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Groupers and Big Fish – Reef Life of the Andaman – Part 10

Groupers and Big Fish – Reef Life of the Andaman – Part 10

[Music] the Andaman Sea is home to a large variety of groupers smaller species such as this black tip grouper or the slightly larger long fin grouper look nervous when approached but show little effort to make an escape in comparison to many larger species one of the biggest bony fishes in our area is the brown marbled grouper individuals of over 1 metre in length are often observed at richly a rock [Music] [Applause] this disused and broken fish trap provides temporary protection for one particularly large individual [Music] the potato grouper or potato cod grows even larger encounters in the Enderman are a rarity but Silvertip Bank is home to one particularly tame and curious individual nicknamed Freddie when visiting divers feed sharks here Freddie invariably shows up to get a piece of the action [Music] the expectancy of food is undoubtedly his main motive for approaching divers but he does seem to enjoy contact with humans [Music] [Music] on a similar scale to the potato cod is the humphead wrasse the largest of all wrasses this species can grow up to 2 meters and as it matures it develops a protruding hump on its forehead this individual was seen at shark fin reef another speciality of shark fin reef and nearby Boulder City is the humphead parrotfish the protruding lump of bone on the forehead is used for head-butting rivals during combat [Music] the teeth are fused together into a parrot-like beak which is strong enough to bite through even the hardest corals [Music] several species of Barracuda inhabit the Andaman unlike other species the great barracuda prefers to stay alone or in loose associations with other individuals here at Silvertip Bank one or two great barracudas are commonly found around the mooring line [Music] the Barracuda possesses enormous speed and a razor-sharp set of teeth which makes it one of the reefs top level predators the barracuda preys on small fishes and on occasions shiny jewelry worn by divers has been mistaken as prey with unfortunate results for the diver this giant trevally is another very fast predator trevallies are often referred to as jacks unlike the great barracuda they prey on small fishes these are bluefin trevally ‘he’s thriving on the currents around the giant boulders at Rocky Point and these are young golden trevallies in the depths that reach lea rock back down on the reef we find the most common of the pufferfish family the black spotted puffer [Music]

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