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you this was Preston cross here with Martin
present we are doing a video presentation to you all because it’s a
late video we can have time to do it yesterday so he had to go to his church
by the way because they had fireworks in their church parking lot right I NOT RECORD firework because
trees are in the way we try to do it it didn’t look right on
our fella found a camera so right but they had part like a little sweet Bala
with ice cream and cookie cupcakes dipper sweet oh sweet most sweet very
sweet the fireworks started exactly on time right started at 9:00 great
fireworks this time and they were great yeah they got know one that’s a new fireworks they
should shut out that was different than laughing all right Liberty and so yeah
right in the last parade the last fireworks that go out all once you shop
a different thing at the end of it beep well they were popping so loud they were
just so different pops kind of this move move it’s different
you wanna different but if every there was said quite a few people right it
wasn’t like a big thing I had a big chance some people yeah that’s a little
kids running around very little boy or girl
so I enjoy it you enjoy it right huh okay my happy birthday yeah yeah I was
in July good job everybody out there hope everybody was safe
yeah we just want to say happy fortune and happy birthday 2019 yet 2019
they exactly I get August it’s gonna be another month
yeah some fun especially for him because he’s gotta go fishing with his cousin
yeah boat with the captain and it’s gonna be all it’s gonna be three you guys in
your cousin your captain everything’s gonna be free and bought yeah
yeah that way the that’s why Scott is his laptop yeah all right he’s gonna
take with him do some editing yeah film is fishing it’s the fifth you’re going
yeah he’s going to fifth yeah catch it then take it home right yeah
because it’s gonna clean it and then cook your name
duh and fish tacos at your mom’s house that can you catch it right yeah
yellowtail hopefully gonna catch off much of those yellow television yeah I
hate it before it is how so they’re good excellent fish you know my mom mom says
say want the spend the night at my house yeah but cousin wants to do a hotel yeah being
that he doesn’t want to pose I guess it’s easier for him to do that once you
put him get up 5:00 am you’ll have to make your mama meatball
to catch the boat right yeah okay yeah after that happens I’m gonna come being
picked up what was it Monday a 5:0 am i getting picked up Tuesday well about
Monday night my me and my cousin with the hotel is oh that’s fine I mean we with the fold up bed then I’m
gonna sleep on apparently okay yes, so we have snoring competition
a snoring competition everybody’s gonna start we’re gonna have don’t do that you
can embarrass me that’s how I snore oh that’s gonna sound like when I snore oh
well I’m gonna have earplugs with me though I suggest you bring yours but
then next day you go to Seaport Village Seaport Village I’ll be joining us cousin in
him for that onion for the day shops and he don,t paid I don,t have paid
had to take a second part of this it’s because my cousin called taco sorry sorry anyway what were you saying fishing
Oh easy oh yeah fishing Oh seaport village yeah that’s gonna be another
go with my and my cousin your fishing which is your brother John Eva ego is coming with you on the
fishing trip yeah me yeah he met him maybe another room but he’s gonna stay
the night way you guys said he could go fishing with you guys that it’s yeah
he’s been night what’s it come just for the boat if you think so
okay so sea port village then there’s gonna be the movies keep hopefully with
that movie well that’s a Saturday yeah I bet that’s
first nevermind I’ll be joining it first yeah movie oh well with you before
you’re fishing okay yeah you see you burps okay okay and then you’re fishing
me it’s after yeah you know c4 is fun is longer than this I think we’re gonna go with you but the casino so the only time
I’m spending with my cousin and mom and dad is your cousin is only the movies is
important is fine yeah one movie be good and anther movie, I see it with my cousin
wait good sounds like that sounds like fun though right I’ll make beep okay
it’s like a vacation uh-huh with your friends and you ease
into the family come on now leaving me out of the picture yeah no Kasbah yeah
okay guys yeah when I let you know the upcoming activities we will be doing in
these two months ahead of us the mountains with his mom too by the way
yeah July the 22 23 24 three days up in this cabin I think how will you
think good day yeah that’s two days off work already asked my work off yeah good guy and you’re
good he’ll let you do that that’s what cabin times guy Mountain time Wow
there’s your taking too many time some off man you never at work
you never do your job hey you’re always stuck in the day when I’m doing man
no I’m just kidding not kidding you know always stuck in your Laundromat you never
do you were you fired so anyway yeah yeah okay well we’re
gonna conclude this video in it cuz I gotta go take a shower so well the
kitchen’s yours though I eat early what are you gonna say and
you messed up already anyway guys not be fourth yeah we say let me all out there
you take care and stay tuned for other videos we might show you this is Preston
watch for my channel and you do ya PSC PSC PCs be a temporal look for my
channel look for this which this video will be on his channel this is on regularly yes for channels I
don’t know what he doesn’t know you need support channels now they keep up with
more channels multitasking Borge apples yeah oh yeah just one anyway ok ok see
you all there take care this is Preston that’s Martin yeah and I take them to
protonate it mom that’s right he will be cool you’ll be showing some fishing
videos you never sound later but it’s ok alright peace out goodnight yeah good
night got that yeah indeed you


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