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Guess That Movie Challenge (Hocus Pocus, Addams Family) | Ft. Chloë Grace Moretz and Elsie Fisher

Guess That Movie Challenge (Hocus Pocus, Addams Family) | Ft. Chloë Grace Moretz and Elsie Fisher

– You like this one?
– I love this film. – Yeah, same. Oh, I am wearing purple! – You’re like super matching, yeah. – Oh, this is almost like I purposely
did this, but I didn’t. – Purples!
– Purples! – Purples!
– Purplesly. – (FBE) So hello, Chloe and Elsie. – Hello.
– Hi! – (FBE) Elsie, you’ve actually
shot with FBE before. You did a little video for us. – Oh yes, Bo and I,
we made Eighth Grade, and we reacted to eighth graders
reacting to Eighth Grade. – (FBE) In the movie, Kayla often
films videos of herself, sometimes leaving herself
videos to watch when she is older. – (Kacey) Yes, YouTube queen! (Elsie laughs)
– Yes, YouTube… – YouTube queen! Stacks on stacks on stacks. – (FBE) You excited to be back? – Very. I love you guys! – (FBE) And Chloe,
how are you feeling today? – I’m feeling good! – (FBE) Are you ready to play
Guess That Movie? – Oh yeah, let’s do it. – (FBE) So you’re both voices
for the new Addams Family film, so the twist in today’s episode
is that you’ll be guessing movies from you and your co-stars’
list of films. – Oh my God.
– Good luck! – Good luck to you.
– Good luck to you! – Well good luck to you!
– Good luck to (laughs). We’re not competitive. – (FBE) The rules are simple. We’re going to be showing you
clips from the cast members of the Addams Family. Slap the table to buzz in
and answer. You get one point for naming
the cast member, and one point for naming the film. – Okay. – (FBE) And for our audience,
let us know how many you guessed in the comments below. – Go team go!
Power Rangers! – Hell yeah! – (FBE) Alright,
so here’s your first clip. (tense music) – Mmm. (bell rings) Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing! It’s Carrie!
(bell rings) – And who’s in it? – It might be me. Unless Julianne Moore’s
in this movie, and I was unaware of that. (woman screams) – Of course, you know, girl. – Oh, but only yeah. (laughs) – Of course, I know,
I’m already losing. – Come on, you’re not losing. There’s no losers in the game of fun. – (FBE) Here’s your second clip. (tense music) – (kid) What the [bleep] is that? What the [bleep] is that? (bell rings) – Do you know what it is?
– Yes. – What is it? – Finn Wolfhard. – We all know no one else
is going to do anything. – Eddie was nearly killed! And look at this mother[bleep],
he’s leaking Hamburger Helper! – ♪ It: Chapter One ♪
♪ It: Chapter One ♪ – ♪ Otherwise known as Pugsley ♪ – (FBE) Alright, this is round three. (fire crackles) – I wonder what this flick is?
– Hmm. (bell rings) – Bing-o!
I know it, do you? – Who could it be?
Uh, I’m not sure. – It’s Eighth Grade with the
♪ One and only ♪ – That’s me!
(Chloe hums) – (FBE) So here’s your next clip. Can you tell me the movie
and who’s in it? (upbeat rock music) (bell rings) – Kick Ass!
– ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ – ♪ Uh, uh, uh ♪ – Who was in that one?
I don’t know. – Oh wait, you’re kinda matching. – Oh, I am wearing purple!
– You’re like super matching, yeah. – Oh, this is almost like
I purposely did this, but I didn’t.
– Purples! – Purple!
– Purples. – Purplesly!
(rimshot echoes) (canned audience laughs) Have you seen this? – Yes, many times.
– Oh. Oh, look at that, it’s R rated. – It was on my Dad’s iPad, okay? – Wow!
(laughs) Your Dad’s iPad, that’s funny. – I used to watch it
in the car obsessively. – It’s a fun one, yeah.
– No big deal. It’s a great one. – Yeah, especially as
like a young girl, you’re like “yes!”
– (Elsie) Yeah! – Get him!
– (FBE) Onto round five. Can either of you
name this movie, and which of your cast members
was in it? ♪ Day-O ♪
♪ Day-O ♪ (bell rings) – Beetlejuice.
– Beetlejuice. – Beetlejuice.
– It’s showtime! – Ah, we’ve recreated that
with my whole family at a dinner table.
– Oh, that’s wonderful! – We have, yes.
– I love that. But, who’s in it? From the cast? – Oh, Catherine O’Hara?
(bell rings) Yeah, Catherine O’Hara.
– Oh! – Catherine O’Hara, one of the
comedy geniuses of our age. – I must express myself. If you don’t let me gut out this house
and make it my own, I will go insane, and I will take you with me! – Yeah.
– She’s incredible. Yeah, Catherine O’Hara.
– True that, true that. – Of course.
Alright, next one. – (FBE) So right now,
you’re all tied up. This next one is iconic.
Can you name this movie, and co-star? – ♪ I’ll put a spell on you ♪ – You like this one?
– I love this film. – Yeah, same.
I know! (bell rings) – (both) Hocus Pocus! – With who lit the black flame candle?
– The wonderful Bette Midler. – (gasps) The one and only
Bette Midler. – The one and only, the one and only. – And when the sun comes up,
we are dust! – Dust?
– Toast! – Toast?
– Pudding! (woman screams) – Spooky queen.
– Spooky queen yeah, she is spooky queen.
– I know, she’s a spooky queen. – She’s a Halloween queen. – That one rhymes better.
– Yeah, well. – We should stick with that one.
– They’re both good. I like the word spooky,
it’s a good one. – (FBE) So this one’s not a movie,
but can you guess the actor and TV show? – Can I decline to answer? (Chloe laughs) Is that an option? – I honestly just wanna watch it,
’cause it’s really cute. (bell rings) – Masha and the Bear.
– Hey-O! – But who’s in it?
– ♪ Who’s in it ♪ – It’s me. And here’s the part
where the bear walks out. (bear roars)
– Oh my gosh, Masha, what are you do… Is he the bear?
– He’s the bear. – The bear, what are you doing here?
(Elsie laughs) – (FBE) Are you ready
for this last one? – I’m not gonna know this one,
I can already feel it. – (laughs) Here, I’ll do this one. – (Chloe) Hit it, team! ♪ (spooky music) ♪ – (ghostly voice) Get out! – It’s hideous.
– It’s horrible! – (both) It’s home. ♪ (“Addams Family theme”) ♪ – What’s this movie? – I don’t know,
it looks pretty good though. I’d probably go see it. It’s the Addams Family!
– Woo! ♪ (“Addams Family theme”) ♪ – (FBE) How is this one different,
and why should people see it in those theaters? – Well first of all, it’s animated.
– And it has us! – Yeah, and we’re kinda cool,
I guess, sometimes, right? – Debatably so.
– Debatably. – It depends on the morning. It’s really an exciting, fun film. But it also satiates
your darkest side. – Yeah, and it’s just funny. I thought it was very funny. – I thought it was very funny,
we have a great friendship in it. – Oh yes.
– The two of us. – A wonderful one,
and also all the cast members are like mwah!
– Yep, molto bene! – Molto bene! – (FBE) So in the end,
Elsie, you’re the winner! (children cheering) – So see this in theaters! – Go see it,
Meet The Addams Family in theaters! ♪ (upbeat outro music) ♪

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  2. Knew all the movies, didn't know anyone in the new Addams family movie so couldn't know who the costars were… If I knew I def wud've guess them

  3. Coincidentally I've been baby sitting my niece and to make her stop crying i randomly click YouTube recommend which was "Masha and the Bear", and now coincidentally i watched thie FBE episode with the person who voiced Masha from the TV show, Elsie, anyways Chloë is beautiful they both are. Have a nice day. ❣️

  4. Can you guys do a REACT to One Ok Rock?

    It's a japanese rock band!
    React to their songs I AM KING. WE ARE ( 18 Fest.) & WHEREVER YOU ARE

  5. Why are they talking like that? Couldn't they just talk like normal human beings instead of putting on a character for the video?

  6. Elders react to Billie Eilish, now that her album has beed released for a while and she became the youngest artist to hit number one on the Billboard top 100's, and she's grown even more, that would be cool. And there are so many Billie Eilish fans, it would definitely get views LOL I'm not too sure about showing the elders 'All the good girls go to hell' though 😂

  7. Its kinda cool how close Chloe voice to Ellie voice from TLOU.. Now I wish that she plays Ellie if there is any TLOU live action movie imo

  8. Some people know Carmen SanDiego
    So they know fin wolfhard played the player in the series
    I’m one of those people

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