole in it.– We goin’ to her.Logan, ‘preciate
you leavin’ me her.Oh my god, that fish, she good.Close combat fishin’
right here, folks.Grenada Lake, water’s way up,it just don’t get any better
than that right there.Y’all need to share that
little trick with everybodyto let your jig sit
there for six to 10.I have been fishin’ too fast.My turn, my Pa would
say that’s unbelievable.How am I supposed
to fish, when nowI gotta be lookin’
for snakes too?We fished a lot of different
water this mornin’.Is there a certain
depth that youand Logan are lookin’
for this time of year?– It’s just pretty
much around your belt.You try not to get
any deeper than thatbut with as cold as it’s
been, these past few days,it seems to be deeper than
the top of your knees.So just try to stay in
that range, you know,top of your knees to
about your belly button.That seems to be where
it’s most productive.– And that can change daily?– Right. It just depends.And usually when
the weather changes,you have a lag of a day or twowhen the water temperature
changes so that’s kinda,kinda what we’ve been doin’.(boat engine sputtering)– We jumped locations. The
last place played out on us,so we gonna ease into here and
try and see if we can’t findanother batch somewhere,
maybe. Hope so.(upbeat music)– Cold front conditions
here at Grenada Lake,we’ve put in a full
day but I promise you,if the water’s up and you
wanna put on a pair of wadersand come to Grenada
Lake, you’re gonna end upwith some fish like these.It’s been a good
day. See ya outdoors.– Hey, that’s all the time
we have for this week.Hope you enjoyed the show.– Join us again next time
for more exciting adventures,until then, I’m Pamela Weaver.– And I’m Kevin Meacham.– [Both] See ya outdoors!(bluesy guitar music)♪ Ridin’ through the bayou
headed for the sky blue ♪♪ Back out on the
trail again and again ♪♪ Packin’ and huntin’
and fishin’ the land ♪♪ Time is time well spent♪ We’ll take it to the Delta♪ to the great white shores♪ There’s much to see and do♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors

23 comments on “Grenada Lake Crappie Wade Fishing

  1. Boys and girls, I miss fishing on my home town lake! I don't mind you guys catching a few of those small crappie but leave the slabs for me. Awesome video. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Excellent video! I dont live far from Grenada but never fished the lake, I got a Crappie trip planned out this Spring Yall STay Tuned!!

  3. Where the hell were all the Mississippi 10ft plus gators?? That would've made for a even better video….

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