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Hanging with Instagram Celebrities – Tuna Melts My Heart – Only in HelLA Season 2

Hanging with Instagram Celebrities – Tuna Melts My Heart – Only in HelLA Season 2

[birds chirping] [traffic noises] I cannot believe that this is raw and vegan. It is amazing. I love this place! Ugh, It’s delicious. Golly. Ya know, can you actually take Tuna for one second? Of course! Cause I have to do some work emails. Yeah! Okay. ♫ Everybody prance now, dun dun dun dun dun dun… ♫ ♫ Everybody prance now.♫ Hey, umm, sorry to interrupt. I’m Will. Ummm. I’m a huge fan. Would it be okay if I took a picture or.. Oh my gosh, girl.. Yeah, of course. I mean, thank you, that’s so nice. Awesome. Umm, how should we do this? Should I like hold Tuna or should.. Oh… I’m Kara. I’m Tuna’s manager. Did you need a photo? Yeah, that would be great! Oh, so nice to meet you. Do you wanna go over there? Yeah. Yeah. The lighting’s probably better. Awesome. I don’t even have a manager. [camera click] Hey guys! Thanks so much for watching this video! And thanks to The Springs for letting us shoot here. And a big thanks to Tuna for being in this video. And if you want to learn more about Tuna you can click on this link! And if you want to see more videos, click here to subscribe!

12 comments on “Hanging with Instagram Celebrities – Tuna Melts My Heart – Only in HelLA Season 2

  1. I did not see that coming. Wow! Nice. By the way, is there a way I can meet Tuna and take my picture with that fabulous canine? 🙂

  2. I'd want to take a picture with you and the dog, but most importantly, you! 😀 We would have all the time on the Earth! Unlike taking pictures for politicians, it is not easy because you have like literally a split second and if the picture isn't good, "sorry." (sigh). Then you have reporters and other people. That's when I get bombarded and asked for retakes, but the real problem is poorly designed cameras on phones… SOOO, I would rather take a picture with you than anyone else 😀

  3. WE LOVE YOUR SHOW! Check out ours, Ride with Me. It follows a Ride Share driver, in LA! Perhaps one day we could do a cross-over Episode?

  4. That is so cute! Totally L.A. eating at a vegan restaurant. More Tuna video's. This was so funny with Courtney and Tuna. Your original content is awesome.

  5. I keep comming back to watch Tuna prance! LOL I will never think of this song the same way. It's stuck in my head.

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