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Halibut and Striper fishing in the San Francisco Bay

Halibut and Striper fishing in the San Francisco Bay

Slow smooth lift lift lift Capt Jason: Got him. Tami: We got him Now that’s a striped bass right there, that’s a good one. Tami: Check that baby out. That’s a solid 17-18 lbs [mechanical noise and static] so this is a small halibut but Tami wanted me to talk to little bit about
these fish now you can see how camouflage that brown side of these
fish is and there’s the pure white side and these fish will lay on the bottom just like this and they will totally camouflage themselves into the
sand in fact they can slightly change colors and then gets a little spots to
help their camouflage and they’ll kinda blend into their to the background but the real unique
thing about these fishes see how they got both eyes on top of the head so they can swim up and see those baits
or swim right up in grab those baits but when these fish were born they’re
born just like every other fish in and swim up right and they have eyes on both sides of the
head and if you feel right here when you catch one you
can actually feeling an empty eye socket I used to be [static and mechanical noise] San Francisco Bay is a great fishing spots especially when you get out on the water
with a local expert like captain Jason returning to the dock we really
appreciated his knowledge of the sport and the best live bait techniques. Tami: it was
a great day out on the water you guys got a hook up with this guy
captain Jason knows his stuff Excellent day halibut striped bass live
big fish’n in the San Francisco Bay of Long Fin. checking out guys

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  2. Nice catch! The Halibut information was very informative. I appreciate you stopping by my channel and giving me a sub. Gave you a sub back. Keep fishing!

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