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Hakka Style Chinese Stuffed Tofu Recipe [客家酿豆腐]

hi everyone welcome to souped-up recipes today we’re making stuffed tofu this is a traditional haka style food my dad is haka so I’m half haka knees we have our own language food and culture if you want to know more about it just go google it you’ll find tons of informations this is a recipe that my family cooks it all the time especially for festivals so let’s get started let’s make the filling first so four pieces of dried shitake mushrooms with 1/2 cup plus 1/3 of a cup of water I did this for hours in of events these mushrooms are small if your mushroom this big to pieces is enough once they are nice and soft squeeze the water out of the mushroom save the soaking liquid for later slice and dice them into fine little pieces in a big mixing bowl add in five point five ounces of ground pork it’s a small amount but trust me that is plenty for this recipe continue adding three eighth teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of sugar 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce 2 teaspoon of Chinese cooking wine the mushroom and a quarter cup of diced spring onion mix the filling until everything is well combined then stir it within one direction for 3 to 5 minutes throw and beat the filling to develop the texture this is how I check if it’s ready or not pull it apart and if you see there are little strings showing up like this one here and there that means the filling is done because it’s not that much so I just put it in a smaller bowl and set it in the fridge while we are preparing the tofu and other ingredients I’m using packs of tofu today 300 grams each you want to pick firm tofu for this recipe because it doesn’t break easily while you’re frying and flipping them over if you’re not sure check the ingredient list if you see blue conic lectin is on the list that is the soft tofu if you see gypsum on the list that is the one you need for this recipe mine is in Spanish I couldn’t read but I can tell from the texture cut the tofu into cubes I’m going to cut mine into ten even pieces each pack it depends on the sides of your tofu you don’t need to cut it exact the same size as mine but overall you want it to be big enough to make tofu containers so we can stuff the filling in which I’m going to show you in a second take one please use a tiny knife cut along the edge be very gentle yes step firm tofu but they’re still delicate don’t stick knife too deep you don’t want to break the bottom once you cut a rectangle carefully take out the middle part and there you go a little tofu container you just keep doing that until you finish everything you will have lots of extra tofu that you took out if you don’t want to waste that you can put it in soup such as egg drop soup or hot and sour soup I know the shape doesn’t look good but you’re not running a restaurant right who cares now we can stuff the tofu take one piece you see the way how I hold it the thumb the four finger and the middle finger are supporting the edge of the tofu container so when you stop the filling in it won’t break easily a little bit by a time do it carefully this is the part when you can get your friends and families involved it like making dumplings but easier because you don’t need to wrap it I finished all of them and I still got some filling left just split it into each piece to even it out it is okay if you overstuffed the tofu now you know how affordable this recipe is we only used five point five ounces of meat and this should be able to feed two to three people with some rice before we start cooking the tofu let’s quickly make a sauce by using the mushroom soaking liquid to that at 1/8 teaspoon of salt one tablespoon of soy sauce 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce and some white pepper to taste you can also use black pepper mix it well make sure the oyster sauce is completely dissolved because that takes a little while once you cannot find any oyster sauce lumps take out 1/3 cup plus one tablespoon off the sauce to another bowl that is for cooking the tofu there should be 1/2 cup plus one tablespoon of liquid left in this bowl which is for making the gravy don’t mess it up because the amount is different get a large frying pan add some oil be generous with the amount toss the pan so the oil covers the bottom don’t need to wait for it to get hot just directly place in the tofu filling side down tofu is basically protein and water cube if you put it in while the oil is hot you will get hurt by the splashing let it fry on one side until the filling is golden brown it will take about four minutes on medium heat they’ll be easier to work with a nonstick frying pan if your frying pan is not nonstick you can use a tool like this it’s a very thin and you just go under the tofu to loosen it up then you can flip them over and let it fry on the other you can brown one side or all the surfaces I did three sides same process just wait until it is nice and golden loosen it up with the tool flip and fry the other side until you’re happy with it one thing I would like to mention when your hands is above the frying pan and busy flipping the tofu you can turn off the heat for a second to avoid oil splashing because tofu could use liquid while frying that causes lots of splashing and it hurt flip the tofu back to filling side up I know it looks like lots of chopsticks work well now it is the time to practice your skills pour in the liquid that we prepared for cooking the tofu cover it keep the flame on medium and wait until all the liquid is gone if your lid is completely sealed you need to leave a small gap so the steam can escape open the lid there’s not that much sauce left in the pan you can turn off the heat and take how the tofu set it aside and then we’re going to make the gravy in a sauce pot add some oil along with some grated garlic and some diced white part of spring onion I reserved the green part as garnish some hot chilies this is optional if you don’t eat spicy food you don’t need to add it stir until fragrant pour in the liquid we made before bring it to a boil then adding some cornstarch water to thicken it up this just 1.5 teaspoon of cornstarch plus 2 TSP of water it’s the texture that you are looking for pour it over the tofu and sprinkle some spring onion for garnish just looking at that my mouth is watering you can’t wait to give it a try mmm this is so good ah after you fry the tofu it becomes a spongy texture which absorbs lots of flavors you don’t feel like you’re eating tofu anymore you feel like you’re even flavorful umami meatballs if you skip the chilies your kids will go nuts with it this is affordable fun to make and delicious I hope you keep it tries to you if you did leave me a comment and let me know how it goes as always the recipe will be in the description box down below the video go check that out also make sure you take a look of my channel I’m sure you will find out how to make your favorite Chinese food new videos coming out every Wednesday and I’ll see you next time bye

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