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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer (The Fishing Version)

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer (The Fishing Version)

We picked these guys up offshore. Check out their rap sheets. Christopher, big spear fisher and diver. Been on a rampage ever since they closed down
red snapper. They call him master of destruction because
he’s always breaking things, usually on accident. JJ, this guy has been fishing his whole life. Unorthodox but effective. This guy is known for running out of fuel
offshore, eating fried chicken and fishing at the same time. And taking way too many selfies. Really? Yeah not on purpose though, he just keeps
pressing the wrong button on the GoPro. Who’s that? That’s Kayla, the youngest one and the most
violent of the bunch. She does a lot of their behind the scenes
work. Then there is Celeste. Some argue she’s the most normal one of the
bunch. She loves catching lobster down in the Keys. She doesn’t hold up very well to questioning
though. So, what happened Mom, your words please? *laughter* I don’t know! Jeremy Thurne, also known as Captain. Who calls him that? Himself, really. This guy only knows one speed on his boat
and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase big baits catch big fish. He’s a hardcore criminal for sure. He thinks the government is totally wrong
about the snapper population and that we should open up the season again. Are we wrong? Well, we make all the rules. How can we be wrong? I….. Formally they’re known as Reel Hazardous,
but they also call themselves Guardians of the Galax-Seas Huh? You know, Galax-Seas like water. Get it? Yeah, no. No, not really. You don’t get it. I’m hooked on a feeling. I’m high on believing, that you’re in love
with me. I’m hooked on a feeling.

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