Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


(upbeat happy music) – Well good morning, hi, it’s Anna Vaughn and Luna Tuna from
Travel Momma Anna Vaughn and my Mom, trying to sneak out of frame. – I’m not sneaking out,
I’m melting out of frame. – She’s just arrived, because
this is Luna’s birthday week. – (dogs barking) – In two days, she’s going to be three – (kissing sound) – Luna can you do three? Huh? Sort of the other day,
but you know, she’s in protest at all times. Uh, anyhoo. We are just about to get
her, her birthday present from me, which is a cat. And, there’s a woman
here in town that I heard from a, an adoption
place, has all the cats at her house. So now, we’re going to
her house to get a cat. Here we go. Luna birthday week. – (upbeat happy music) – Okay, super, super nervous. – [Luna] (inaudible) – Hey little spooky.
You’re coming home with us. – (meow)
– Okay, well we got a cat. It’s in here. It’s a little girl. A little black cat. Apparently, nobody wants the black cats, she said, ‘well I have a
bunch, a whole bunch of black ones, because no one wants them’. I was like… – [Grandma] But one wanted us… – We definitely want
one of them black cats. So, here are Luna, we
got a little black cat named Spooky. – Heh. – You ready to take Spooky home? – Yeh. – Yeah. – [Anna] Spooky. Anyone want a beer? – [Grandma] Thirsty? – [Anna] Hey Luna, is Spooky a witch cat? – Spooky, witch cat. – [Anna] Yeah? Is her name Spooky or Witchy? – Witchy. – [Anna] Witchy? – [Grandma] Witchy, haha. That’s a good one. Witchy. – [Background Chatter] He’s
getting out of jail today. – Cheese! – [Anna] We’re gonna let Spooky out. – [Luna] We’re gonna let Spooky out. Hi Spooky, Spooky. – [Anna] Think she’s going to come out? Gentle, gentle sweetheart. So the cat is incredibly skittish. We just have her in the bathroom for today Luna’s going off with Grandma, so I can hae some time to myself. And hopefully this situation… It’s going to get good. Okay? – (upbeat happy music) – Luna’s birthday today. Happy birthday Luna. And we’re just following… – (distant meows) – A crying cat around the house. – (meows) – She’s like, checking out the house. But like, pissed off
about it the whole time. She likes to be picked up, but also hates us. – (coughs) – She’s gonna be part of
our family though, right? Spooky? – Yes. – [Anna] Are you, are you
excited that it’s your birthday? – Woops, I’m sorry. – We’ve got some stuff planned today. Get excited. – Oh! – [Anna] There she goes. – There she goes. – (meow) – (inaudible child talk) – (kiss sound) – Uh. – [Grandma] Oh, oh it comes off. – It comes off. – [Grandma] You can put it back on again. – Birthday presents from Grandma. – Okay, well these guys
are on their way to school with that pinata right there. And then next stop is cake. Well then, we’re on our
way to get the cake, I just thought I would pause and say this is what my Mom got Luna. A unicorn, but I think you feed her stuff, press her belly button and then she poops slime. Like this is what the kids are into now. Unicorn poop. This is what it’s come to. – (upbeat happy music) – There’s our blue Elsa cake, full of sugar. And here’s our cupcakes. Papa Troll, half sugar. – (upbeat happy music) – So that big cake is going to the school. That’s it. I’m not even
going to be part of it. – (upbeat happy music) – And those cupcakes
are for us, for later. – (upbeat happy music) – So now we get the food,
which is going to be a kilo of pork tacos and people
will just make their own. That’s what she’s making behind me. We came to the place where
they sell it by the kilo. – (upbeat happy music) – (traditional live music) – (upbeat happy music) – [Anna] The ‘V’ is a ‘U’ deal with it. – (upbeat happy music) – [Crowd] (singing happy birthday) Happy birthday dear
Luna, happy birthday… – (upbeat happy music)

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