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Gunki TV – Dutch River Fishing – Fish Spotting (French Subtitles)

Gunki TV – Dutch River Fishing – Fish Spotting (French Subtitles)

hi guys I’m Farrell Julian and you’re watching fish spotting in this episode starring Simon Toyne back I brought you to öland and guess what we have no plan well no plan we expect to catch fish so let’s go yeah Vishal no plan today fish on that’s the beauty yes hahaha cuz they nobody falling if we all put our Islands I can hear you calling calling I’ll be there whenever you yes so today we’re going to target rivers so called rivers in Oland it’s plenty of them and not so many people fish in those reversals that prefer to to fish in big legs Panaji convert achill and what the like ear is the landscape is changing all the time and you have many many tiny spots and since we have no plan we’re going to discover it so today I’m fishing with a Simon hello and Simon is a young gifted fisherman and we have been fishing together for a few years now and yeah that’s I think we’re gonna have fun together yeah I think so I mean we have good weather and as you say we have a nice river system to fish with a lot of tiny hot spots where we can practice jigging or crank baiting or whatsoever so we it will be fun since you’re the local guy here what do you think we’re gonna we’re gonna fish today I were gonna mainly target for Zander and perch but from experience I know there’s also quite some pike some some ASP maybe some ID there’s even a couple of catfish in here so maybe we strike it lucky oh that’s cool yep okay let’s go let’s go Vishal uh yeah it’s not such a bad fish either so first little fish for me of the day took a grubby call them right between the poles and the on the bridge in here just tiny little hotspots and they deliver fish alright nice oh yes baby daddy oh yes beautiful perch the grubby shed again also this perch was hiding in the under structures of the of the bridge so it’s really tiny hot spot fishing today nice it was a good strike so now we’re going to get out on on a bigger water system it’s a really crowded there we’re going to have some ways and but we really search for a little bit more movement here you we have some tidal entry ins on the water so we get out of the small rivers and go out on the big one let’s go here on this kind of spot it’s really important to really fish super close to the to the structure because the fish is hiding from the from the current and from the big predators Bishop I didn’t even touch the bottom on this cost found the right color on the G bomb it’s the natural one this is a shady place and on the bridge and apparently they’re hiding in there not a beautiful sender yeah time to put it back my bite alright that’s a nice fish you need a net oh no it’s okay but good size good size perch oh nice good size perch ah-ha that’s what we are looking for oh yeah nice ha yeah ha ha nice fish let’s measure it quick yeah 44:44 yeah yeah we caught this nice perch on the G bump brown sugar this is pure dope for for purge air they like in Orland they like very much this brownish color and the good the good thing also is use a lot of contrast between the back and the belly in all your colors that’s also very good when you are fishing a river and you see some rocky points like this it’s always a key point especially when these points rocky players are taking the stream it’s a lot of food adding in this and there’s always predators around eating don’t miss this type of thoughts at home try it yep fish oh yeah you take this deer yeah turning fish on all right what we got in here it’s not such a bad fish what is it it’s a garage nice and ER Thunder yeah run the net yeah if you’re fast it’s a nice one oh yes yeah yeah yeah oh and now it’s loose look yeah beautiful fish again took the G bump and brown sugar color looks like it’s the bait of the day yeah what’s – okay quick release that’s good I was just digging just like Fredrik said speeding up let it drop speeding up and pull on the drop you took it super hard yeah this is fun Oh Shawn for a good oh nice good strike yes yeah in the net you give it back to me give me my jibon back light chuckle it’s really good fun fishing lure fish not big one but good fun perch Zander that side what I can we good strike right right right outside there on the pier yeah the laying under yeah all night and again pop nice perch yes yes secured yeah oh that’s beautiful nice one again you see the good contrast on yeah on the brown sugar with the Sun it’s fruit you get this rolling action and get giving some flashing effect yeah that’s a good perch that’s what we are looking for no plan today no plan but this one whoo Oh such a nice take oh that’s a good one I guess oh it’s spiked it’s spiked hold on I’m coming I’m coming yep dang it here it comes if it comes yeah baby she’s number three okay beautiful bike that can be super strong on the river and this one took let me surprise you edgy bump in the brown sugar color good all right species number three yeah ready for fishing it’s good stuff so today we’ve no plan yeah exactly and finish for everything that bite bite set spinach instantly ready oh the stones over gotta see what solution you don’t know when you leavin baby but I hope it’s cuz I know you coming for about it for knight-fish nice but I’m ready yoandri jar small G bump the seven grams again now the stream is falling down more wind nothing I said that we have to slow down and downsize a little and I did the trick nice forty please yeah that’s a beauty yeah measure yeah it’s 40 straight really yeah 40 yeah yeah fish on yeah nice take oh yeah oh that’s a nice way it’s a nice fish that’s the beauty man she took it hard because we’re quite close to the sea the tidal waters of the Seas depending is making the current depending on the tide so we just had a flat period with no current at all and now the tide picks up and the Bight picks up as well so this was the result beautiful sandal yeah some beauty yes fish on yeah feeds up I’m so today we change location we have a different spot and we choose to go on really big water so can you tell us where we are we’re right now in the southwest of Holland on the big delta system the big rivers are flowing out in a big leg and right in there you have to see so might be a super interesting place to fish yeah maybe you don’t imagine but it’s a it’s many many kilometers one leg can be something like 40 kilometers long and there’s a system of three big legs connected to each other so it’s a really huge system and the task today would be to try to found the right structure that is holding the fish is that a drop off after a dress bed or is that rocks so we’re going to search for that so today it’s important to have the net ready because you don’t want to lose a big fish in front of the boat it’s quite a possibility on pike and on big perch so this is going to be our big friend today I guess yeah I got a small small swimbait and we’re doing some casting on the on the weeds I’m a shallow part of the big lake we try to target some big perch but you know in between all this perch there’s also the green machines and there is yes all right look nice one beauty it’s a super small swimbait bronze fairy shell oh you can fish it over the over the weeds and look at that that’s a fatty see it has been eating yeah bye bye baby good times that here it comes some beauty yeah here we go yep baby me ready yes oh yeah well that’s the good fish that’s the beauty yeah that’s what we was looking for oh yes he nice baby it’s really pretty nice one oh look at this that’s a beauty super small G bump but uh hey there was a good strike you wanted it look at the beauty so that sander was 80 centimeter super nice fish and I think there’s some more in here so we just keep hammering the spot and we’ll see the fun part is that we don’t have a plan we just keep fishing keep fishing and we get a pike and then now a big Zander we need a big perch now yeah complete fish on get the net that’s a good one that’s a good one nice perch oh yeah oh yes you’re the man today you’re the man oh and it’s loose look oh okay MA oh that’s the new badness that’s the time that’s a pizza now look at that magnificent perch that’s rewarding fishing on the shallows between the the rocks and the and the wheat lines and I was fishing the G bump on the light jacket just spinning above the above the wheat line and then this beautiful coloured magnificent perch took it easy yeah 40 46 fire yeah that’s the beauty skinny butt a beautiful beautiful beautiful perch at the end of it yeah a fish spotting without a plan hey you see when you have no plan and you adapt to the situations then you can have a really fun time in Holland and I think that that’s something we can say that say keep your mind open yeah and go fishing exactly just be out there get you line with and have fun

47 comments on “Gunki TV – Dutch River Fishing – Fish Spotting (French Subtitles)

  1. magnifique montage comme d habitude et qui nous fait rêver . J'ESPÈRE qu'un jour on se croisera Frédéric pour une petite session au pays bas 😉

  2. Simon practiced the Dutch dialect quite well. I never fish in the Netherlands again, after I have tried fishing in Norway. I am not patient enough to try for much more than 10 minutes without a bite.

  3. Team gunki can you tell me if your lures are available in the USA? Would be interested in trying them. Excellent video as always.

  4. I always feel like the commentary in fishing videos are due an upgrade but at the same time, when you get a nice fish it's hard to think of anything else than your catch and admire it for the short time it's above water. Great Video!

  5. awesome video , I'm dutch to✌ anyway I just bought the Gunki shigeki pike addict xxh, absolutely stunning looking rod ,I can't wait to throw some jerkbaits 👊

  6. Salut les gars merci beaucoup , c'était une superbe vidéo et de très bonnes explications techniques durant la session 🤙🤩

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