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Guided fly fishing on Dartmoor & South Devon rivers

Guided fly fishing on Dartmoor & South Devon rivers

over 50 years ago when the pace of life was much slower the writer Dermot Wilson commented in the West Country you can catch trout from after breakfast till sunset and enjoy the open air and the country for as long as the Sun is in the sky Devon is still blessed with mile after mile of superb fishing for wild brown trout sea trout and salmon a fly-fishing guide can unlock the secrets of catching these wild fish in unspoiled surroundings many of the beats we use have benefitted from work carried out by the West Country rivers trust to improve access for anglers a guide can help you read a river and understand why some parts of the river are more likely to hold the larger fish westcountry trout are generally not fussy eaters but sometimes the size of the fly does matter being able to recognize the insects that live on stones on the bed of the river will give you greater confidence that you are using the right type of fly a roll cast is often the best way of delivering a fly when you are faced with overhanging bankside vegetation we can help you refine your casting technique if you understand what triggers a trout to take a natural fly then you’ll be able to choose an artificial fly with greater confidence a guide will explain how a trap manages to intercept a tiny morsel of food being carried by the current down a fast-flowing River this will help you present your fly more effectively we can help you plan your trip by offering advice on where to stay and suggesting places to eat after a day on the river you probably prefer to use your own equipment but if you want we can lend you a rod reel in line and supply flies and tippet material at no extra cost please bring your environment agency rod license we can supply you with West Country angling passport permit token

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