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Hangover Tacos – How To Make Breakfast Tacos | Hilah Cooking Ep 3

Hangover Tacos – How To Make Breakfast Tacos | Hilah Cooking Ep 3

100 comments on “Hangover Tacos – How To Make Breakfast Tacos | Hilah Cooking Ep 3

  1. I'm not sure if you meant to reply to me, but if you did, you may want to work on your reading comprehension, Bud.

  2. Woe…vintage goth Hilah……….hot. I like new fresh and perky Hilah better. On the other hand, I wish Hilah had a gay twin brother Hiloh…I would ask him out. On the other hand, if he was like Bizarro from the Bizarro world, he might be a terrible cook, so….what if Hilah made a few shows disguised as a man! Her alter ego French chef Hiloh! Yes, he could wear a giant chef hat and classic French moustache. Sweet…..Oh, who am I kidding….it's Hilah I love! Yay! God bless you Hilah! ;-D

  3. Gotta add the cheese girlfriend! Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ We put corn beef hash in sometimes too. It can be too filling though for some people. We also slice up thin steaks in long pieces too at times. We like to mix it up!

  4. this was damn good. i piled a bunch of this on top of white rice and added a little Jufran (Filipino banana ketchup) on the side.

  5. I just subscribed to your channel, Love your humor. I would just add some shredded cheese and salsa to the taco for a true hangover helper, sometimes though I go for the Mexican hangover cure Menudo.

  6. Hilah, I'm moving to Austin soon for school, and I must say your videos have made me so excited to meet people there. I watched like all of your videos last night and I loved your quirky, hilarious catch phrases and unique style. Totally love your videos and they have helped me learn how to cook as well!!

  7. I love chorizo/eggs with southern style hashbrowns and then add whatever bell pepper,onion,cheese,sour cream,tomato,salsa!!!

  8. FYI Hilah…this is the girl I fell in love with. I know you're gettin' polished & seasoned, but I miss this girl! If it means more drunk/hungover shoots, then so be it! (JK no need to be an alkey on my account, but you get the idea!)

  9. Would you really want to eat anything this one makes? Looks like she could something on you that soap and water won't get off.

  10. never use a steel spatula on a nonstick surface because you are removing the Teflon and its going in your food. use a silicon or rubber spatula.

  11. Chorizo is the equivalent of bologna or hot dog meat. I think I'll put something better in my stomach than that.

  12. Oh wow you scrambled some egges and heared some ready made choriso in a pan, you call this cooking? I call it being miserable

  13. that is why they are called hangover tacos amigo. It assumes your pissed, can't think straight, and just want to throw something together.

  14. when i first found your channel, i first saw one of your newer videos.
    you've changed. lol. but still kept the awesome.
    but my point is, that you;re so cool in these older vids. like big sister "onee-san" status.

  15. Haha u were such a goth in ur older vids ( not saying it in a bad way ) and now ur so happy, bright and stuff haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I like the simplicity of the chorizo and eggs. Of course you can add so many things to it. But there are mornings where all you can do is just eggs and chorizo and heat up a flour tortilla.

    I wish you lived in my neighborhood so we could cook and watch reruns on TV.

    You would be my number one Hag.

    Besitos y abrazotes

  17. Love the little extra "exhales" between tedious topics….adds to that "my head is exploding and you want conversation???" feeling.

  18. Hilah-WOW guess what i'm just a fool,what makes you so lovable,is your a SMART-ASS—love ya!!!!-ATTITUDE–keep it up!!!-your kinda the "PEE-WEE"-HERMAN-OF "COOKING"-make them laugh–and you WON!!!

  19. i put beans at the bottom of my tortilla, put the chorizo and eggs in the middle, and then add some mexican salsa on top…it is the bomb diggity

  20. holy crap! this is either coincidence or my neighbors are cooking right now but i swear i smelled fried pork when you threw the chorizo in lol.

  21. Thanks for helping me get through a breakup three years ago. I know that sounds insane but.. Yeah. It happened. Watching these vids was very therapeutic.

  22. you cooked san luis chorizo?? i respect that chorizo over anything cause in my opinion is the best meat..i always buy that one cook it with eggs or just chorizo and made the right selection..good video ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  23. Hi Hilah. Love all your videos. Still go back and watch them again and again. God bless. You Rock. 2018

  24. Its fun to watch you again… I started cooking with your videos 10 years ago… i was 16… Now i studied a lot and i cook super well, refined dishes and shit. But still love to make your burritos and corndogs in a lazy monday morning!!! Really, thank you!!!

  25. LOL! I Love this… Especially in Tejas, too many beerz… Needz me some Huevos Rancheros with griddled tortillas….

  26. This video is almost 10 whole years old, and I'm NOW just discovering your channel!
    Ms. Hilah, you have gained yourself a new subscriber.

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