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Guide to a super rich life on Fisher Island, Miami, FL | Oceana Estates

Guide to a super rich life on Fisher Island, Miami, FL | Oceana Estates

Have you ever heard of the secret lives of the super
rich? This is exactly what this destination is all
about. Fisher island is an ultra exclusive community
with a members only club and resort. It is a 216 acre private paradise consisting of
20 buildings totaling 700 units in addition to one hotel with just 60 units. Its beach is considered to be an imported
beach – that’s correct – imported because the sand used for the beach was shipped in from the Bahamas! The beachclub comes with amenities such as
cabana and butler service so as you are relaxing at the beach champagne, for example, could
be brought straight to you with a snap of your fingers. In addition to that, the island also comes
with tennis courts including grass, hard and true clay courts a private school, a luxury
spa, seaside golf, 8 restaurants and 2 marinas so that you have plenty of space
to dock your yacht. Residents mainly use these homes as their
vacation homes although prices could be as high as 30 million! Fosher island has its own zip code wich is 33109 and
is one of the most expensive zip codes in the nation. People that purchase a home in Fisher Island
come from around the globe from north to central and South America Europe to Asia,
basically from every continent. They know that this island is a very unique place in
the world. The island is completely secluded, with no
roads leading in or out. The only ways to get there is by the Fisher Island Ferry or by your private yacht. The third option would be by a private helicopter. With secured form of entrance to the island the residents can stay with a full sense of safety while enjoying the view of the Atlantic
ocean or the stunning Downtown skyline. While the island does offer peace and tranquility it is minutes away from Miami Beach and some of the finest art galleries theatres, museums,
shopping and nightlife. The workforce consist of about 500 employees
that travel daily to the island via the ferry. They help upkeep the island while providing
unrivaled service to the residents. It is expected for the prices of this Island
to increase although new construction is being planned, the Island is approaching build-out. Meaning that the island is reaching the state of maximum development. In terms of investment or securing of funds Fisher island is a solid choice that also allows its residents to live with the pinnacle
of modern luxury with a resort lifestyle. For additional information on how to explorer different locations how to obtain a mortgage? or if lending is possible if you are not a resident of United States Use the link below to download our presentation
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