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100 comments on “Grilled Salmon Heads recipe

  1. This is GOOD stuff! The japanese know what's up with the salmon heads, and the yellotail heads. They call grilled salmon collar "Sake Kama" and the yellowtail one "Hamachi Kama". It's a delicacyh that you can expect to pay $12-$18 for just one collar at a sushi place. Way to go!

  2. There sure was a lot of meat behind the head, why is there so much left behind, seems like lazy butchering. Also, why salt the skin if you aren't going to eat it?

  3. BBQ Pit Boys could grill a Timberland boot and it would be guuuuuuud…😁😁😁😁😎
    HAPPY NEW YR y'all…… Love the Dub in the background.

  4. im vegan because i dont like the mass slaughter/production of animals for meat but i love my leather pants and my wool jacket is awesome too, i also love my crappy english.

  5. OMG…the boys I've watching for years now com to my home country Taiwan!!!
    Hope you have some fun and rock the pit master privilege as always~!!

  6. vid length 4:20min. that cant be a coincidence ahahaha. rasta man vibrations!! peace, love and a happy new year to all pitboys!

  7. The eyes taste excellent honestly. Have a nice rich fatty taste a lot like the fatty part of a good pork chop.

  8. Atlantic salmon, Asian cook, Caribbean Music, Backwoods monologue…. Now that's some fine international action there Bbq Pit Boys!

  9. the guy who goes into work the next day and heats up these leftovers in the microwave is going to get an ass kicking.

  10. Oooooh…I have a thing for fish heads, they are in fact the best part of the fish. Why am I just discovering your channel?

  11. The voice guy is so Cool! Hope he has a great day and To anyone, DO NOT SPRAY WINDEX ON FOOD! 😂

  12. I've never considered fish heads to be food, but… this video has me reconsidering the idea. That stuff looks good!

  13. I can source salmon heads cheap af. Cant wait to give your recipe a go. Nothing better than cheap, delicious and healthy food!

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