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Gulf Reef Fish Survey

Gulf Reef Fish Survey

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently created the “Gulf Reef Fish Survey” and needs your participation. The information you will provide will help the FWC paint a better picture of Gulf Reef fisheries. Through this program researchers will be able to better determine how many people in Florida are targeting reef fish like red and vermillion snappers, groupers, amberjacks, and grey triggerfish. Participating in the Gulf Reef Fish Survey is easy and there is no cost. All you have to do is visit, click on purchase a license to add Gulf Reef Angler to your cart. You can also sign up when renewing and purchasing a saltwater fishing license at any retailer such as tackle shops, sporting goods stores and tax collectors offices. Now, if you’re 65 or older you don’t need a license but you will need to get the survey. Wanna know more including who is required to participate and what reef fish species are part of the program visit forward slash fishing and click on Saltwater Recreational Regulations and “Gulf Reef Fish Survey”.

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  1. Nice Video however, I think it's worth mentioning that the FWC has made this registration MANDATORY!!! People fishing for any of the 10 species on there list must be registered by 1 April 2015.  According to the FWC's frequently ask questions; it is up to the discretion of the FWC Officer of what happens to you when boarded and are unable to produce evidence that you have met this now annual requirement.

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