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Hannah B Eats Fish Eye To Get Colton’s Attention! | The Bachelor US

Hannah B Eats Fish Eye To Get Colton’s Attention! | The Bachelor US

I don’t really do the in-your-face type
physicality, because I don’t know how to really like deal with that I am excited
to spend the day with these incredible women hopefully they keep an open mind
to try new things and experience new cultures because that’s what this is all
about you guys ready Colten looks really good today and I’m
not intimidated by the fact that there’s other people there because I’m so
focused on my relationship with him and I’m gonna act how I would act if it were
just me and him and I’m gonna do whatever I need to do it’s definitely weird having 13 of us
all tried like fight for his attention but Demi definitely the one who’s like
on his back and flying around I don’t think anyone’s gonna get type of cold
and if she keeps going for it lets me and you that’s – yeah Demi is trying to
grab him every second and bring herself to the forefront
I mean it’s frustrating because I’ve had very limited time with him and it’s just
like I don’t want to have to battle with that on a date so I’m hoping I can pull
through and advance our connection and then maybe I will get more time next
week I don’t know the leech lady I think we should go check this out yes Oh
leeches I walked up and I see this dude laying on like a bed and he’s got
leeches on his back are we doing this or are we watching welcome to Singapore and
you are now in the leech therapy house we are doing a little Rafi enlarge the
veins get rid of toxics if you get rid of inflammations yes right I’ll try fighting now you feel it oh yes I feel
it you guys is this even up to code like where did they get these leeches from
are they FDA approved like I’m genuinely concerned it’s almost like a jellyfish
sting here we go Demi loves me I’m feeding in
my blood and he’s loving it I have the sweetest blood ever I thought Kaylin said it love it
the least followed me here even though I am excited to be here it
is definitely hard to know how to act I tried to like make conversation with him
after like he doesn’t like say anything back what are we got here
Cassie 1 doing on me I feel like his attention is on all the girls except me
you are the child of the winter yeah she is a spring in summer
I mean she is your past life sister she’s my sister I feel like he’s
avoiding me because last week Kalyn says some things about me that are not true now they’re really happy
so I know he still has something certain so I’m trying not to get in my head
about it but yes I’m gonna get mad about it
are you guys hungry yes what is this how is it good it’s good what is it just a
little nibble out of it well you’re doing it so it’s a big deal I am pretty
open to at least trying a bite of anything do it Hanna and right now I
just want to impress him here we go Georg I hope he realizes that ID is a do
this shot for him I just want to say thank you all to
trying new things it’s very important to me that my wife is adventurous and
spontaneous so too weird food and you get I was told that evening the I was good
luck and they all know after last week honey you

100 comments on “Hannah B Eats Fish Eye To Get Colton’s Attention! | The Bachelor US

  1. These girls are so stupid Demi is stealing all his time bla bla then steal some tf? Go after him don’t wait for him to come to you

  2. these girls treat the notebook scene of rachel jumping into ryan's arms action like as it means nothing special or maybe i'm just really old school and think it's only for a committed guy.

  3. FDA approved ???? You know that stands for Food and Drug Administration and that you are no longer in the USA right? You’re in Thailand so even if you aren’t stupid you made yourself look it !!!!

  4. “I don’t know how to deal with the in your face personality” he’s obviously talking about demi, what he doesn’t understand is she’s showing so much love and care for him. The point of this show is to express to a guy that you are TRULY there for HIM, they complain that some guys/girls aren’t there for them? Demi has shown nothing but interest for colton, I get it if he can’t fully deal with the “personality” but that’s not “personality “ it’s her INTEREST. If i was a guy, she’d be my pick!! she’s also gorgeous. P.S you are also not there for years, it’s literally like two months, you are basically getting to know someone FULLY in two months before getting engaged, most people who get engaged after knowing each other for like PLUS years! Get in THERE girl.

  5. He DELIBERATELY looked at Cassie when he said "Wife"! He literally paused, looked around and landed on her before he said wife! Adorable. 🙂

  6. Demi is obsessed with age, she will not do well when she ages. That’s all she talks about. She’s there to win a competition. Period.

  7. It's so tiring to hear the girls complain about Demi. She's spending more time with him than you all because you're not stepping up and speaking out. Make yourself known, do they not get that it's a competition?

  8. “i don’t want to have to battle with that on a date” bitch, you signed up for that! like i’m just sick of these boring girls ganging up on the outgoing one. she’s not evil because she knows how to play the game, you’re on a reality tv show, maybe you should play it too. why do they think those girls always get far? because they’re confident, you can’t float your way through this and just expect a connection to form when you’re not making an effort. group dates are every woman for themselves, stop complaining about someone not sharing him equally with you and make your own time.

  9. THE FACT THAT COLTON LOOKED STRAIGHT AT CASSIE WHEN HE SAID “it’s very important to me that my wife is very adventures and spontaneous” WOW MY HEART

  10. i'm so jealous they're in singapore!! but i was in a similar situation as hannah about trying a fish eyeball. my bf dared me to eat the eyeball and said the same thing. it's supposed to be good luck. never again LOL.

  11. Tbh I think it was very shitty of that girl to talk shit about Hannah, like yes I understand ur kinda trying to protect him but you don't sink someone down just to have yourself go up , this has nothing to do w this video but u know… also the fact that he believed her without any proof just shows who he really is

  12. listen i get everyone saying he looked at cassie when he said “my wife” but like… he only got two eyes

  13. Does anyone else catch Hanna b “I’ve been lynched” comment. It’s so insensitive I can’t believe she actually said that out loud. 2:50. How insensitive to African American’s history.

  14. The one who asked if the leeches are FDA approved is so ignorant. I can’t even remember her name cause she’s irrelevant

  15. Hannah, that is the reason why you must not say something about others no matter what, although it maybe true. Just keep it to yourself.

  16. Omg Hannah is the sweetest!! Oh no, she deserves an awesome man!! I just think maybe they don't have a connection.

  17. I mean, Demi is doing what she has to do. She's there for Colton and that's exactly what she's showing.

  18. “i thought caelynn stayed at home but the leech followed me here” hannah said what needed to be said

  19. Damn, the cold shoulder is pretty lame on his part. So he's going to take caelynn's word over the idea of finding out for himself. Didn't quite deserve Hannah then.

  20. "I try to make conversation with him and he doesn't respond." Uh…BIG sign! Lol. I love how he ended up going after the low key girl who didn't throw herself at him. Guys naturally want to you to let them do the pursuing – they're hunters. That's not PC but it's reality!

  21. I don't think he liked her at all like not even as a person, of course he would call her out to eat the eye in front of everyone and then not try it himself, he wouldn't not have done that to cause. But honestly I'm cool with it cuz I don't like Hannah.

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